Tuesday, October 05, 2004

SOROS TOUR UPDATE #1: Billionaire Bombs in Pittsburgh

SOROS TOUR UPDATE #1: Billionaire Bombs in Pittsburgh: "Tour Update #1: Soros Bombs in Pittsburgh

Date: October 5, 2004
Contact: Peter Flaherty 703-237-1970
Website: www.nlpc.org

John Carlisle, leader of the Soros Truth Squad, reports from Pittsburgh today that the first stop on Billionaire George Soros� speaking tour was poorly attended and received limited media coverage.

Carlisle, who stood outside after being ejected from the event at the University of Pittsburgh, counted less than 100 persons entering the room.

Carlisle was told to leave the event by University security officers. Carlisle said, �So much for the �open society.� Soros speech was supposedly open the public. But when someone who disagreed with Soros showed up, it suddenly became a closed event.�

�Soros is a hypocrite. He makes billions off his currency speculation, and then condemns the capitalist system. He bankrolls the groups who passed McCain-Feingold, and then pours millions into politics through a loophole. He accuses Bush of undermining civil liberties, but I get kicked out of his speech.�

Tomorrow, Soros will reportedly speak in Philadelphia at the Union League Club (140 S. Broad) at a World Affairs Council luncheon. According to an announcement by the World Affairs Council, it will be a �town hall-style discussion.� Registration is at 11:30AM, lunch at 12:15PM, and the �program� at 12:45PM. The cost is $65.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) yesterday announced the formation of a Soros �Truth Squad� to inform the public about the background and motivation of George Soros as he conducts a one-month speaking tour.

The Soros Truth Squad, led by NLPC Policy Director John Carlisle, is traveling to cities where Soros is giving speech"

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