Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Women Are Winning The War On Women

Genesis 3:16 You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you

They have the NFL, ESPN, Cable networks, Hollywood, and even churches, academia, and schools bowing down in obeisance to them, yet they are not being "treated equally," according  to Hillary Clinton, Gloria Allred and an army of other I-am-woman-hear-me-roar women.

Sandra Fluke, alone, may have inspired enough winning votes for Obama from younger women who stood up to demand  their "Constitutionally approved" allotment of free birth control pills and abortions.

Public schools and colleges in the 1990's decided that girls and university coeds were being intentionally denied educational advantages, that boys had, so the majority of female educators belonging to an overwhelmingly Democrat teacher's union, pushed for more favoritism toward females in all schools from  grades K through 16. The Scholastic Aptitude Test college entrance exam was modified to more benefit the ladies. Hillary and Bill Clinton pushed through the Violence Against Women act, which funneled billions of dollars to local city and state prosecutors  to combat domestic attacks on women. Unfortunately, this provided city and state prosecutors with extra money for "busy," or "make do" work - encouraging wives and daughters to complain and eventually prosecute the men in the household, often for very whimsical and invented reasons. Anyone with a memory can remember those witch hunting  days.

In retrospect, it is understandable why Hillary would hate men. It was not just her attendance at Wellesley College, which  anointed  her  with an excessive love for estrogen.

Since I have a DVR, I very seldom watch TV commercials and don't have to view the long parade of commercials displaying men as dummies, jerks, arseholes, indifferent, uncaring, and what we use to call, henpecked.  I am surprised that  TPTB have not been able to force women into the most dangerous combat zones en masse. The really BIG news, relative to the U.S. finally bombing ISIS, is that an Arab (UAE) FEMALE fighter pilot is dropping bombs on her fellow Moslems. Even Charles Krauthammer ingratiated to this fine lady by recognizing her as the Winner of The Week.

Not wanting women to be barefoot and pregnant at all, I think there is just a little too much of the femmes blowing their own horns.  Its always, "A WOMAN DID THIS," and, " A WOMAN DID THAT." Do you think there might be a place for modesty in all this, or would that be too feminine - or just too human?

U.S. Title IX has robbed many high schools and colleges of male athletics, as golf teams have been eliminated in order to provide budgeting for women's squash or other unwatchable sports, as schools cannot find enough girls to get interested in many of the sports which replaced boys athletics, like wrestling. And, let's not even talk about the Women's National Basketball Association, except  many PC Big Boys Clubs, and sponsors, have given the WNBA huge  boosts, because their wives ordered them to, or they wanted to appease fellow libs. Still, no ratings.  And, talking about being "hoisted by one's  own petard," the politically correct NFL, NBA, and ESPN have been suffering for its grovelling before femininity, by trying to prove how conscientious  they are when discovering  player domestic violence and other sins. Its hard to watch pro football game without an on field correspondent interjecting every five minutes why a player has been suspended - during the game!

The pro league higher ups are themselves now  being accused of not being Politcally Correct enough. That'll show 'em. Ok, let the players wear the Breast Cancer Ribbon (but no such recognition of prostrate cancer), but isn't it going too far requiring the entire uniform to be dyed pink? I know most of the push is to get the female viewers to join their boyfriend/husbands on the couch on game day, so advertisers can entice the ladies to buy Bud Light, but in the process, the NFL is ruining the game.

At this rate, pro sports will soon be requiring players to wear something like the Colombia women's cycling uniform.

Affirmative Action was enacted to give a boost to minorities, especially blacks and women. Yes,women are still considered a minority, although they comprise a higher percentage of the population.

I was watching a fall preview of upcoming TV series, and while not looking for trouble, noticed that there is a bigger push by the networks to fill up the evening telly with female dominated roles, primarily cops. I will make a prediction that these woman cop shows will be as believable and successful as Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.

The United States military is needlessly wondering why sex assaults are so commonplace. College dormitories are also perplexed why there are so many sexual assaults on campus. "Young men will just have to learn to control their hormones." The same hormones that rage during firefights in hot combat zones. Both the military and universities have made the huge mistake of ignoring the acceleration of male and female libidos, when forced into close quarters.

Hillary is defaulting to her "War on Women" campaign, but I don't think anyone is buying it, as the war has ended, and the women have won. To prove it, tune into CBS homage to Hillary, Madame Secretary, on Sunday  after 60 Minutes.

This just in:The director of the Secret Service, Julia Pearson,testified before Congress, and  guaranteed that the "President is safe, today."  The director was  being grilled after Omar Gonzalez rushed past security and into an area of the White House which had access to the first family as well as the East Room. He overpowered a female Secret Service. agent . . Just another example of Affirmative Action in action. Update: After the President guaranteed that he had full faith in Ms. Pearson, she resigned several hours later.

No one wants to see womananity diminished in any way, but TPTB are pushing women's rights to Amazonian levels, far beyond sense and sensibility.

Isaiah  As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Gay Wedding Cake That People Of Faith Can Bake With Good Conscience

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mass Hysteria In The Stock Market Backed By Full Faith And Credit Of The United States

Article IV, Section 1  "Full Faith and Credit" Clause of the United States Government.

"This is the worse post recession  recovery in American  history,"  as the stock market reaches new highs, compliments of the Federal Reserve's money printing. It is hard to fathom how the elites and intellectuals can get it so wrong that they fall for falsehood after falsehood. The smartest people in the room have been foiled no less than Hitler's mesmerized disciples, or Mao's little-red-book of communized socialist fellow travelers, or Stalin's scientists who guaranteed that wheat could be grown in the coldest, most inhospitable climates.There is no such thing as bad news affecting the stock market. People dropping out of the job market, the war in Iraq, negative GDP growth, increasing deficits, lower median income, failing housing market, inflated costs, etc. seem to in no way hinder the frenzy to boost stocks on Wall Street. Irrational Exuberance, indeed.The Fed and lib intellectuals constantly adjust (fudge) job reports, the method of computing inflation, as well as estimating the Gross Domestic Product. These adjustments are all made to make the administration's record look better than it is. Under such circumstances, who in the world can believe in the Full Faith And Credit of the United States? Not Syria, for one, and certainly not the American public.

How many muppets have fallen for the latest trickery, that Inflation Is Good for the economy? Food prices have risen considerably, and Obama promises future "skyrocketing" energy prices. So, just a few months ago high inflation was public enemy number one, but now, all of a sudden, increased inflation (prices) will be a boon, but to whom? The banks, of course.

I recently told a radio host that the problem that liberals and their supporters have is of a theological nature. Liberals, the poorest of the poor to the richest and most educated libs covet other people's money for a "better use." Christians are taught that covetousness is idolatry, and in Catholic school envy was a deadly sin. Torah believing Jews would agree. Warren Buffet and President Obama are rich as they can be, yet they lust for other people's property, just as the poorest of the inner city dwellers yearn for OP's money.  They both have formed a union and it is called the Democratic Party, which is also comprised of academics, liberal churches, and the media.

Ben Bernanke claimed that he did not "understand  how gold operates." How about that for a man which had the reigns on the entire economy through the bankers and investors? He knew nothing about the value of gold, which for thousands of years was a universal underlying asset of fiat money, yet Ben had no trouble in printing money out of thin air, and leaving the debt not only to future American generations, but also to hapless foreign countries, which have been consuming American inflation.

The stock market rallies since the great recession of 2008 have gone unchallenged - to the skies, as "sophisticated" traders, bankers, corporations have caught on to the wild trend, reaping the highest profits for the 1 percent since immediately before the Great Depression crash of 1929. Uncle Sam has forced citizens out of savings accounts, and even bonds, in order to fuel the stock market. As they say, "Taking interest rates from Grandma for Goldman Sachs sake." It has been a tidy profit for those who started reinvesting after losing 40% of their portfolio in 2008 onward, but woe to the slacker who does not jump out of the market before interest rates rise and stocks fall quite dramatically, it is estimated. Quantitative Easing, or the printing of unbacked money, was first opposed by a long time hero of mine, Larry Kudlow, because of the moral hazard of favoring the bankers and stock market over John Q. Public,  but he  eventually  succumbed to the money printing, and finally  lost his TV show. PS The Treasuries  bought and sold  by the Federal Reserve are "backed" by the good Faith and Credit of the United States, ie. not at all.Obama has doubled the National Debt, yet very few have  called him on it, or most of his other Law Making By Pen - without the consultation or permission of Congress.The current administration and its allies have done whatever is convenient  to force money into the stock market. At this time, I have even heard that  bond holders may be demanded to pay "exit" fees just in case they decide to get out of the bond market too quickly - as it starts to tank.

One example of the bad faith of the United States government would be the IRS scandal and all of its slimy, underhanded obfuscations with the American public, including the recent revelations that the hard drive storing Lois  Lerner's emails has "crashed," so c'est la vie - nothing here to see. Since the NSA has had no trouble looking at everything we do on cell phones, computers, Face Book etc., let's hope they can find those emails which were  accidentally destroyed.

How can an American believe in the Full Faith and Credit of .Gov when the administration not only fails to secure the borders, but, quite the opposite, encourages immigrants under 12 years of age to flood over state's borders?

Were  Susan Rice's statements about THE VIDEO causing the Benghazi massacre, or her recent announcement that deserter Bergdahl was, "Captured on the battlefield" also be backed by the Good Faith and Credit of the U.S.?

I hope we have not forgotten Fast and Furious, another operation backed by Full Faith and Credit.

And is the folly known as Obamacare also fully backed by Full Faith and Credit?

President Obama's Environmental Protection and Energy agencies are on a tear to tear up the American economy utilizing Al Gore pseudoscience to tyrannize business and every citizen who needs inexpensive energy. The EPA and its mesmerized disciples certainly cannot be trusted.

I would never have full faith in the government, but it has proven itself to especially flawed in so many administrative matters, domestic and foreign, significantly it its ignorance of the failures in the Department  of  Veterans Affairs treatment of former members of the U.S. military.

At least, we are learning one thing - that only God deserves Full Faith and Credit, "Period" (as Obama often likes to say).

Sunday, April 06, 2014

United States Military Afraid To Discharge Deviants

And, I do have a sensitivity toward people in the military as well as civilians who have developed some sort of "nervous condition." I was medevaced out of Vietnam after 16 months there while serving  in the Marine Corps. At that time, if an enlistee even looked cross-eyed at a superior officer, or showed any sort of deviance - they would be "quickly and efficiently" jailed, hospitalized, or just booted out of the military. IOW soldiers like the most recent Fort Hood killer Ivan Lopez would have stuck out like a sore thumb in yesterday's military, but not in today's more PC armed forces.

Pray that Vladimir Putin and China's President Xi Jinping do not overly provoke the U.S. - before President Obama and General Martin Dempsey depart their offices, especially while the United States military is being trimmed down to pre World War II levels. Through weak and incompetent domestic and foreign policies, we are again begging for world wide aggression to expand without interference similar to the late 1930's.

Back in the day, the United States Armed Forces was comprised of about 2 percent female serving actively, yet  now the ranks of the females have swollen to 20 percent in some units. That's good for feminism and womens' rights but it has had a disastrous effect upon the morale of the men serving in what may still be the world's greatest military ever formed. I guess the social engineers and politically correct generals and admirals, out of ignorance, did not foresee the massive interaction (reports of female assaults, both true and false) that would bring both generals and lower ranking soldiers to their knees (especially females), causing the dismissal of a great many commanding officers as well as lower ranking personnel. Divorces, suicides, adultery etc have all increased since the liberalization of military morale. Interestingly enough, adultery is still a court martial offense, unlike in the civilian world where the Kim Kardashians are rewarded for adultery.

It was well known that the frist Fort Hood killer,  Major Nidal Hassan, an army psychiatrist was quite nuts and very vocal in his support of Islmaic Jihad. Yet, for years, out of fear of offending him, the Army brass would not take him aside for "special counseling" - as  in Court Martialing him.

The same with Bradley Manning (Now Chelsea Manning according to Wikipedia) was found out early  in his  training  to be a twerpish trouble maker, but, again, Army Command could not weed him out, probably because of his obvious feminine traits.

How the mighty have fallen in the Pentagon where unit uniformity is not as important as individualistic self expression - especially if the social engineering will gain Demorcrat voters and money. In 1996 Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Boorda, committed suicide because he thought that the controversy over a couple of medals that he wore would bring shame to the Navy.

Not saying that suicide was the answer, but don't expect the same sort of military pride to be expressed by Joint Chief of Staff General Martin Dempsey, President Obama, or the Pentagon. They have made a moral mess of the military.

Proving even more  that there is a big problem in the military, is this headline from the Stars and Stripes - 

"Gay, Lesbian Troops Perform In Drag At Kadena, Okinawa Air Base Fundraiser."

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Sodomalatry, America's New Preferred Religion

I have heard for years that we are now living in a post Christian America, and after looking at our culture, I would have to agree. Since nature abhors a vacuum, U.S. citizens have been seeking other forms of worship as opposed to the faith of our fathers. I can think of no other object of devotion that attracts greater adoration today than sodomy, as the Bible calls it.

Judge Robert Bork, who wrote Slouching Toward Gomorrah, must have had an idea that the United States would soon be Reclining In Gomorrah, hence his objections to the obvious decline in morality, especially abortion, for which Joe Biden soundly railed against Judge Bork during his nomination for the Supreme Court. Old Joe has not been the same since.  Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, a Tea Party favorite, caved before and she caved again to public pressure which among other things threatened to pull a scheduled Super Bowl game out of her state. Larry Kudlow, Jew turned Catholic, also decided  to take the side of mammon over God, or, at least, individual religious freedom. All of Hollywood, the press, and MSNBC put on the full court press "forcing" Jan Brewer to renege on her conscience - which turned to mush as intended by the massive public pressure.

What can one expect in a country where even long standing protestant churches, like the Episcopal denomination, also believes gayness is a "gift from God?"  Most of the first American presidents were Episcopalian, and many former presidents have claimed that denomination as their own including FDR, Gerald Ford, and both Bush presidents - which might explain why they veered off the straight and narrow of Christian conservatism - because they were acting out the lib values of the American Episcopalian Church. Despite the backslidden condtions of the current  Episcopalian Church, and its  huge losses of money and members, a new American Anglican Communion has emerged from the old Episcopalian rubble, and even though they have had their buildings confiscated by the Episcopalian Church, these American Anglicans have found a straighter path.

 In the Old Testament, in order to avoid profaning the name of God, a word called the Tetragrammaton replaced the actual spelling of God's name - Yahweh. The word was not to be pronounced. Similarly, today homosexuality is so special, and even sacred to libs that never is heard a discouraging word against the outlawed lifestyle condemned many times in the Bible and other historic religions. Google, Starbucks, Microsoft, and politicians have all joined this new religion - dictating that sodomy is so special that it should be exalted by all peoples and  institutions.

In California, and elsewhere, the promotion of alternative lifestyles supersedes reading, writing, and arithmetic in the the public schools. Contrarily, children who have opposite sex traits may not be encouraged to prefer their natural born gender under penalty of law. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg is now offering up to 50 gender choices to identify with on the  FB profile. The confusion is so pronounced that the youngest of Americans are becoming more deranged for these and other reasons, and I am one that believes there is a special punishment for those who "stumble the little ones." Hint: Millstone around neck.

 Throughout history we see where prosperous empires would eventually degenerate into bestial practices - before they would experience great judgments via pestilence,disease, economic collapse, famine, natural disasters, and war. Rome, Greece, Sodom and Gomorrah are just a few nation states which took the low road - to their own peril. One of the most fascinating reads is from Josephus War Of The Jews which depicts homosexual Jewish sects, walled up in Jerusalem, during the Romans  siege, performing all sorts of "female acts" and "dressing like women." Rome finished off the rebellious people in 70 AD during the last siege by Vespasian. This and other previous judgments were prophesied years before Jerusalem's final destruction, but no one listened, as they are not today. It  is such a sad bit of history where even God's Chosen People rebelled against Him and suffered the consequences. Not unlike Christians today who have "left their first love." I know that President Obama has frequent prayer meetings and confesses to be a Christian, and that he is very young in the Lord, having unlearned Christianity under Jeremiah Wrights' ministerial leadership for too many years, but he must have some inkling, despite what his lib religious counselors teach him, that the promotion of sodomy will not be rewarded, even as it says in Romans Chapter 1.

Similarly, in many Christian churches, adultery, fornication, and homosexuality are just human traits than cannot be superseded by the Spirit changing grace of Jesus Christ. Adam Stanley, son of the venerable baptist Charles Stanley, has no problem with the forcing of Christian bakers and photographers to participate in gay weddings. What if a gay couple would like ALL of their honeymoon activities filmed by  a Christian videographer? Would  the conscience of the photographers be allowed to prevail over the "civil rights" of the newly wedded gays who want to do a gay porn movie? We have no idea how extreme this movement  will become which would have gay rights dominate individual freedoms.

Another "unmentionable" word is the N-Word, and it is now esteemed to be so special or holy that only certain people (blacks) can been ordained to utter the word.The NFL seems to be floating the idea that players profaning the name of God on the field  is OK, but players and coaches who shout the N-Word, may have to be fined for such behavior.

The NFL and ESPN, have been added to the ranks of those who esteem gay activities as something that deserves adoration, so much so, that an ESPN broadcasters had to offer moral guidance, they thought,  just as Jan Brewer was deciding to sign the Religious Freedom Bill. ESPN's Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon made the inexplicable  point that the ill fated Arizona Bill would 'mirror what the Nazis did to the Jews (Holocaust), . . .  and Arizona gays might have to be identified (like the Jews in concentration camps) with yellow stars.' Even Roger Goodell, NFL Commish, had to threaten removing a future superbowl game from Arizona, if the governor did not bend over frontwards and veto the bill. And what's with Bob Costas now pontificating, like Miss Manners, what is and is not kosher in professional sports?

I once told a radio show host that the gay rights bandwagon was on such a roll that soon enough gays would be having sex on your front yard and would claim it was their civil right.

"Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me" [Especially Gay gods]

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Obama Vs Putin Who Is The Bigger Tyrant?

I have been watching the Ukraine protests, but as of this minute there seems to be a truce between Russian and the Ukraine, which has been staging protests not unlike America's inner cities - when they did not get their way.

However, there has been less bloodshed in the Ukraine. How did the American Federal Government react when the South rebelled? Not too kindly.A number of states, including California, have devised plans to secede/separate from their respective states. We can pretty much assume that, just as in the American Civil War, the Fed will violently oppose any thought of the separation of states or portions of states.

 I do not understand the motive or cause of the "girl" punk rock group Pussy Riot. They plan to get beaten and arrested, alert the media, and then follow through with getting beaten and arrested to prove -that they can be beaten and arrested?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Only Revolution Not Supported By Obama/Hillary In Six Pictures

Thursday, February 06, 2014

The Failure Of The Civil Rights Movement In Two Pictures

Monday, February 03, 2014

Why China Replaces U.S. As Dominant World Superpower In Three Pictures

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Send A Fax/Contact A&E Networks For Slamming Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson

The oddest thing is that A&E Networks has been constantly censoring the Ducks for mentioning Christ or God in many of the shows. Yet, cursing and other profanities are not bleeped out to my knowledge on A&E's other shows.

Send a message to Mel Berning - President of Sales at A&E by faxing him at


There are free fax services on the net such as GotFreeFax.Com and they will let you send a hard copy letter directly to A&E offices.

Twitter A&E at @AETV    Facebook A&E at

My fax to A&E Below:

Dear Mr. Berning,

I am very disappointed at your knee jerk reaction to removing Phil Robertson, if only temporarily, even after not receiving any complaints for his statements against homosexuality - not homosexuals!

Are we to believe that all of A&E programming will be formatted according to your politically correct views? Then, how can we ever trust whatever is presented on A&E? You obviously have an agenda, and it will be expressed through your programming.

I am seriously thinking of mounting some sort of campaign to notify/boycott sponsors. You should be thankful that there are individuals who do not reflexively bend over for the gay lifestyle. My thinking is that all of you who must appease the gay agenda are the real homophobes - you are simply afraid of their lobby. And, so it is with this mad rush to push their activities without any debate. Have you read your Torah lately? I think not.

You do not realize how culpable and vulnerable your company is to changes in the economy and public opinion. I tried to warn the president of J.C. Penney that he went too far in taking advantage of his customers. He would not listen.

Friday, December 06, 2013

Rest In Peace, Nelson Mandela, But You Left South Africa A Hellhole

I come not to bury Mr. Mandela in the mire that he was involved in much earlier in his career that was destined to transform South Africa from an apartheid state into what it is today - one of the most violent and disease ridden countries on earth. Without him things could have been worse, but I am not sure how much.

And, that cannot be entirely blamed on Nelson Mandela, because he was in his latter years more of a peacenik than rabble-rouser. In the end he became a more gracious, kinder and gentler man, even while his family has been recently fighting with pitchforks over his estate. Typical. Mandela was "Anti capitalism, anti power of money, and in favor of property redistribution." No wonder President Obama is flying the flag at half mast in his honor. But, despite his early communist leanings and latter more socialist positions, he had no visible bitterness, which is more than I can say for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tavis Smiley, Cornel West et al today.

Winnie, Nelson's wife for some time, continued to be ultra violent before and after he divorced her, because of her unfaithfulness. It cannot be proven that Winnie Mandela's horrific acts of necklacing (burning tires around neck of victims), rapes, frauds and other killings and kidnappings were urged by her husband, but he certainly did not object, as much as I have studied.

We do know that Mr. Mandela staunchly supported the neo Communist African National Congress, which itself could be accused of the genocide - of whites, especially white farmers in South Africa, by the tens of thousands.

If Nelson Mandela can be called the Father of Modern South Africa, then his lionizers should also recognize that South Africa today  leads the world in infected HIV/AIDS victims (possibly 25% of the population), violent rapes, including the brutal raping of infants and children, murders, kidnappings, thefts and lesser crimes - which are greatly under reported in order to protect NM's legacy and preserve the image of a South African Camelot.

Its as if George Washington, after fighting an  8 year Revolutionary War, became President of the newly formed United States, and soon after, the U.S. became the leading country in the world in the commission of rapes, kidnappings, murders, and HIV/AIDS infections.

I will give Martin Luther King more credit in that Mr. King can never  be accused of ignoring the plight of America's African Americans and their problems today - violence, rapes, knockouts, reverse racism against whites, unwed mothers, etc. unlike liberal black and white leaders at this time. Unfortunately, MLK was assassinated long before blacks so completely distanced themselves from an American culture after establishing their own, distinct African American culture, which prosperity is declining rapidly, even after electing the first half black president.

I have no objection to the mass media (even Fox) lionizing Nelson Mandela for all his trials, tribulations, and possible patience of a saint (I'm not sure he was Christian, as he was an avid student of Islam), but it would be a travesty if we did not consider the present state of the State of South Africa.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ron Paul's Veteran's Day Tribute "Instead Of Praising Vets For Getting Their Legs Blown Off In Afghanistan . . . "

That is very close to what I heard Ron Paul say in a Peter Schiff interview here pa_20131112hgpd_low.mp3 . The link will only be available for a few days. I do think Peter Schiff is a voice crying out in the wilderness exposing Helicopter Ben's crazy fed policies, and I would suggest there is no better professor of economics than Peter.

Ron Paul, similarly, is very smart when it comes to  recognizing the evils of the Federal Reserve, United States deficit spending,  as well as international banking, however, Mr. Paul falls way short when it comes to valuing the American military. I also like his son, Rand, as he is very much a contender for U.S. president in 2016. Watch out Christie. But, I cannot excuse  Ron Paul's more accurately quoted  remark on Schiff's show, "Instead of using the conventional wisdom of praising veterans who got their legs blown off in Afghanistan . . [Paul trails off his comment and eventually states]" . . I have a lot of younger members of the  military supporting me." Somewhat paraphrased.

Lord only knows how the heretofore greatest military machine since the dawn of mankind has been diminished by the Commander In Chief/Army General Martin Dempsey's social engineering; admitting LBGTQs, pushing women into combat situations, lowering morale by allowing promiscuity, adultery, unwed and extramarital childbirths, increased suicides, and opening more opportunities than ever before for sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits.

In plain language, much of the military is going Libtard. There are many examples, not excluding the invitation of Noam Chomsky to speak at U.S. military academies.

Simply, Ron Paul is the iconic Libertarian of the time who has no use for the military. This will be the downfall of libertarians, who are "too high to load their guns." This is not much different than a Pat  Buchanan, who constantly accuses the United States of taking on the persona of a Roman Empire only existing  to pillage, rape, and terrorize defenseless nations at great expense to the national treasury.

Ron Paul is an Ob/Gyn who has delivered thousands of babies, so I understand how he is a bit gun shy when the United States, among all he countries of the developed West, only fights battles that it needs to fight. The U.S. is not the world's policeman, if only because we do not engage in every mass genocide that occurs, such as the infamous Hutu - Tutsi wars and many others.

The United States would not have its economy or status if it was not the Super Power. Our military since World War I has allowed us that status. Every historic study shows that a nation cannot be an economic powerhouse if it is not, first, a military powerhouse. And, so many libs and libertarians are willing to so quickly throw it all away. Who would they prefer to be the big guy on the block - the Chinese or Russians?  They are next in line, so pick one if you are don't mind becoming  a second class world  citizen, which is probably inevitable in any event.

Even the "little wars" like Korea, Vietnam (where I served), Kuwait, Persian Gulf Wars, Kosovo, and Afghanistan were worthwhile, despite what the Libtards say, because we, at least, slapped down communists, tyrants, radical Moslems etc. for a while. I would like all veterans of those wars to remember - that they were not in vain. Communism has come back with a vengeance (in the United States), and radical Moslems are rising up again, still,  it must be said that the United States of America inhibited, if not totally defeated, many of our natural born enemies. Its much the same with the War on Drugs, which so many libs and libertarians claimed that that war has been in vain, yet crack and cocaine use is at a many year low. What if we would have given up on the War on Drugs? Coke/Crack addicts would have increased, accompanied with the Crack/Coke murders, which have also declined significantly. So, its on to fighting other drug wars that are on the horizon.

Ron Paul's remarks were especially crass having been made on Veterans Day, where I must say I had the time of my life at a local Golden Corral restaurant where hundreds of veterans of every color and branch convened for a free feast, compliments of the Golden Corral restaurant chain.

And, contrary to Ron Paul's disparaging remarks, I had no problem thanking the veterans who were wounded, lost limbs, or were otherwise troubled because of their service in any of the wars and conflicts. None of our service was in vain, Ron Paul.

Friday, October 04, 2013

Black Woman,Miriam Carey, Mistakenly Rammed "Barrycades" In D.C. - Chased And Killed

Ms Miriam Carey, a well mannered dental hygienist from Stamford Connecticut, may have been just touring Washington D.C near the Capitol Building when she surprisingly got caught in the midst of hundreds of Obama "Barrycades" which have been installed at a multitude  of places around D.C. and other federal properties - "because of the government shutdown," allegedly. Washington D.C. had been increasingly blocking off streets close to the residence of the Director of Barrycades, President Barack Obama, even before the shutdown. A city that was once a joy  to tour and view now looks more like Islamabad with all the restrictions and checkpoints installed  due to government paranoia and an increasingly mentally ill populace.

Ms Carey, unfortunately, panicked after she accidentally hit a barricade, not a "gate" as reported, and then  hysterically  tried to escape the pinball machine type maze of barrycades, which is the best description of Washington D.C.'s hundreds of roadblocks.

I am not excusing the woman, but earlier reports that "she exchanged gunfire with police" also seem to be false.

Included in Washington's craze to make the city  a maze of barricades, has been the barrycading of veterans' parks which had to be stormed by 80 year old World War II vets in order to gain entrance, as well as  blocking a very tiny, federal park for kids - Turtle Park - which local D.C. mothers also had to storm so that their children could play on the swings. If Obama could only temporarily lay off his presidential butcher, baker, candle maker, 24/7 movie projectionists, dog babysitters, etc. perhaps Turtle Park and other federal venues could remain open. Special thanks, however, to those federal guards  and  police, who, I understand, have volunteered their duty time for free, but will, of course, be compensated after the shutdown.

Most of the damage done to the police and their cars may have been from them also accidentally ramming the annoying and dangerous multitude of Barrycades. Its a sorry situation for all, especially Ms. Carey's toddler. May we pray for all involved.

Friday, September 06, 2013

Why Is John Kerry Supporting Genghis Khan?

In 1971 as I was sort of recovering from service  in Vietnam in a VA Hospital, there was John Kerry testifying before Congress  on television about the "atrocities" committed by the American troops in Vietnam, reminiscent of Genghis Khan - as Kerry explained it. At the time, I had other things on my mind, and I did not fully realize the treason he was committing.

In the Twelfth Century, at the same time Islam was manifesting destiny by killing and otherwise subjugating infidels as they  into the  Middle East, North Africa and Europe, the infamous Genghis Khan was taking over country after country with his Mongol hordes. History is replete with examples of Khan's overkill in China, Iran,Iraq, pre-Russian Kiev,Afghanistan, et al. Reportedly he wholesale butchered millions of people who would not subjugate their country to Khan. It has also been reported that the Mongolian Empire eventually became more tolerant of various religions - at least, more  than modern Islam.

After I had time to examine John Kerry's testimony before Congress, I was mystified, because I had spent 16 months in country  - Vietnam - attached mainly  to helicopter squadrons which allowed me to do extensive traveling in the northern section of South Vietnam, or I Corps. While in contact with Marines who were serving throughout Vietnam, I did hear of some of the things John Kerry mentioned, but not to the magnitude that he testified.

Some of Kerry's enemy enabling rant went like the below in 1971. He certainly captured the left's imagination and confidence, and was rewarded not to long after his defamatory speech by winning future Massachusetts elections.

"They told stories that, at times, they had personally raped, cut off ears, cut off heads, taped wires from portable telephones to human genitals and turned up the power, cut off limbs, blown up bodies, randomly shot at civilians, razed villages in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan, shot cattle and dogs for fun, poisoned food stocks, and generally ravaged the countryside of South Vietnam, in addition to the normal ravage of war and the normal and very particular ravaging which is done by the applied bombing power of this country."

Now, 40 years later, Secretary of State John Kerry, under the auspices of Barack Obama, desires to support the most inhumane, murderous and torturous Syrian rebels who make Genghis Khan look like a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

There are a number of videos on the Internet and other accounts showing the Syrian rebels executing Syrian civilians (probably through gas attacks), Syrian Army regulars and anyone in their path. Glenn Beck has one such  video showing U.S. supported rebel eating the heart of a fellow Syrian.
The same Al Qaeda, which Obama had supposedly eliminated, has joined forces with certain rebel factions, different from other, supposedly more U.S. friendly rebel forces. All the United States has to do is only support the "good" rebels and not the bad. Easy enough to accomplish by the President who can do it all.

And, there are many reports, and not just from Putin, that the Rebels have been launching chemical weapons at people who have been deserting their rebel cause.

For more reports of atrocities committed by Syrian rebels, from media on the  left and the right, go here, here, and here.

What the United States needs today is a more modern John Kerry, who will testify before Congress that, indeed, atrocities are being committed - by those sons of Genghis Khan, the Syrian rebels.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

We Love Islamic Terrorists, We Love Them Not, We Love Islamic . . .

I can understand why we aided Bin Laden in Afghanistan - to break the Russians. I can understand why both Bushes fought against Saddam - as encouraged by even Democrats. It made a lot of sense to me that Ronald Reagan bombed the heck out of Libya in 1986. So much shock and awe went down on Libya that Gadaffi's pride was humbled to the point that he finally submitted  to more peaceful terms with the U.S. What President Obama is planning for Syria, is inexplicable, and it remains to be seen if he will do anything.

As Secretary of State, the faultless Saint Hillary, Obama's Secretary of State, promoted and applauded the "Arab Spring" where, more or less, steady semi-allies of the U.S. like Egypt's Mubarak and Libya's  Gadaffi were undermined by their former friend - America - so that the Arab Spring would blossom and flowers of Democracy would sprout throughout  the Islamic Middle East. Or, that was the plan. Obama praised the Spring, comparing it to the Boston Tea Party and  Rosa Parks. At least, he had fond regards for one Tea Party, although  Obama, according to his own writings, has never really appreciated those white, colonial founders of America.

I'm not sure if Obama's  plan to strike Syria (don't know what it is) is a Wag The Dog scenario, but it certainly resembles Bill Clinton's attack on Serbia - in order to defend militant Muslims in Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia, while he was dodging accusations of having an affair with Monica, that "did not involve sex."

I still hear from  former Yugoslavians and even reconnaissance people who were inspecting the Balkans before Bill Clinton bombed them, and they continue to be  perplexed why Clinton and NATO attacked them, when it was the radical Moslem terrorists who were terrorizing Orthodox Christians. Once You Go Islamac, You Can't Go Back, and  that explains why many of the countries of the world are in such turmoil. In the Kosovo War, the  U.S., NATO, and the U.N. defended the  Kosovo Liberation Army, and Ethnic Albanians, otherwise known as Radical Muslim Terrorists, yet even back in the late 1990's, the mainstream media could  not label them as terrorists - much the same as President Obama has had a reluctance to call sworn enemies of the U.S. - enemies. So we jumped into the Kosovo War - to help the wrong people, just as we may jump into Syria. Even to this day, Moslems are  burning churches and terrorizing Christians in the Balkans

For some reason, the West, the U.N., NATO and libs everywhere think that befriending the majority of Moslems will bring us good favor with them. Since the Islamic religion lives by the sword, it seems that only strong arm leaders (dictators?) can control them and inhibit them from killing infidels among themselves as well as every other country in the world. There is a reason that we hardly heard a peep from Moslem radicals for most of the 70 years during the regime of the Soviet Socialist Republic. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the genetic predisposition of Molems to kill became reinvigorated.

We helped depose the first guy - Mubarak, because he occasionally used a strong arm to control blood thirsty Egyptian rebels in the streets. After  Mubarak  we alternately supported then deposed the democratically elected  Morsi, because he quelled riots, and now we are opposing the Egyptian military (which we promoted) for bringing down the hammer on rioters in the streets of Cairo.  I don't believe the U.S. has ever had a more  schizoid foreign policy. Maybe, as in Syria, we should just allow the herd to be thinned, because no matter who we support, the victorious faction will also rule by the sword, because that's the only way most of Islam can be ruled. And, whoever wins will still hate the United States and Israel.

Who do we think will replace Assad? Someone like a Barack Obama? A man of peace? I don't think that sort of leader would last long in the world of Islam.

This Just In: Rush Limbaugh gives some credibility to the possibility that the Syrian rebels are playing Obama, and trigger-fingered Republicans, and that it was the rebels who initiated gas attacks against fellow Syrians who were deserting the rebel forces. Re: Yoseff Bodansky

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Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery

Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery

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Anti White Discrimination Lawsuits Pay Out Huge Jackpots Easier Than Lottery
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And, the odds are much better in discrimination lawsuits.

Most everyone has heard of the Pigford Case, where over 18,000 black "farmers" (even those who farmed no more than a potted plant) were offered  up to $62,000 each from a class action lawsuit via President Obama's signature. Without a whole lot of evidence, it was determined that the U.S. Department of Agriculture discriminated against minorities when implementing certain farmer financing programs.

These sort of stories are reminiscent of the infamous New York "Ghost Riders," - people who would jump on buses involved in accidents - after the accidents, and, thereby, were eligible for insurance claim payouts.

Now, Merill Lynch, which few people have great sympathy for, has caved in to a class action lawsuit initiated by 700 black stock brokers, who, may have been, discriminated against, because, possibly, white clients of stock brokers preferred white brokers over the black. The case was appealed to the Supreme Court, but the Supremes refused to hear it. Now Merrill Lynch has decided to settle and must payout $160,000,000 to about 700 current and retired black stock brokers. It has been very hard to find any actual evidence of said discrimination, but Merrill Lynch, loaded to the gills, has surrendered to the allegations,  probably to avoid bad publicity.

Indeed, the thousands of racial discrimination lawsuits in the past 50 years, especially against city,state, county, and federal entities, have paid off African Americans much better than the lotteries.

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Peter Schiff has excellent commentary on this,today,on his SchiffRadio.Com radio program which can be downloaded on site. Radio show 8/28/2013
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Female Military Judges Offer Soft Touch In Hasan/Manning Trials

Seriously, folks, I do not go looking for examples of extreme Political Correctness in the military or anywhere else. As I read military news journals and  hear from the boots on the ground soldiers, it is conclusive that our great American military is being systematically disemboweled through leftist and liberal ideological engineering.

Bradley (aka transgender name Chelsea) Manning has been treated with kid gloves, or rather ladies fashion gloves, from the time he enlisted in the military. He erupted into inexplicable snits during military schooling, he slapped a fellow female soldier, he sent pictures of himself dressed in women's clothes out on the internet, things which would not been tolerated in the Marine Corps today or yesterday's Army. Because Don't Ask Don't Tell was in the works, I am sure the military was well aware of his confused sexuality and behavior - long before he was sent to the theater of war in Iraq. Manning downloaded hundreds of thousands of secret documents, including soldiers' email addresses, locations of prisoners of war, and secret combat logs. No matter, Hollywood and the rest of the Left lionized Manning and are now groaning about his "stiff" sentence of 7 years, if he remains a good boy, or girl, in the military stockade. Military Judge Denise Lind, faculty member of George Washington University and member of the New York Bar Association rendered a very moderate and motherly sentence to Manning. She may again have to judge as to whether Manning may have transgender surgery to fulfill his inner Chelsea (the female name he would like to be addressed with) paid for by the U.S. Government. His liking Lady Gaga should have given the military brass a clue that this fellow/lady was not going to be a good soldier.

Now, here comes military Judge Colonel Tara Osborn (related to Ozzie?) who was chosen to replace male judge Colonel Gregory Gross, because he was a bit "tough" on the vulnerable Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood assassin who shot and or killed  43  soldiers, as he said, for Allah and Islam.

Again, Leftist Engineering, even in the hallowed halls of the military, was at play long before Nidal Hasan shot up Fort Hood. For years, Hasan, as a psychiatrist officer, was shouting the praise of Islam while denigrating the United States as he "treated" fellow soldiers. Political Correctness prohibited, or at least inhibited, fellow officers from reporting the outrageous behavior. It has not just been President Obama who has been reluctant to call a terrorist a terrorist.

In any event, male Judge Colonel Gregory Gross was replaced by female Judge Colonel Tara Osborn because Col. Gross made the terrible mistake of demanding that killer Hasan shave his beard, as it is against military rules to have an unshaven face in the trial. The rules just had to be broken citing Relgious Freedom, and that it would be disrespectful to Allah and Islam not to don a beard. In her motherly mode Judge Tara Osborn recently denied the prosecution's attempt to enter in historical evidence, including email correspondence between Hasan and Anwar al-Awlaki, the American born Islamic cleric who encouraged at least 3 of the 9/11 hijackers to fly planes into the Twin Towers.

Political Correctness is ruining our military on so many levels. Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell will prove to be a disaster, which will only be exposed, unfortunately, when the U.S. again engages in a full scale war. When I was in the service, in Vietnam, only about 3 percent of the Armed Forces were composed of women. Now, it is over 15 percent and higher, depending on the branch of service. Why is it a mystery that there has been a gigantic increase in sexual assault cases, illegitimate pregnancies on duty when deployed, adulteries,even suicides, and so on within the military? It should be a no-brainer.

George Washington, who knew a little something about combat, was adamantly opposed to female and homosexual soldiers. Is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Army General Martin Dempsey, who has promoted Political Correctness, smarter than George Washington? The question is ridiculous.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Could Chris Christie Become Just A Whiter Fatter Obama?

First of all, I am not aiming to disparage Chris Christie because of his weight, as I have had to battle my own propensity to overeat for many years. And I do hope that his diet/surgical plans for losing weight is successful. I must say that I did lose some confidence in Christie ever since  I saw him canoodling and schmoozing with President Obama in order to squeeze a few extra billion dollars out of Uncle Sam (other taxpayers) in order to rebuild his state of New Jersey after Superstorm Sandy.

I once thought Chris Christie would be as different from Obama as Laurel was from Hardy, but with an election in his near future, Christie is acting like a desperate lib in order to please the many Democrats he needs to again win the gubernatorial election, and later a presidency.

I am even thinking that big, Christie fangirl,  Ann Coulter, has fallen out of love with him. Among his transgressions are, liberalizing the use of medical marijuana, which according to many studies, is not the best choice for treating illnesses which cause a "loss of appetite." Seattle and Colorado have gone crazy with their encouragement of the general population to smoke dope. And, that is what  endorsing medical marijuana leads to. This past week, the City of Seattle sponsored a Hempfest where hundreds of under age kids were smoking the weed in the presence of police. In fact, the City Prosecutor and Chief of Police were passing out bags of Doritos to thousands of doped up Hempfesters, including the young teens. Christie has also signed onto Obmadontcare, obviously because of the huge handouts offered by the administration - as he expands  Medicaid, which will eventually either break the Federal Government, State Government, or both. And, although I believe Snowden did break several laws, he has brought to light the insecurity we have on account of our fear of a  government which promises  to keep us secure with TOO MUCH (and probably not Constitutional) security - which Christie does not seem to have a problem with.

Christie, again acting like Obama, signed onto a law which outlaws counseling to young gays,bisexuals, and bicurious kids who might  desire to change their sex/gender identity - back to what God gave them originally. I personally have known homosexuals who have regained their birth gender/sex, by the grace of God as well as through ministering and counseling. Cynthia Nixon, infamous from Sex and the City was condemned by the gay crowd when she announced that she "chose" to be gay. Anne Heche, one time "wife" of Ellen Degeneres, also switched back. So, why would the state, especially Governor Christie, deny people professional counseling which would aid them in getting out of the gay lifestyle? Politics. This shameful act of Christie should be reserved for Democrats, and not even Rinos. I have read that New Jersey has the highest concentration of shrinks (psychiatrists and psychologists) and sociologists in the country. And, according to stats, most are liberal Jews. I am only mentioning that to show what groups of people Christie must cave in to, although his extra bending over forward and backward is unnecessary, because most polls show that he has a lock on the election. He is clearly looking toward 2016 where he must troll for every liberal group under the sun in order to gain sufficient financial backing just to get into the race. However, Christie's vetoing his own anti .50 caliber rifle law must negate the support of any liberals he may have pacified with his signing the "No Gay Switching" bill. I do occasionally enjoy Christie putting on the chutzpah with the tantrums and irreverent outbursts, but if he overdoes it, that is indicative of the behavior of a  moody, easily incited liberal, like a Hillary Clinton. In addition, Governor Christie should have kept a Republican in the New Jersey Senatorial seat, but, again, I think he had to appease libs, which he is now famous for doing.

That leads to the conundrum of not totally disliking Christie, because he has curbed the power of overly strong public employee unions,  has all but defunded Planned Parenthood in his state, and has cut business taxes. Chris Christie is not another Obama - so far - but the allure of political power does change people to reverse themselves - as Obama has done so many times. Christie is Cum Si Cum Sa with me, and probably should just continue to  reside in Drumthwacket  (New Jersey governor mansion) from 2016 through 2020.

Christie is knee jerking faster than Obama, and a man of his age and experience should have more solid convictions, which cannot be shifted with every breeze that comes down the political pike. We already have a President who is more flexible than a Bendy Bus. Unfortunately, he does not ever bend for the better

Monday, August 19, 2013

All Aboard The Racist Train With Oprah, Hillary And A Cavalcade Of Racist Hunters

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ask Congress to Haul In-Eric Holder Again - Re: Zimmerman Case

"We have always been and continue to be, in too many ways, essentially a nation of cowards...America in the year 2009 does not, in some ways, differ significantly from the country that existed some fifty years ago..Given all that we as a nation went through during the civil rights struggle." Eric Holder speech for Black History Month 2009

I was not going to publish this until after Eric Holder addressed the NAACP, just to see if he would lay off his full frontal attack on George Zimmerman. Instead, Holder targeted the "Stand Your Ground" laws as the REAL problem causing homicidal carnage across the U.S.  Forget Chicago. Since Eric Holder has been relentlessly intimidating Zimmerman for over a year, its high time that Congress call him him in and interrogate/hound and humiliate him for the violation of George Zimmerman's civil rights. As Mark Levin said, "Today its Zimmerman, tomorrow its us." The  DOJ and the FBI must be quite frustrated from not being abel to find racial dirt on George Zimmerman. Instead, the FBI has had to jot down into their note pads Zimmerman's exhaustive non-racial behavior such as, Zimmerman campaigning for the white-black man Obama, taking a black girl to his prom, defending a black homeless man beaten by a policeman's relative, and tutoring poor black children. Instead, if the FBI was worth their snooping credentials, they would have found that Trayvon not only hated white folks, but, according to star witness Rachael Jenteal, possibly beat up George Zimmerman because he was a gay "ass cracker." Look at the urban dictionary definition here for "ass cracker," and pardon the vulgarity.

Attorney General Eric Holder is actually the Prosecutor General of the United States. He is a model and sets the tone for court prosecutors from the Fed all the way down  to Sanford, Florida. If he is able to get away with such harassment of a citizen of the U.S., then prosecutors and judges across the land are at liberty to do the same - Immutable Prosecution -  never liable for incompetent and prejudicial prosecutions.

Some people never learn. Attorney Genera Holder, alone, has the distinction as being the only Cabinet member to have ever been held in contempt by the United States Congress. Under a President who cannot resist but to ignore laws enforcing the U.S. border, how could one expect Eric Holder to have any admiration for "a nation of laws?" As many times as Eric Holder has successfully stonewalled the American Congress in matters such as Fast and Furious, Ben Ghazi, IRS investigations, etc. how could he not add to his legacy except by siccing the FBI, along with  the Civil Rights commission, on a man such as George Zimmerman - twice, in fact? The Department of Justice/Civil Rights Division, having not succeeded in finding evidence that Zimmerman is a racist, has resorted to advertising for anyone to report evidence of Zimmerman's supposed  racism to this government sponsored website

Florida's Governor succumbed to Black Panther/NAACP/Media/Eric Holder/Obama  pressure by appointing the hapless State Prosecutor Angela Corey, who, having also not learned anything, is continuing to look for ways of prosecuting Mr. Zimmerman, despite his acquittal as voted by 6 Florida heroines. I understand that Angela Corey has the same mindset as Eric Holder, although Ms Corey is a Republican. They are people possessed, as my mom would say. Despite the lengthy DOJ/FBI investigations since last year, Barbara Boxer of California, seeking to pacify Black Californians some of whom may burn down  a few of her state's cities, has asked for a RENEWED investigation into George Zimmerman's non existent hatred for African Americans.

As the over one year investigation into possible civil rights violations committed by George Zimmerman continues, and as FBI agents, under the direction of Eric Holder, continue to waste time attempting to find dirt on a man who has had many black friends, and no history of racism, it is high time that Congress - the Senate and House Judiciary Committees - perform another exhaustive investigation into Eric Holder's obvious prejudices against the Hispanic, or White, or White Hispanic man Mr. Zimmerman. Attorney General Eric Holder has used his office, quite obviously, for political purposes. Having Mr. Holder interrogated for malfeasance must be done in order to send the message that we Americans are tired of the political race card game. I understand that President Obama, Democrats in general, as well as the Justice Department must keep the racist  flames burning for their political livelihood, but they are now at the point of causing more damage than that which was wrought in the riots of the 1960's and 1970's.

The media, especially MSNBC and CNN are dying on the broadcast vine, but still have enough racist anchors that they may not be satisfied until there is a more violent racial revolution. Stopping Holder could slow down the insurrection which is not so quietly already occurring in the cities of Chicago, Detroit, Oakland and LA - although totally ignored by the professional race baiters. There are already too many examples of blacks randomly beating up Whites and Hispanics who may have sympathy, or not, for Zimmerman. Where has it been written that African Americans, Gays, Hispanics and LGBTQ groups cannot also hate, or be prejudiced and bigoted?

Please, contact your Senators and Representatives who could, at least, question Attorney General Eric Holder on his intentions. If George Zimmerman is a hater, then we all could be indicted at some time for offenses against the very subjectively executed Hate Crimes laws.

House Of Representative Committee On The Judiciary - Republicans
Committee Members

Hon. Goodlatte
(R) Virginia, 6th
Hon. Sensenbrenner Jr.
(R) Wisconsin, 5th
Hon. Smith
(R) Texas, 21st
Hon. Chabot
(R) Ohio, 1st
IssaHon. Bachus
(R) Alabama, 6th
Hon. Forbes
(R) Virginia, 4th
Hon. King
(R) Iowa, 4th
Hon. Franks
(R) Arizona, 8th
Hon. Gohmert
(R) Texas, 1st
Hon. Jordan
(R) Ohio, 4th 

Hon. Poe
(R) Texas, 2nd
Hon. Chaffetz
(R) Utah, 3rd
Hon. Marino
(R) Pennsylvania, 10th

Hon. Gowdy
(R) South Carolina, 4th

Mark Amodei
Hon. Amodei
(R) Nevada, 2nd

Hon. Labrador
(R) Idaho, 1st

Hon. Farenthold
(R) Texas, 27th

Hon. Holding
(R) North Carolina, 13th

Hon. Collins
(R) Georgia, 9th

Hon. DeSantis
(R) Florida, 6th

Rep. Jason Smith
Hon. Smith
(R) Missouri, 8th

Friday, July 12, 2013

Zimmerman Martin Trial Biggest Kangaroo Court Since OJ Simpson - Illustrated


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

George Zimmerman's Snippy Judge - Debra Nelson - Snapped Again

Has the Zimmerman trial judge felt the pressure from her community, her state, as well as the United States government, including Eric Holder? How could she not? The lady prosecutor, Angela Corey, as reported, waited a long, long time, and even bypassed the Grand Jury before she decided to haul George Zimmerman in for the "unjustified" murder of Trayvon Martin.

I have noticed in this trial that Judge Nelson  has shown an obvious animosity toward George Zimmerman's defense lawyers. Her excuse, mostly, for her quick temper, is that she does not want to inconvenience jurors. "Hey lady," Jerry Lewis would say, there is a MAN ON TRIAL  for something that may put him behind bars for a very long time, and he should not even be on trial according to Florida's own "Stand Your Ground" laws.

I have not kept count of all of Judge Nelson's errors in judgment, but it was not very respectful for  trial judge Nelson to walk out of the courtroom while defense attorney was attempting to make a case earlier in July. Judge Nelson would not allow much evidence of Trayvon Martin's character including his history of enjoying fights on and off video, as well as his history of  belligerent and criminal behavior, and she even denied Trayvon's incriminating texts and photos to be shown to the jury, yet all of George Zimmerman's life, as exaggerated by the prosecution, has been allowable.In fact, Nelson, at one time, did approve of Trayvon Martin's criminal record, and other behavioral problems, but more recently she "changed her mind."

Another quite insulting and biased move by the judge was that George Zimmerman's parents were barred from the courtroom, because they might be called as witnesses, yet Trayvon's mother and father were allowed to view the procedures in the court, and they were also listed as possible witnesses by the prosecution.

More than one person has commented that her court decisions have been "90%" in favor of the prosectuion. We shall see

Zimmerman's attorneys put together a fascinating, and very expensive, animation of the events that occurred on the fateful night, but Debra Nelson nixed the re-creation, contrary to fact that these sort of explanations have been used in all sorts of cases, including criminal trials. Judge Nelson again embarrassed the defense by directly addressing George Zimmerman, asking if he was going to testify, instead of directing her question to the defense attorneys. Very awkward, even if legally OK. Her entire demeanor in the incident was that of an impatient, snippy woman. Not that men are exempt from being so.

To further exemplify how petty the judge can be, I remember at one point in the trial when Rachael Jenteal was testifying, quite incoherently, defense attorney Don West asked Judge Nelson if he could move to another seating arrangement so that he could, maybe, read her lips, or whatever. Judge Nelson promptly snapped, "Why did you wait until now to ask to move?"

Between State's prosecutor Angela Corey and Judge Debra Nelson I would not want to meet up with either one at a family reunion.

Famous (or infamous) Jodi Arias defense lawyer Jose Baez is quoted as saying this about Judge Nelson - after the first judge chosen dropped out from presiding over the Zimmerman trial. “I don’t think they did themselves any favors,” said attorney Jose Baez, best known for defending “tot mom” Casey Anthony. “She (Debra Nelson)  has a reputation of being more pro-prosecution than the previous judge. We have an expression: ‘The devil you know is much better than the devil you don’t.’ ” 

She has refused several defense requests for sidebars, but the prosecution seems to have been awarded golden invitations to approach the bench at any time.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman Trial I

President Barack Obama, more than anyone, ginned up the Trayvon Martin frenzy when he announced. "If I had a son, he'd look like Trayvon" in March of 2012. And I believe it . . .

It would be too easy to fault the prosecution's "star witness" for her incoherent, stumbling, disrespectful, and contradictory testimony recalling  her final cell phone conversation with Trayvon Martin on the night of his shooting.

Rather, the Florida courts which pushed for the arrest of George Zimmerman while being coerced  by everyone from the Black Panthers, who placed a bounty on his life, to Al Sharpton and the usual racist suspects, should be faulted.We have to remember that judges and lawyers are human. They can and do make decisions based on emotion rather than facts and law.One of the first bad decisions  by  Sanford Police was escorting witness Rachael Jenteal to the home of  Trayvon Martin's parents, so that she could be interviewed in their presence.

Star witness, Rachael Jenteal, reportedly, was born of  first generation Haitian-Dominican Republic immigrant parents who are now separated. Added to that disadvantage is that, although she is 19 years of age, and a senior in high school, she not only cannot read or speak very well, she could not even read what she personally dictated to a friend, because it was written in long hand. Cursive writing was taken out of schools years ago in order to allow students to concentrate on other subjects, which were also eventually dropped from  many school curricula.

Jenteal, on her first day of testimony was very uncooperative, and even sneered at the defense lawyer as he was questioning her - to find out the truth about what she remembered from the phone call on that fateful night. It was a very embarrassing testimony, not only for Jenteal, but also for Trayvon Martin's parents, I would think. . Trayvon  referred to Zimmerman as either a "Whiteass Cracker," or a "White AssCracker." Rachel did admit, though, that that phrase, WAC, for short, is "not a racial statement." I am not sure which, but either pronunciation has an air of racism, if that is possible - for a black man to be bigoted against a white Hispanic, or maybe just a even just a plain vanilla white man.  Without an urban dictionary handy, it is very difficult to understand what  the Hoyles Rulebook of Racist Remarks specifies. . According to other testimony, Trayvon also referred to Zimmerman as "That n*gger is following me."  Jenteal threatened not to return to the court after her day of grilling and also implicated that  the defense lawyer, Don West,  was "retarded." Regarding Ms Jenteal's very poor showing, Salon magazine accuses white people of just wanting to humiliate her. She's the genius, and the rest of us are just callous Caucasian cads. Another one of Ms Jenteal's mystifying comments was that she, "Heard the sound of wet grass." Jenteal was so quiet and incoherent, because of a language barrier, defense lawyer Don West asked the judge if he could change his seating position, so that he could read her lips, I guess, but Judge Debra Nelson snipped, " Why did you wait until now to ask for a change in seating" Ouch. I believe the judge was also coaching the prosecution as to how to object to a defense question. Ouch, Ouch.

Yet  another "Star" Prosecution Witness flubs: From -
"On Tuesday, a key prosecution witness in the George Zimmerman trial, Selene Bahadoor, changed her testimony on the stand from her earlier interviews, stating that she heard two figures, presumably Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, running “left to right.” That direction implies people running toward the home where Martin was staying. Bahadoor further testified that she saw two people waving their arms, both standing. She then heard a gunshot after leaving her window.

Star Witness Cannot Speak English - To continue their streak of ignorance or incompetence, Seminole County Prosecution calls Selma Mora,  freshly immigrated from Columbia, who cannot speak a word of English and needs a translator while on the witness stand. Good night!

Witness for the prosecution, John Good, turns out to be another  good witness - for the defense. He testifies that it was Trayvon Martin on top of Zimmerman doing a "ground and pound" on George. He also noticed that Trayvon was on top of George Zimmerman, "Hands traveling in a downward motion." Toward George,obviously. Other testimony was revealing, showing that George Zimmerman's back was wet and soiled. Trayvon's jeans had grass stains on the knees of his tan pants. It was George yelling for help.

Friday's court proceedings featured Sanford police and EMT  personnel who all testified that Zimmerman was "calm" and had stains on his back and obvious cuts on his nose and back of head.

The moral of this entire saga is that there must be a recourse for people who are zealously prosecuted, on account  of public pressure and political correctness. Special state's attorney Angela Corey waited forty days to arrest Zimmerman, after bypassing Grand Jury scrutiny, which at one time was supposedly a protective buffer between the accused and the prosecution. Not so much anymore.

Angela Corey - Slow To Indict - Waited 40 Days Before Bowing To Pressure To Indict Zimmerman

Here is a link to prosecutors who have been sued for obvious reasons. There is no reason that these people who carry such a heavy hammer should be immune from punishment for  ruining the lives of the falsely accused and convicted.. Usually, it takes a few years prison time for a falsely accused and prosecuted defendant to gain enough court standing to sue police, detectives, prosecutors, and the government divisions they work for. In Illinois, a man who had spent 8 years in prison due to wrongful conviction, recently sued and won up to 6 million dollars.

I am just praying that the city of  Sanford is not burned to the ground because of some  very bad decision making by Seminole County prosecutors. However, if the case had not gone to trial, there probably would be rioting, anyway. You know some people......

What I have deduced from studying the evidence and testimony is that George Zimmerman was on the lookout in his non-ritzy condo complex for thieves and thugs who had already been caught robbing this little community of Twin Lakes. Trayvon, on the night, looked very suspicious "looking in houses," and "cutting across lawns." George saw him and followed. The dispatcher did tell him, "You don't need to do that," but later it was revealed in court that, "For  liability reasons," the dispatcher "Cannot order anyone to do anything." Plain and simple. As George was on foot looking for an address, so that he could report it to the police, Trayvon thought Zimmerman was following him, when actually, George was trying in vain to see house numbers - on a very  dark street. He hit his flashlight a couple of times to no avail. Trayvon then approached Zimmerman and asked, "Do you have a problem?"  After that, there is little doubt that the young thug started in on George.

Please, take a look at the George Zimmerman "Crime Scene Walkthrough" which was conducted by Sanford police as they escorted George, step by step, through the actual crime scene at Twin Lakes.

Just as Rachael Jenteal's testimony was contradictory, stunted, and incoherent, George Zimmerman's reenactment of the events had what detectives call a  "flow" to it. He should have never gone to trial.