Sunday, February 27, 2011

President Obama Danced At Motown Bash, But No Dancing In The Streets of Detroit

Take a one minute tour of today's Detroit from the safety of your home.

Its not hard to believe that Michigan deserves to sing the blues because it is such a Blue State. Democrat Governors, Congressman, Senators, Mayors, Councilmen, and the UAW have been ignoring the problems since the 1960's.

At least Dearbornistan has some semblance of law (quasi Sharia) and order, but like African-Americans who have carved out their own and separate culture, so are Moslems desiring to supercede American culture with their own, thus fracturing a broken state even more.

Detroit Poverty 40%

United States Violent Crime 430 Per 100,000 Population

Detroit Violent Crime Rate 2000 Per 100,000 Population

For the full tour of Detroit on Youtube See Steven Crowder's Detroit In Ruins (Crowder Goes Ghetto)
And, A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto

Friday, February 25, 2011

20% Of Unemployed Americans Will Work For Half Of Ohio And Wisconsin Public Employee Pay

See This At Tea Party? Walker As Hitler

Ohio has lost hundreds of thousands of jobs as well as population in the past ten years as Ohioans trek onward to greener pastures -like Texas - to find employment. Thousands of college grads now work in restaurants and bars, and may never need show their college diplomas again to a prospective employer.

And why shouldn't Ohio lose manufacturing jobs to other states? President Obama was backed by the very powerful unions, both public and private, over Hilary Clinton who did not appear to be as pro union and did not deliver those exaggerated promises that Barack Obama promised to all those who would vote for him in 2008.

And, President Obama has delivered billions of dollars to the unions for their support through stimulus packages, bank bailouts, and automotive union saving. AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka has either talked to or vistited the White House every day of the week, canoodling with the Prez.

Just as much as Barack has had a loving relationship with unions, so he has hated Energy (except solar and wind). After all, during the campaign Obama did promise to "bankrupt coal," cause the price of energy to "skyrocket," and heavily tax "carbon units," whatever that may be. Taxing exhaled carbon dioxide?

The unions, public and private, had been a thorn bush to Ohio development even before Obama appeared. Ohio, due to the excessive strength of unions, has not been chosen by many outside manufacturers as a place to setup business because of the strong unions - and high taxes which accompany strong union states. Thus, we are noted to be among national and international investors as a "No Right To Work State."

Crime and poverty has taken over our major Democrat-run cities which survive on the local, state, and federal giveout programs, which naturally encourage and increase the percentage of those living in poverty (25% and above) to abide in said depressed cities, as the industrious, and conscientious citizens move out.
Ie., Rush Limbaugh fleeing to Florida from New York State. See pictures and videos of bombed-out, decaying Detroit here.

Ohio, Wisconsin and other states are on the precipice of bankruptcy, and unions are still demanding wages and benefits, the neither George Meany or FDR would request. "They are going to kill off unions," and "We will starve to death," are the cries of Wisconsin teachers making in excess of $100,000 a year as they lead their public school students, who they encouraged to play hooky, through the streets of Madison, after getting fake doctor's excuses from real doctors.

Universtiy of Wisconsin-Madison college students join the brigade of union thugs carrying "Walker Is Hitler" signs, not realizing that their tax-paying parents are paying for over priced college profs, who enticed their kid lemming students to paint their faces and protest a system that increases their tuition every year.

Union sympathizer Congressman Mike Capuano tells unions to "get bloody," while the Lamestream media ignores the un TeaParty-like ritzy, overpaid protesters compare Republicans to Hitler and other socialist dictators. The union communists never seem to equate us with Joseph Stalin - their "Man of Steel."

Twenty percent (probably more) Americans who are un or under employed would work for half of what the federal and state employees are making, and probably one-fourth of what school teachers are hauling in - and do a better job of instructing our out of control, under performing young minds of mush. Made into mush by union-pushed, new age schooling techniques and little or no real discipline.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ronald Reagan's Favorite Childhood Book -Yes It Was Religious

I take particular notice of famous Americans (conservative) favorite reading material when they were young. Departed Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist turned me on to one of his favorites, " The Road To Serfdom," by Friedrich Hayek, who pretty much told all on the evils of socialism. Abraham Lincoln loved the Bible as well as Shakespeare, Byron and Burns. George Washington was not only Biblically literate, he had excelled in sciences and manner. Notice these "Rules Of Civility," Washington memorized, which are suggested behaviors quite the opposite from what today's Glee/MTV Skins kids are taught. Even Franklin D. Roosevelt passed out Bibles to millions of soldiers off to war. Can't imagine Secretary Gates, Obama, or anyone at DOD encouraging Bible reading over sodomy and other politically correct stupidities forced onto today's U.S. armed forces.

Back to Magnus Renaldus Reagan. Shortly after the Gipper was born - eleven years to be exact after his birth February 6, 1911, "Dutch," so named because his Irish dad thought he looked like a "fat little Dutchman" at birth, decided that he wanted to be baptized as a Christian. Ronald, who preferred the title Dutch, must have been more influenced by his Scotch Irish mother who was a member of the Disciples of Christ denomination - long before the current Disciples of Christ became sodomite and abortion friendly. Old Ron would certainly not recognize any of today's liberal, mainline church congregations.

Reagan's favorite childhood book, according to his admission many times, was The Printer Of Udell's. Download it here. The homespun novel must have gripped the Gipper like no other media could at the time. No TV, not much radio, no MP3 players, not many movies, and could you believe, no porn in a society that may have been poor, yet rich in real family values and conservative Christian ideals.

The Printer Of Udell's was an adventuresome Huck Finn type book, popular among boys at the time, which tells of a young man running away from a broken home, complete with abused mother and drunken father. The boy hits the road, becomes a tramp, and eventually becomes an apprentice printer at Udell's in Boyd City, Illinois. Reagan later exclaimed that this book helped him to "become a practical Christian."

The runaway boy, now printer, becomes successful, speaks in churches, marries a beautiful (and virginal, may I say) girl, cleans the town from prostitutes, gamblers, and other ne'er-do-wellers and eventually is elected to take his morality (conservative Christianity) to Washington. D.C. much like Mr. Smith Goes To Washington did, long before Jimmy Stewart starred in the movie.

The book was quite prophetic to little Ron, since he duplicated much of The Printer Of Udell's principal character. If one wonders about Reagan's divorce from Jane Wyman, it was she who divorced him and it appears that she may have been slightly used before he wedded her. You don't get a full warrantee with used cars, either. No offense against Ms Wyman, who passed away in 2007, but she had been quite experienced by the time she met the well mannered and well intentioned young Ron in the 1940's, after being idolized for her film work prior to their meeting.

Ron Reagan so enjoyed and was so affected by The Printer Of Udell's he wrote the following to a descendant of the book's author, Harold Bell Wright, who authored it in 1903.

Ron Reagan: 'I decided to join my mother's church, after reading The Printer Of Udell's. It is true that your father-in-law's book, indeed books, played a definite part in my growing-up years. When I was only ten or eleven years old, I picked up Harold Bell Wright's book, That Printer of Udell's [Reagan's underline for emphasis]... and read it from cover to cover....'

Other books which impressed Reagan later in life, and no doubt influenced his severe anti-Communist ideaology were authored by Malcolm Muggeridge, Wilhelm Roepke, and Frank Meyer, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, and Whittaker Chambers.

by Whittaker Chambers put it all together for Reagan and his understanding of the evils of Communism. Oft quoted by President Reagan after reading and digesting Witness: "I see in communism the focus of the concentrated evil of our time."

RIG (Rest In Glory), Ronald Wilson Reagan 1911-2004 Happy 100th!