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Lib Jews Voting For Obama Don't Give A Whit About Israel

Progressive Jews in the United States and Europe no longer have much affinity for the existence and future of their long-ago homeland, Israel.

Many Jews who have not only denied their own surnames, changing them for more Gentile sounding names, have become quite disinterested in their historic legacy. I have even noticed that those cable TV specials featuring the Holocaust of WW II, which were broadcast quite often on TV, are being shown less frequently. I can understand that they may want to forget the ordeal and may not want to be thought of having their ancestors so victimized, so "out of sight, out of mind."

Unfortunately, it goes beyond forgetting the horrors of the Holocaust. More prosperous than ever American Jews have become more secularistic (even the non Orthodox religious ones), and wealthier. One way of looking at it is that the country of Israel is waaaaaay over there, and their wealth, and status is anchored in the United States. So, why care if Israel, surrounded by natural born killers who have sworn to "push Israel into the sea," etc and simultaneously support Israel?

Joe Wurzelbacker, aka Joe The Plumber, had to come out, for God's sake and state the obvious that, "A vote for Barack Obama is a vote for the death of Israel." Staying in typical bad form, media and publishing Jews are pounding him for the pro Israel comment.

How can you explain how the LA Times and its publisher, Eddy Hartenstein, not publishing a PLO leader's praise for Obama?

The Los Angeles Times is refusing to release a videotape that it says shows Barack Obama praising a Chicago professor who was an alleged mouthpiece for the Palestine Liberation Organization while it was a designated terrorist group in the 1970s and '80s."
Or are American Jews not mindful that Hamas is another terrorist endorser of Obama? How about CAIR's (Council On American Islamic Relations)?

"Here is a pro life Muslim women's group that endorses Barack Hussein Obama.Pro life?Columbus Ohio, 10/12/08 - Today the National Association of Muslim American Women (NAMAW), the United State’s only conservative pro-family, pro-life Muslim
Women’s organization is pleased to announce its endorsement of candidate Barack Obama for President of the United States.

How about Israel hater Louis Farrakhan's praise of Obama? Jesse Jackson? Momar Khadafi goes way beyond the call of duty in praising Obama.

ELECTION 2008Mideast leader: Obama a Muslim who studied in Islamic schools Says Arab world campaign contributions 'may enable him to win U.S. presidency' Posted: October 17, 20089:00 pm Eastern By Aaron Klein© 2008 WorldNetDaily JERUSALEM –

"Sen. Barack Obama is a Muslim of Kenyan origins who studied in Islamic schools and whose campaign may have been financed by people in the Islamic and African worlds, Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi said during a recent televised national rally.
"There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama," said Gadhafi in little-noticed remarks he made at a rally marking the anniversary of the 1986 U.S. air raid on his country.The remarks, translated
by the Middle East Media Research Institute, were aired on Al Jazeera in June. All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man," continued Gadhafi. "They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.

We are hoping that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith, and that [he will know] that he has rights in America, and that he will change America from evil to good, and that America will establish relations that will serve it well with other peoples, especially the Arabs," Gadhafi said." Read all at WorldNetDaily
A recent Gallup Poll states that 63% of those American Jews voting for Obama consider the country of Israel as "highly important." Only 42% consider Israel's importance as being "very high." Why they have always had to drift way left in recent history e.g. Soviet Communism, spying against America during the Cold War, and pushing socialist progressivism in the government, media, Hollywood, publishing, academics and law is beyond by understanding. It has always lead to severe reaction.

Modern western Jewry has divorced themselves from their faith, ancestry, and tradition as they have done so many innumerable times in history. Read the Bible to see how God responded. As a Christian, I must also say that it is more shameful that one out of two people who profess to be Christian are voting for Obama. The Bible also projects what happens to Christians who turn from God.


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Fax Sent To Lead Dog Democrat Senator Bingaman Who Is For Return Of unFairness Doctrine

The following fax was sent in CAPS to New Mexico's Senator Bingaman who is unabashed in his desires to quench Talk Radio By reviving the Fairness Doctrine.






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Is Obama Just A Baby Christian?

As a believer, I never want to make it too difficult or too easy for anyone to receive salvation from Jesus Christ. "Whoever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved."

Barack may be a closet communist, but he also may be so young "in the Lord," that he knows little about the basic fundamentals of Biblical Christianity. The heresies of liberation theology/social gospel are commonplace in modern mainline denominations which for all practical purposes have "left their first love." Barack was schooled and baptized as a Christian, under the tutelage of the likes of Rev. Jeremiah Wright who added black power to the liberation gospel. Obama got a bad start, to say the least.

Young believers often make wrong turns after they understand and submit to the salvation plan of God through faith in Jesus. In 1974, as a born and bred Catholic, I needed something more than what had been offered by the RC church. I had been medevaced out of Vietnam and after being hospitalized many months for "nervous condition," I felt that I needed God. Although I had been warned all my life that non-Catholics were heretics, I surveyed the host of radio, tv, book, evangelists and denominations, and was eventually attracted to "The Reverend Of Bourbon Street. " Bob Harrrington's revival in Orwell, Ohio. I made the altar call, confessed Christ and did, indeed,think and feel saved for the first time in my life. Everything was nice and new, and I felt like I was a new creation and born again.

The only problem was that I almost immediately fell into the hands of the Jehovah Witnesses, who were very nice and Biblically minded, but both their Bible and their doctrine had little spiritual gravitas. Not only did they sort of relegate Christ as a second class spiritual being, the JW's were predicting the end of the world in the mid 1970's, and I, after observing that the world did not actually end, ended my fellowship with the Witnesses, and subsequently became less interested in the things of God. I backslid for six years, and the rest is history, which I will not go into at this time. God in His mercy did reclaim me from that backslidden status and has led me through the deserts, mountains and valleys of life ever since.

Barack Obama, although he has very few outward signs, or fruit, of being a Christian, could be a young-in-the-Lord carnal Christian which is described in 1 Corinthians 3. Here, Paul chastens the Corinthian church for esteeming men overly much. Paul the apostle also lambasted a man, and the church, who "has his father's wife." This sort of thing went on in churches in history and definitely more so today.

Most mainline denominational churches are pro gay and pro abortion, which happen to be two of Obama's preferences. This could not have been back when I met the Lord. "Christian," in name only, churches are churning out much more confusion nowadays - including those headed by the likes of Wright and Father Flagger. Obama in his spiritual naivete may not even know that his many lies (go here to see 158 recorded lies) are in the end quite damning if he should continue a life perpetuating falsehoods - Revelation 21:8.

I am by no means making excuses for Obama, but if he is a Christian, who "prays every night," he will very soon be dealt with as a child of God, which means chastening. So far Obama has been able to glide through the campaign with the cursed, mainstream media's blessing. God is "angry with the wicked every day," and you cannot find more evil than in today's press, academia, entertainment media, judiciary, Congress, and many churches, unfortunately. Obama has bought their hype and is living off of it. When Jesus was tried to be made an earthly king, He immediately "went to a mountain." John 6.

We will know soon enough if Obama actually acts and believes on the Word of God, or if he has just been a playa.

John McCain has been less vocal about his faith, and he did throw a few evangelists under his Straight Talk Express bus, but here is a blurb from the Chicago Tribune which describes John McCain's powerful, yet too quiet, faith:

In February 1970, McCain took part in what is now known as the “church riot” after their captors denied him and his fellow POWs permission to hold a church service. His actions later led to his informal appointment as prisoner chaplain. One "lesson," a term he preferred over sermon, concerned the prisoners' fate, McCain recalls: "We were doing Caesar's work when we got into prison, sowe should ask for God's help to do the right thing." I hope John is still asking.....

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Share The Wealth Plan Of Huey Long - Obama's Prototype

Long before Obama in the 1930's a populist Governor and Senator of Lousiana, Huey Kingfish Long stumped for a "Share Our Wealth" program which resulted in Louisiana becoming one of the poorest states in these United States.

Some of Huey's class envying, populist notions were:

"Number one, we propose that every family in America should at least own a homestead equal in value to not less than one third the average family wealth. The average family wealth of America, at normal values, is approximately $16,000. So our first proposition means that every family will have a home and the comforts of a home up to a value of not less than around $5,000 or a little more than that."

"Number two, we propose that no family shall own more than three hundred times the average family wealth, which means that no family shall possess more than a wealth of approximately $5 million—none to own less than $5,000, none to own more than $5 million. We think that’s too much to allow them to own, but at least it’s extremely conservative."

"Number three, we propose that every family shall have an income equal to at least one third of the average family income in America. If all were allowed to work, there’d be an income of from $5,000 to $10,000 per family. We propose that one third would be the minimum. We propose that no family will have an earning of less than around $2,000 to $2,500 and that none will have more than three hundred times the average less the ordinary income taxes, which means that a million dollars would be the limit on the highest income."

Huey almost makes Obama look like a capitalist, except we do not know how burdensome Obama's fiscal plans will be, as he cannot utter a word or a phrase that will not be self-contradicted at some time in the future. His socialist/communist allies will easily persuade this most naive and inexperienced man.

Huey wanted to make "Every Man A King," in his own words, except he wanted to do so by taking money away from industrialists who were excessively wealthy kings, according to Long. He was a dictator.

Long used "talk radio" very successfully it has been said and to rile up and unite up workers of the world to get on his bandwagon. He was one of the top talkers of his era, second only to FDR. Huey Long was such a commie that he criticised FDR for "not doing enough for the poor," IOW FDR did not confiscate enough wealth from the rich! Senator Bingaman, would you have imposed a Fairness Doctrine on Huey?

I once read that Huey Long admitted to himself that, after he had promised the big cash giveaways of at least $5000.00 to every family, more and more Louisianans refused to seek employment as they waited on the Kingfish's big bonus coming their way. Obama's plan of giving tax cuts to people who do not pay taxes is along the same line: Obama's disciples are counting on Uncle Sam rewarding them by punishing the rich. They all believe that they will get OP (other people's) money to live on, or at least make their life more comfortable. Its to easy for a hustler like Obama to promise the masses money or health care which will never be available according to the desires of the masses.

The Kingfish was also responsible for too-cheap oil leases for his own and other oil companies. This bad deal has effected the state economy for all of these years. And, oh yeah, Huey also managed to acquire a million or so acres for his own oil company, Win or Lose.

"Louisiana officials were happy to oblige. In the late 1920s and early 1930s, the state and local levee districts leased millions of acres to oil interests through corrupt schemes involving Huey Long, his machine cronies, and other local political bosses such as the notorious Plaquemines Parish district attorney, Leander Perez. Long's famous Win or Lose Oil Company earned a
reputation for never losing, as did the many front companies controlled by Perez through friends and families. These companies obtained leases on public lands very cheaply and then subleased them to oil companies, keeping a right to overriding royalties and, it was strongly presumed, collecting political contributions or under-the-table payments.22 Some single leases, many of which ended up being held by Texaco (Gulf Refining, Humble Oil, and Shell Oil were the other major players), covered hundreds of thousands of acres.23 OxfordJournals.Com

Huey Long was assassinated in 1935 as he was running for president against FDR who called him, "One of the most dangerous men in America." Long's legacy includes being impeached and thought of as a dictator for his many public works projects. He micromanaged virtually everything that went on in the state, from deciding who could be admitted to the lawyer Bar, public road and works projects, to fixing assessments. Long's death did not put and end to the Long's family domination over Louisiana, during which time it was a poverty cellar dweller. His brother Earl succeeded him as governor for three terms and his son Russell became a U.S. Senator. It was not until 1987 that a Republican was elected governor, thus relieving LA of some of its dark history.

Barack Kingfish Obama's Share The Wealth will yield the same results.

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Ohio: Say "No" To Obama

Ohio is not only a swing state it is also a "No Right To Work State" as unions reign supreme here. National and international companies have detoured from investing manufacturing plants because of the "Right To Work" status of Ohio. Democrats will make it even harder for non-union people as they are ready to enforce a law that will require 140,000,000 workers to openly (not secretly) vote for or against union participation at their place of employment.

Right-to-work laws are statutes enforced in twenty-two U.S. states, mostly in the southern or western U.S., allowed under provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act, which prohibit agreements between trade unions and employers making membership or payment of union dues or "fees" a condition of employment, either before or after hiring. Wikipedia

Ohio, again, ranks in the bottom 5 of tax-friendly states. Ohio is
not tax-friendly toward businesses or individuals.

The ranking is a combination of scores for states' income, sales,
property, corporate and unemployment insurance tax rates. Those are scored on a scale of zero to 10 for how conducive or hostile to business they are, and are weighted by importance in that order. Columbus.Biz.Journal.Com

I have a brother who is vice president of an American-based
international company. They moved their HQ long ago out of state because of labor (union pressured) costs.

American auto companies have paid Ford, Gm, and Chrysler
employees up to $130,000 per year - average - in income and added benefits. This cannot be sustained as the state of Michigan has proven.

Following is one of many manufacturers who have decided against moving into Ohio because of an Obama-sized anti-business attitude:Ohio Governor Blames Steel Plant Exodus on Delay of Energy Bill by House Speaker - "The company considering Ohio was Steel Development LLC, a scrap-based still mill owned by a group of American and European steel executives. The group was exploring Ohio for its $1 billion facility that would have employed 500 people, according to a report in the Mansfield News

Our state overpays public school teachers more than most states,
despite the dismal performance and achievement of our students. Obama, as the all-things-to-all-men promises to throw even more money at a wasteful, failing public school system. Teacher raises have outpaced inflation - and other
American's income by a large percentage. Average teacher salary in Ohio is
$50,000 with another 30% added for benefits and golden parachute retirement. Most politicians are afraid to reign in the teacher unions which have tugged at the hearts of taxpayers for accelerated funding of schools increased while producing some of the dumbest, most uneducated kids in the world. Public school expensed gobble up a huge amount of Ohio and local taxes.

Ohio's public school teachers earn as much as accountants, computer programmers, registered nurses and others in comparable occupations, according to an analysis released Wednesday by Education Week magazine. Nationwide, teachers are paid only 88 cents for every $1 earned in 16 comparable professions, the latest Quality Counts report says.

No wonder we trail the international community.

The disappointing performance of U.S. teenagers in math and science on an international exam, in scores released yesterday, has sparked calls for improvement in public schools to help the countrykeep pace in the global economy. The scores from the 2006 Program for International Student Assessment showed that U.S. 15-year-olds trailed their peers from many industrialized countries. The average science score of U.S. students lagged behind those in 16 of 30 countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based group that represents theworld's richest countries. The U.S. students were further behind in math, trailing counterparts in 23 countries. Washington Post

Ohio has many dangerous cities, where Democrats rule the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. As a result, we have to expend a lion share of our government budget on welfare, Medicaid, prison, extra funding for "difficult children," unwed mothers, and other Jobs And Family type programs.

'Most Dangerous' Cities CINCINNATI (TDB) -- A new ranking of the nation's "most dangerous" 25 cities based on serious crime data
compiled by the FBI last year puts four in Ohio -- the worst record of any state. Cleveland is No. 10; Youngstown is 15; Cincinnati is 16 and Dayton is 19. The data portrays the Ohio cities as far more dangerous places than even Philadelphia, Atlanta and Newark, which have a history of leading the U.S. in murders.

The poverty engendered by Democrat policy in education and welfare
programs is growing in Ohio where the "hate the rich, hate the entrepreneur, and hate the businessman" attitude is prevalent. We do make feeble attempts to entice companies, but it usually involves gigantic tax and other concessions
which actually burden the taxpayer even more.

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Tired Of The Obama Revival? How About A Real, Ole Time Revival?

With the current decimation of the stock market, the prospect of an all Democrat government, murder, anti patriotism (provided by the Dems), unprecedented immorality,"green" deceivers, the bare faced lying of the media, academia, and even ministers, this United States of America is in need of a Higher Power. The Dems have anointed their higher power in the form of Barack Hussein Obama. He seems to have graciously accepted the Messiahship, although Jesus Christ, when tried to be made an earthly king, escaped to a mountain (John Chapter 6).

Revivals throughout American history reenergized a country that had lost its moral compass.

In his social and political study of the United States, Democracy In America, Alexis de Tocqueville wrote, "the religious atmosphere of the country was the first thing that struck me on arrival in the United States." Would Tocqueville remark this today, or would he more notice the secularism/Marxism?

Quick Look At American Revivals "For thus saith the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity, whose name is Holy; I dwell in the high and holy place, with him also that is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive the spirit of the humble, and to revive the heart of the contrite ones." Isaiah 57:15

Johnathon Edwards - Between 1730 and 1770 there swept over the American colonies from Maine to Georgia a religious revival known as the Great Awakening. The revival movement, unlike the earlier doctrine of the Puritans, promised the grace of God to all who could experience a desire for it. Great Awakening -"Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," emphasized the just wrath of God against sin and contrasted it with the provision of God for salvation; the intensity of his preaching sometimes resulted in members of the audience fainting, swooning, and other more obtrusive reactions. The swooning and other behaviors in his audience caught him up in a controversy over "bodily effects" of the Holy Spirit's presence

Wesleyan Revivalism was preaching for instantaneous conversion, a clear pattern of public religious services, regular religious instruction of adults and of children, the meeting of the core of faithful believers in intimate fellowship groups, and charitable works. Since Wesley regarded revival as the unpredictable work of God's Holy Spirit which could work in quite powerful and bizarre ways he tolerated the emotional excesses which often attended Wesleyan revivals. In all of this Wesley was a debtor to his own religious and cultural background and heritage, and to his intelligent, pragmatic reflection upon his own experience. His revivalism was a synthesis of his own, hard won values and experience-not a secondhand synthesis of men like Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, and Nicholas von Zinzendorf. In 1739 Wesley followed Whitefield to Bristol, where a revival broke out among the miners of Kingswood. At that point Wesley's true genius surfaced through his ability to organize new converts into Methodist "societies" and "bands" which sustained both them and the revival. The revival continued under Wesley's direct leadership for over fifty years. He traveled some 250,000 miles throughout England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, preaching some 40,000 sermons.

Whitfield - Circa 1740 Mr. Whitefield's sermons were suitable to the circumstances of the town, containing just reproofs of our backslidings, and, in a most moving and affecting manner, making use of our great profession and great mercies as arguments with us to return to God, from whom we had departed. He first took to preaching in the open air on Hanham Mount, Kingswood, in southeast Bristol. A crowd of 20,000 people gathered to hear him. Even larger crowds - Whitefield himself estimated 30,000 - met him in Cambuslang in 1742.Benjamin Franklin once attended a revival meeting in Philadelphia and was greatly impressed with Whitefield's ability to deliver a message to such a large audience. Franklin had dismissed reports of Whitefield preaching to crowds of the order of tens of thousands in England as exaggeration. When listening to Whitefield preaching from the Philadelphia court house, Franklin walked away towards his shop in Market Street until he could no longer hear Whitefield distinctly. He then estimated his distance from Whitefield and calculated the area of a semi-circle centred on Whitefield. Allowing two square feet per person he realized that Whitefield really could be heard by tens of thousands of people in the open air. He then became Whitefield's publisher and friend, though he never shared Whitefield's beliefs. Whitefield was also known to be able to use the newspaper media for beneficial publicity

Cain Ridge Kentucky 1800 It started at a communion service and it began with a Presbyterian serving communion. It was kind of a community communion service and a woman had a manifestation of the Holy Spirit. These extraordinary services exploded into the Cain Ridge camp meeting. The firey preaching started at sun up and didn't stop until well into the night. Many people fell to their faces as the weight of their sins struck them cold. Others sang and danced as they felt the presence of God in their midst. Thousands flocked to Cain Ridge to experience a touch from God. The Revival of August 1801 at Cane Ridge was the climactic event of the Western Great Revival. It was estimated by military personnel that some 20,000 to 30,000 persons of all ages, representing various cultures and economic levels traveled on foot and on horseback, many bringing wagons with tents and camping provisions. Because of the numbers of people attending and the length of the meeting, Cane Ridge has become the metaphor of the Great Revival. Historical accounts recall the contagious fervor which characterized the meetings that continued day and night. Descriptions abound of individuals, taken by great emotion, falling to the ground, crying aloud in prayer and song, and rising to exhort and assist others in their responses to the moment. Worship continued well into the week following the serving of Communion on Sunday, in fact, until provisions for humans and horses ran out.

The sacramental gatherings of the Presbyterians, already undergoing transformation by the time of the August 1801 Cane Ridge Revival, contributed to the growing camp meeting revivals. Participation by Methodists added an emotional evangelical quality that Presbyterians had previously tried to hold in check. Baptists attended, however, many were in a parallel meeting of the South Elkhorn Baptist Association.

Charles Finney - HOW A REVIVAL IS TO BE PROMOTED. "Flood tides of revival glory," said his biographer, Miller, were seen in the Rochester revivals, 10,000 were converted in one meeting, the whole city converted by 1832 and hundreds of thousands were gathered in the complete series of Western Revivals (1825-32).

A revival consists of two parts; as it respects the church, and as it respects the ungodly. I shall speak to-night of a revival in the church. Fallow ground is ground which has once been tilled, but which now lies waste, and needs to be broken up and mellowed, before it is suited to receive grain. I shall show, as it respects a revival in the church,

1. What it is to break up the fallow ground, in the sense of the text.

2. How it is to be performed.


To break up the fallow ground, is to break up your hearts--to prepare your minds to bring forth fruit unto God. The mind of man is often compared in the Bible to ground, and the word of God to seed sown in it, and the fruit represents the actions and affections of those who receive it. To break up the fallow ground, therefore, is to bring the mind into such a state, that it is fitted to receive the word of God. Sometimes your hearts get matted down hard and dry, and all run to waste, till there is no such thing as getting fruit from them till they are all broken up, and mellowed down, and fitted to receive the word of God. It is this softening of the heart, so as to make it feel the truth, which the prophet calls breaking up your fallow ground.


1. It is not by any direct efforts to feel. People run into a mistake on this subject, from not making the laws of mind the object of thought. There are great errors on the subject of the laws which govern the mind. People talk about religious feeling, as if they thought they could, by direct effort, call forth religious affection. But this is not the way the mind acts. No man can make himself feel in this way, merely by trying to feel. So if a man thinks of God, and fastens his mind on any parts of God's character, he will feel--emotions will come up, by the very laws of mind. If he is a friend of God, let him contemplate God as a gracious and holy being, and he will have emotions of friendship kindled up in his mind. If he is an enemy of God, only let him get the true character of God before his mind, and look at it, and fasten his attention on it, and his enmity will rise against God, or he will break down and give his heart to God.

D. L Moody enjoyed little success during his early revivals. By 1870, however, he had become a full time evangelist. In 1872, Moody and Sankey went to England where his successes began. Four hundred responded to his first sermon. In 1873, they returned to the United States but again faced spotty successes. Only after a second trip to England did their American work take off. Moody established many of the contemporary revival methods. He began using massed choirs, ushers, advance preparation committees, and tickets for admission. The three "Rs" characterized his preaching: ruin by sin, redemption by Christ and regeneration by the Holy Spirit.

Pre Church of God Of Tennessee Revival In North Carolina Circa 1886. William Bryant, a layman. Cherokee County, North Carolina. "Some of the worshippers were 'so enraptured with the One to whom they prayed that they were curiously exercised by the Holy spirit,' speaking in languages unknown to those who heard the ecstatic utterances." This revival took place near the Tennessee, North Carolina boarder. Richard G. Spurling, Baptist Church pastor in Cokercreek, Monroe County, Tennessee, concerned about traditionalism, legalism, ecclesiolatry, called a conference in 1886 at the Barney Creek Meetinghouse. A union was formed to reassert the intrinsic doctrines of the Bible and the vital matters of Christian service, to "restore primitive Christianity and bring about the union of all denominations." Eight persons responded to come forward, those "desirous to be free from all man-made creeds and traditions . . . willing to take the New Testament for your only rule of faith and practice."

Welsh Revival Probably the most significant predecessor to the Pentecostal revival in America was the revival in Wales. Prayerful preparation had gone on for many years, but the spark was kindled through a young miner by the name of Evan Roberts. In the fall of 1904 he felt compelled through a vision to return home from the college he was attending.

Fire on Azusa Street - 1906 - "Everything about the Azusa Street Mission fascinated me — especially the prayer or ‘tarrying room’ on the second floor."Usually one hundred or more black, brown, and white people prayerfully waited there for the Holy Spirit to come upon them. Dozens of canes, braces, crutches and blackened smoking pipes leaned against the barn-like walls.

"Many times waves of glory would come over the tarrying room or meeting room, and people would cry out prayers of thanks or praise as they received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

"Meetings used to go past midnight and into the early hours of the morning. Hours there seemed like minutes. Sometimes after a wave of glory, a lot of people would speak in tongues. Then a holy quietness would come over the place, followed by a chorus of prayer in languages we had never before heard.

"Many were slain in the Spirit, buckling to the floor, unconscious, in a beautiful Holy Spirit cloud, and the Lord gave them visions.

"How I enjoyed shouting and praising God. During the tarrying, we used to break out in songs about Jesus and the Holy Spirit: ‘Fill Me Now,’ ‘Joy Unspeakable,’ and ‘Love Lifted Me.’

"Praise about the cleansing and precious blood of Jesus would just spring from our mouths. In between choruses, heavenly music would fill the hall, and we would break into tears.

The Assemblies of God has its roots in the Pentecostal revival of the early twentieth century. This revival is generally traced to a prayer meeting held under the leadership of Charles Parham, at Bethel Bible College in Topeka, Kansas, on January 1, 1901. The "awakening" or "revival" spread rapidly to Missouri, Texas, California and elsewhere. In 1906, a three year revival meeting under the leadership of William Seymour began at Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles that attracted believers from around the world.

American Tent Revivals - Gathering of Christian worshipers in a tent erected specifically for revival meetings, healing crusades, and church rallies. Tent revivals have had both local and national ministries.The tent revival is a development of the old camp meetings in which religious people gathered to hear a preacher. In the continental United States, tent revivals have ranged from small, locally based tents holding perhaps a hundred to large organizations with a fleet of trucks and tents able to hold thousands.

Most tent revivals in the U.S. have been held by Pentecostal or Holiness Christians who not only adhered to evangelism but believed in speaking in tongues (glossolalia), healing the chronically ill, and in some cases resurrecting the dead. As radio and television began to play an increasingly important part in American culture, some preachers such as Oral Roberts, a very successful tent revivalist, made the transition to these media. Such pioneers were the early televangelists. Also of note: Oral Roberts, RW Shambach, A.A. Allen, Jack Coe, Rex Humbard.

Billy Graham - In 1958, Billy Graham led an evangelistic campaign in his home town of Charlotte, North Carolina that lasted from September 21 to October 25. The meetings, which were held at the joint invitation of most of the churches in the city and the surrounding area, were held in city's Coliseum, with overflow crowds watching the meetings on closed circuit television in the Ovens Auditorium next door. Total attendance for the five weeks was 423,387 people, of whom 17,653 came forward. (If the rallies at nearby Fort Bragg on October 13 and Fort Jackson on October 26 are included the totals become 490,387 and 19,560, respectively.)

Jesus People Movement Of The 1960's The Jesus movement was the major Christian element within the hippie counterculture, or, conversely, the major hippie element within some strands of Protestantism. Members of the movement are called Jesus people, or Jesus freaks. The movement arose on the West Coast of the United States in the late 1960s and early 1970s, and spread primarily through North America and Europe, before dying out by the early 1980s. The Jesus movement left a legacy of various denominations and other Christian organizations, and had an impact on both the development of the contemporary Christian right and the Christian left, as well as Jesus music, which greatly influenced contemporary Christian music. The movement itself helped to create various musical subgenres such as Christian rock and Christian metal.

There are an asundry revivals I have not mentioned such as Brownsville, Latter Rain, Toronto Blessing, Promise Keepers, Full Gospel Businessmen, Kathryn Kuhlman, Benny Hinn, Vinyard Movement, Todd Bentley, Rick Warren, and so on that has effected a larger part of the Christian population. Some are "not quite right," and others may be totally heretical. Saint Paul might remark, "Some indeed preach Christ even of envy and strife; and some also of good will: The one preach Christ of contention, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my bonds: But the other of love, knowing that I am set for the defence of the gospel. What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretence, or in truth, Christ is preached; and I therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice."

There are, of course, revivals still occurring in churches across the United States, even today. Not nearly as there were over 20 years ago. Maybe we have been to fat and happy to be interested in being revived. I am sure that an Obama presidency, a Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Congress and some lib judges on the Supreme Court will be enough cause people to cry out to God. Even if McCain and the Repubs win,we still need it.

PS. Thanks to everyone I borrowed from on the internet

Saturday, October 11, 2008

While Obama Hustled For Acorn In Chicago, He Ignored Its Bloody Streets

Barack hails from the most violent sections of Chicago, and he often petitioned for better housing, jobs and benefits for his constituents. He did not, however, lobby against the rampant crime in this area more dangerous than Baghdad. America's medium and large cities, all governed by Democrats, are nearly uninhabitable due to the lack of law and order. The mayors are Democrat. The city councils are Democrat, the judges and prosecutors are Democrat, so no real reform should be expected. The Democrats in power will not crack down on their crack smoking constituents. It would be political suicide.

Its hard to choose from thousands of violent crimes committed in Ohio's major cities to use as anecdotal evidence. The media does mention the emergency of the problem, as it would reflect very poorly on minorites. Congressional Democrats will not challenge the breakdown of law and order, because they have no interest in law and order, and they cannot offend minorities by pointing out the high crime rates.

"(Cleveland, Ohio) Apparently, rape and sexual assault by mentally retarded juveniles are not crimes. From The Plain Dealer: A judge threw out the cases against three 15-year-old East Tech High School students after finding the boys mentally incompetent to stand trial on charges they raped a classmate. In April, the 17-year-old accuser told police and Cleveland schools officials that the boys - all special education students - raped and assaulted him at least three
times. He said the attacks were in a second-floor bathroom, in a locker room and on the indoor track. A school janitor said he witnessed at least part of the third incident and reported it to his boss. Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court Judge John Gallagher did not rule on the validity of the allegations. He just summarily threw out the case because the culprits had low IQs. [& They are minorities]"

"CLEVELAND -- A local woman was found naked on a stranger's porch, bound and gagged with duct tape after she said two men kidnapped her and her baby at gunpoint, Cleveland News Channel 5 reported. Cleveland detectives are trying to figure why someone would put duct tape all over a 3-month-old baby girl and then
leave her under a tree at Luke Easter Park."

As an Illinois State Senator governing Chicago's most dangerous Southside, Obama was able to see violent crime and especially homicides rise to record breaking levels (Over 700 murders in 1996, 1997, 1998) in his district. What, according to the record, did Obama do to quench the crimson tide of blood in the streets?

"As State Senator, Obama gained bipartisan support for legislation reforming ethics and health care laws. He sponsored a law increasing tax credits for low-income workers, negotiated welfare reform, and promoted increased subsidies for childcare. Obama also led the passage of legislation mandating videotaping of homicide interrogations, and a law to monitor racial profiling by requiring police to record the race of drivers they detained. "Wikipedia

Yet, Obama was never concerned about the hoodies in his district which had such a high crime rate. Similar cities, owned by Democrats, have been terrorized by this same element and neither white nor black liberals value law and order in the streets or discipline in the home and school. Dems are shooting one another in great numbers in such cities as Cleveland, Youngstown, and Akron. Akron will not even submit its crime statistics to the FBI for evaluation. Its so bad here - and All Democrat

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ohio Rated As Top 5 Anti Business States - Good For Capitalist-Hating Obama

Ohio Slips In Annual Tax Foundation Ranking

Ohio improved in some individual standings in an annual ranking of states’ business tax climates, but still slipped one slot overall to remain in the bottom five nationwide.

The Washington, D.C.-based Tax Foundation research group on Monday released its annual State Business Tax Climate Index, which placed Ohio 47th, down from 46th in 2007. This is the sixth consecutive year Ohio has placed in the bottom five of the index, though it has moved away from a No. 49 ranking in 2006.

The ranking is a combination of scores for states’ income, sales, property, corporate and unemployment insurance tax rates. Those are scored on a scale of zero to 10 for how conducive or hostile to business they are, and are weighted by importance in that order.

Ohio again fared best in the unemployment insurance tax category, but it slipped to No. 15 from No. 11 last year. The state drew the worst marks for its individual income tax rate, placing No. 47 when stacked against other states.

John Kohlstrand, a spokesman for the Ohio Department of Taxation, said the department is disappointed again in this year’s results, but not because of the state’s low ranking. Top tax officials have been largely critical of the annual report, notably when former Tax Commissioner William Wilkins in 2006 called the foundation’s annual ranking “bogus.”

The state has stood behind an analysis issued last year by the Education Tax Policy Institute that pokes holes in the foundation’s methodology and questions the sometimes erratic fluctuation in states’ rankings, including Ohio’s, over the years.

Despite the foundation’s low ranking of Ohio, it pointed to some changes in recent years as signs of progress. The state climbed to No. 33 in the foundation’s gauge of corporate tax rates, from 36th a year ago. The improvement came in the final stages of a five-year phase-in of Ohio’s commercial activity tax, which starting in April 2009 will replace other assessments, including the personal property tax and the state franchise tax.

The foundation said that while the full effect of the CAT won’t be known for at least another year, it expects Ohio’s rank for individual income taxes to improve as rates continue to fall through 2010, the result of 2005 legislation from the Taft administration that phased in a 20 percent cut over five years. Improvement in that ranking, however, could be muted by extensive local income tax rates, the foundation said.

Kohlstrand cited the CAT phase-in and income tax cuts as indications that the state’s tax burden on businesses continues to get lighter.

“We believe the tax burden in Ohio is around the middle of the pack because of tax reforms enacted by the Taft administration ... and embraced by the Strickland administration,” he said. “The feedback we get from the business community has largely been positive.”

Monday, October 06, 2008

Joe Farah Of WorldNet Daily Pulls Ann Coulter, Except He Is Serious

Mark Joe Farah of formerly reliable WorldNetDaily.Com as an Obama supporter. His new book None of the Above: Why 2008 is the year to cast the ultimate protest vote" is not just same-old it will be damaging to whatever conservatism that could be retained in the Presidency, Supreme Court, and Congress after January 2009. Pelosi and Obama and future Supreme Court appointee Hillary should be very thankful to the bipolar Farah.

I was very disappointed to see Joe Farah on C-Span discussing his book with long time hero Gordon Liddy.

His totally anti-intellectual, unreasonable position of disuading people from voting against Obama is very disconcerting. I always considered Farah a serious intellectual until his recent book and interviews.

He came off as way too light hearted and cavalier considering the seriousness of this election at this time in history. Giddy, almost goofy.

I estimated that instead of this being a very important election between two vastly different candidates (Farah cannot see this?) this historic,period of time should be more remembered as a time to hype Joe's senseless, spoiler ego. Enjoy your time in the sun Joe while the country goes Obama, and Democrat with your help.

Sincerely, JC