Friday, June 29, 2012

John Roberts The Worse Conservative Supreme Court Decisions In History

Charles Krauthammeer suggested that John Roberts is playing a sort of catch-up baseball since Roberts feels he needs to protect the image (among liberals, evidently) of the Supreme Court which got bad ratings (like CNN) since 2000, when the Supremes sided with W Bush over Al Gore. Maybe, Krauthammer, the psychiatrist, has gotten into the head of Roberts, but that remains to be seen. We have expected Roberts to act more honorably, as opposed to expecting Elena Kagan, who drafted Obamacare, to recuse herself from making any decision on the matter. I am convinced that most Democrats cannot experience shame or embarrassment, so why would Kagan, a Dem, entertain the thought of doing something honorable?

Another disturbing fact about Roberts,the newly reincarnated embodient of the Reagan appointed, lib-light David Souter, is that his decision to allow Obama's taxation for medication Affordable Care Act, was inspired by lib-heavy Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who convinced Roberts that calling Obamacare a "tax" was a good selling point. Funny, that Roberts cagily hinted that it was bad law, but that he had no power to strike down a bad law, because Congress (Democrats), as representatives of the people, can sort of make anything a law that they choose, according to the Constitution's Welfare Clause Article 1 Section 8. Roberts, like a liberal, overlooked all the fallacies of Obamacare, and refused to count the cost in money or the lies delivered by Obama's Solicitor General who clumsily defended the Affordable Care Act.

Friends of the president, like unions, are exempt, religious institutions are overburdened with unconscionable rules, Nancy Pelosi nor Harry Reid know what is in Obamacare, inventive, book juggling government accountants play fast and loose with government revenues to "pay" for the plan, businesses will shy away from new hiring, and anyone who is uninsured can literally buy health insurance, after an accident, while in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.

And, John Roberts approved of the Obamacare fiasco as a TAX- which Obama vehemently denied. So goes the lesson that when the pop culture and the pop media convince Republicans to hate Bush so much in 2006 that they would give both houses of Congress - the House and the Senate - to the Democrats, expect hell on earth. Roberts, in a "too cute by half" way has, maybe, delivered a NaNa NaNa Na to the electorate through his statement, "This is what the electorate deserves for voting for such dotes (Democrats)" [heavily paraphrased].

Also disappointing has been Chief Justice John Robert's vote against Arizona's self-protective imigration law, as well as his not defending the Stolen Valor Act, which would make it illegal for non veterans to claim that they were decorated veterans.

I don't know what's in Chief Justice John Robert's head, but we are stuck with it until he retires.
There will soon be no doubt about one thing Roberts has done: Obamacare is not only a tax, it will be the largest tax ever issued by a government in history. Let's pray it will be defeated,soon.

[The above huge graphic may be printed on letter sized card stock and sent as a postcard to Justice Roberts at
Justice (or Chief Justice) (Justice's Full Name)
Supreme Court of the United States
One First Street N.E.
Washington, DC 20543
And that's exacly what I plan to do.]

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lady Gaga As Mini Skirted Angel Next To Cross Sings Judas As Gay Dancer Bops Her Head.

Irony of Ironies.

Known as the chief prophetess for the accelerating gay craze for marital rights, and against the "epidemic" of gay bullying, Lady Gaga has been a prime motivator for the Gaying of America, which seems to have even extended into the U.S Armed Forces under Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, who recently had the Pentagon, of all places, celebrate Gay Pride Week. How about a Christian Humility week, Mr. Secretary, where the once staunch man-and-wife matrimony proponent, Barack Obama, can demote anyone in the military who still believes that gayness is against God's law? I'm sure the gay lobby money would pour in to the truth challenged POTUS's campaign coffers.

Back to Gaga. Was it Lady Gaga who inspired the United States biggest secret leaker since the Rosenbergs, Corporal Bradley Manning, the gay guy who smuggled military secrets to Wikileaks - in a Lady Gaga CD? There are groups, including a Lady Gaga Facebook, Stand Up For Bradley Manning which are hoping that Manning might be excused because of the bullying he obviously was a target of, in the military.

The military brass should have suspected something was fishy about the Army Corporal - when it was noticed that he had a LADY GAGA CD!, for God's sake. Manning may have been protected by the newest military policy that gives a sort of PC Immunity to those who should have never been allowed to enlist in military service, like Major Nidal Hussan, the Army nutty psychiatrist who killed 13 soldiers and wounded 31 on an Islamic terrorist rampage over two years ago at Fort Hood, Texas. Never mind,though, the Obama administration called it "Workplace Violence" for the longest time, hoping and praying (I don't know to who) that Islam would not be offended. Hussan had been preaching Islamic terrorism to patients and fellow soldiers for several years, but military personnel were afraid of reporting AN ISLAMIC TERRORIST! in their midst, for God's sake.

Again, back to Gaga, who's song Born This Way has become the gay anthem embraced by everyone from Leon Panetta to kindergarten school teachers, who want to insure that their 5 year olds make a LGBTor Q (questioning) choice. That's right, they want all children to question their sexual identiy/gender.
Gaga has admitted to reading the Bible, which is good, but her interpretation of the Genesis account of Sodom and Gomorrah needs refinement, to say the least. So, what appears to have been be an irony of ironies, Lady Gaga, singing Judas, dressed in a white mini skirted angel costume, next to a large white cross, is bonked on the head by one of her "out and proud" gay dancers. The accident resulted in a concussion a week after a Moslem nation threatened her for her profane, blasphemous appearance, and behavior. I would say Someone, somewhere is trying to get her attention.

Lyrics to Gaga's Heartfelt Spiritual Dedicated To Judas

I'm just a Holy Fool, oh baby he's so cruel
But I'm still in love with Judas, baby
In the most Biblical sense, I am beyond repentance
Fame hooker, prostitute wench, vomits her mind
But in the cultural sense I just speak in future tense
Judas kiss me if offensed
Or wear an ear condom next time

I’m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby
I’m just a holy fool, oh baby he’s so cruel
But I’m still in love with Judas, baby

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Mexico Fires Just Another Enviromentalist Induced Catastrophe - 250,000 Acres Lost

We, perhaps, will never be able to reckon the entire extent to which the Environmentally ill and the EPA have caused the loss of life, limb, and monetary resources due to their obsessive love for Gaia, their Mother Earth. Frankly, I think they have done more harm to their Ma, than we could ever guess.

New Mexico, as well as other western states, have been the latest victims of an out of control environmental policy as directed by out of control Democrats, especially in the Obama administration as of late.

As Spain goes broke from going solar, as Obama works toward his promise of "bankrupting coal," as China refuses to account for its airplane emissions to the floundering, green European Union, history is replete with evidence of environmentally induced tragedies. The following proof comes from a local New Mexico newspaper which, as far back as 1996, shows how the current and devastating wildfires were started with the help of environmental policies.

High Country News @1996 [About Catron County, New Mexico - The heart of the current devastating fires] Loggers, timber companies, environmentalists and the Forest Service all agree that thinning is needed to restore a forest that's choking on smaller trees and threatened with catastrophic fires. But those trees can't be removed until the legal issues are resolved that have stopped all Southwestern logging since 1995, the year a federal court injunction was issued. ...A proposal contends that the federal government, by refusing to recognize "private rights' to federal land, is becoming "more of a planner and a controller of people than a servant." Timber-cutting would resume, targeting small trees. The sale of wood products and grazing fees would help raise funds to run the program.

History is replete with examples of death, starvation, and destruction caused by ideologues who have martyred themselves in order to implement their superior ideas on their fellow citizens in order to establish a more perfect Nirvana on earth. There are so many, but here are just a couple of many instances where the EPA has wreaked havoc such as:Environmentalists Induced Fires In California back in 2011. Even one of NASA's greatest disasters, the explosion of the Space Shuttle Columbia, can be attributed to wacko Environmentalists meddling in the U.S. space program.

Locally, in northeastern Ohio, a candy factory was not allowed to build when and where it wanted in Twinsburg (Where the international Twins Day Festival is celebrated), because said buildings might interfere with the habitat of the Indiana Lactating Bat - which had not even been seen in this area in 8 years!

The examples of unnecessary oppression by EPA/Sierra Club/Audobon etc. people are endless, yet, this year, the Sackett family that had fought the EPA for 8 years finally won their right in the Supreme Court, only, to go to a lower court in order to further plead their case to build their retirement home on land that the EPA mistakenly called a "wetland." Thanks to the Pacific Legal Foundation for fighting this one to the (almost) finish.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Should The Secret Service Keep All Secrets - Especially Bill Clinton's?

A Senate panel investigation has sent out 7000 emails to active and former Secret Service agents asking for their input on the behavior of their brother Secret Service agents recently, and in times past, in various parts of the world.

Other witnesses to the party-on attitude of the SS are also providing historical narratives, such as a Fort Worth Texas columnist, Ray Sanders, who recalls the drunken and riotous behavior of SS agents in Dallas way back in 1963 - the week JFK was assassinated.

So, an agency's activities which have remained Top Secret for years, will now have to divulge the sacred inner workings of those closest to the American presidents - including former President William Jefferson Clinton. Now, we know BJ Clinton loved the ladies, except, sadly, Hillary, and had been accused of rape, sexual assault, and other sorts of carnal knowledge in the Oval Office, which he had almost gotten away with, if not for the revelation of the infamous DNA stained Blue Dress worn by the pizza delivery girl with the black beret.

So, if the esteemed Secret Service members, active and retired, are being asked to reveal heretofore secrets about each other's behavior, should they also divulge tidbits about President Clinton's numerous governmental affairs?

Monday, June 04, 2012

Will Obama/Holder's Racism Curb Dem Voter Enthusiasm In 2012?

The short answer is absolutely. It is not Reverse Racism when Federal office holders demonstrate contempt for a race or group of people, and use invented laws to trample the rights of that group - it is stone cold Racism.

Affirmative Action has been the rallying cry from the 1960's, as it was then offering minorities a "boost" since they had been so oppressed by Dead White Males for centuries. Blacks and Women were (and still are) the beneficiaries of this extra government "protection." But, it has been severely overplayed by the Dems.

Gays have been added to the list, since they claim to be oppressed, but you cannot tell by their social status nor their way above average annual income. Just back from Vietnam, I attended one my first University of Akron courses, English Lit, where the obviously butch professor confessed that she was not interested in teaching anything pertaining to the newly coined Dead White Males, those men through the centuries who did anything significant - like win the Revolutionary War, etc. Because I was a lib at the time, I thought it would be OK, not recognizing this sort of racism which would effect Western Civilization for over 4o years since.

It should be quite obvious to everyone, except academia, Hollywood, and the press, that the Left has been fueling racial hatred for years, thus excusing themselves for shaking traditional Americans down for money as well as our morality. The more they invent racism, the more tax money and special privilege they may extract from certain ethnic people (mainly, white, Christian,conservative,Republican), as well as some other independent minorities.

Representative Joe Walsh
did a great job of clearly showing how the Democrats have been bribing minorities for their vote - using trillions of dollars through the years to keep them dependent on Uncle Sam. We are all aware of this, but its nice to hear a public employee reaffirm the fact. This past week, Attorney General Eric Holder addressed a group of black pastors claiming that the U.S. is returning to the bigotry of the 1960's by inhibiting the black vote. Of course, his race-charged plea is based on the requirement by many states to have voters prove they are valid voters at the voting booth, that's all. Holder, knowledgeable that millions of illegal and non qualified Floridian voters may be tested for identity, last week, officially put a prohibition on Florida election officials checking residents validity to vote. The man has become so racist, that he will fight and claw in any way possible to dampen the conservative white vote by, again, giving special privileges to those not entitled to vote (certain ethnic people).

Yes, this is the Eric Holder who stood bye Al Sharpton when Al was begging for the lynching of George Zimmerman, described as a "white man" only for politically correct purposes. And, this is the same Eric Holder who did not mind the Black Panthers intimidating voters, or placing a Wanted, Dead Or Alive bounty for $10,000 on George Zimmerman.

One of Holder's worse offenses must be his refusal to fully cooperate in the Fast and Furious gun running investigations being held in Congress, where hundreds of various weapons were "given" to Mexican
banditos to maim and kill fellow Mexican nationals, as well as American citizens. Just another case where the DOJ has given preference to foreign minorities, not unlike its favoritism shown toward illegal aliens -over American citizens - such as in Arizona and many other states where local police cannot question or arrest illegals for being illegal, or even performing illegal activities.

Senor Commandante Eric Holder Has Dispatched Fellow Hombre Mexican American Lawyers Including Sergio Perez, Jennifer Mondino,Jonathan Smith To Have A Shootout With American Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona.

Speaking of Arizona, Eric Holder has sent a special "envoy" down to Arizona Sheriff Joe Arapaiao's county, to harass him for attempting to keep Maricopa County safe - especially from illegal aliens. Further proof of Obama/Holder's racism is that billions of dollars are being doled out to minorities, whether they be illegal Hispanic immigrants, or just our own home-grown inner city minorities, in order to keep them firmly in the Democrat camp. Mr. Holder's investigative group sent down to sniff out Sheriff Joe are unsurprisingly Hispanic American lawyers. I don't wonder what they will turn up, or invent. Similar to our Civil Rights Commission which is mainly made up of libs and minorities, they are able to detect racism (never against whites, conservatives, Christians, or Republicans) under every white rock they turn over.

Even before he was
inaugurated President, Barack Obama pushed the race card to the hilt, pulling in non-minority whites for support, so that they could boast of their own racial
righteousness and faux moral superiority:"Look at me, I voted for a Black (actually half) Man!" It appears that President Obama is losing his former self righteous, non minority vote, except for younger white women, who just have to be entitled to those free abortions and contraceptives. You know, the Kardashian class of twenty-something females who have also been elevated by Affirmative Action laws, ie,, Uncle Sugar.

Since breaking promises, and dropping convictions is quite the norm for President Obama, he has attacked non minority religious institutions via Obmacare, which he promised not to do, and has also backed off from his support for real marriages and DOMA. Real marriage has been primarily a tenant of non minority groups, as minorities (like gays, and racial minorities) for the most part, have no regard for real marriage. Why is marriage needed, when Uncle Sugar will supply everything that a male husband can suppliy? Of course, Uncle Sugar does not supply male partners, yet, but they are not hard to find - for single white girls as well as non white.

The Dems and Holder have also been holding up the non minority, anti male Violence Against Women Act, which, since instituted by Bill and Hillary Clinton, has authorized and budgeted thousands of unnecessary prosecutions against men since its inception. Now, Holder, Obama and the Dems want to expand the Violence Agianst Women Act to, guess what, the Violence Against Women & LGBTQ (Questioning) groups. By giving minorities such special privileges as exemptions from commiting hate crimes, etc. the rights of non minorities are lessened.

One of the most eggregious anti non minority laws of all time, instituted by a Democrat congress, was the Hate Crimes Law, which even Eric Holder admitted is "Anti White."

Polls are showing that Holder/Obama's racism against non minorities may have finally become noticed - by even Democrats who would rather work for themselves than on Uncle Sugar's plantation.

Republicans, including Abraham Lincoln, provided liberty to enslaved African Americans - setting them free from their slave owning Democrat masters. Democrats have again enslaved an entire culture of minorities through government foster parent programs which taxpayers cannot further afford.