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Unusual Sunday Ritual For Obama At National Cathedral

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Help President Obama Choose The Spiffiest Uniform For His "Generations Invigorating Volunteerism and Education Act" (G.I.V.E.)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Obama's Federal Marking Office Makes Irreparable Printing Error. "Devil In The Details"

Monday, March 09, 2009

Its Hunting Season. Psychiatrists Issuing Licenses For Hunting Baptist Pastors, Others

How sad it was to hear that the long time Baptist Pastor, Fred Winters was killed while preaching "happiness" behind his pulpit by a certified crazy man.
Pastor Fred of the First Baptist Church of Edwardsville, Illinois held his Bible to stop short just one of the four .45 automatic bullets that were aimed at him. How symbolic was that reaction of using a Bible as a shield in this era of Obamacratic anti-Christianity. Pastor Fred, as we say, has received his reward and is, indeed, at long last - happy.

However, we are not happy that deranged people are so often excused of their murders because the psychiatric, psychological, and sociological professionals adjudge these people as "not knowing right from wrong."

The alleged killer of the good pastor is one Terry Joe Sedlacek, who has been sympathetically excused by some media as suffering from a mental illness derived from Lyme Tick Disease of all things. Now, the man was able to know his right shoe from his left when he placed them on his feet, he was able to rightly discern to turn his car ignition to the right in order to start it, he was able to turn his steering wheel the right direction when driving to the church, he was able to put the bullets in the gun in the correct way, and he was able to point the business end of the 45 caliber weapon toward the martyred pastor.

Are we supposed to believe the psychiatric and media hype that the killer did not know the right or wrong of murder? Already we are seeing it setup this way, and expert witnesses and defense lawyers may very well convince judges, who are so easily fooled when deferring to academics for judgment, and juries who don't know their head from a whole in the ground (or, in the head) to acquit the guy of murder on account of insanity.

Psychiatry, psychology, and sociology are in a sense competing with Christian pastors, such as the beloved, and missed, Fred Winters. Psychiatry will never reprove their patients of wrong behavior, and easily stand as character witnesses for the most guilty of criminals - defending them because of some harm suffered in childhood, or insanity, or the perpetrator was not "regular" in the bathroom the morning of the crime. Its good for business. Troubled people would much rather go to a loving professional shrink who will not even try to correct them, than a Baptist (not a lib pastor, usually) who will admonish the person and tell them they are on the wrong path, i.e. hell, death and/or destruction if they don't direct themselves to their Creator for help.

These are the same people who prognosticate that sexual offenders can never be changed, converted, or repentant. Psychiatry gushes and drools at the possibly of having perpetual patients - like EX sexual offenders.

Another Pastor shot and killed in cold blood was Fourth St. Church of Christ's Rev. Matthew Winkler, who was shot in the back of the head while lying on his bed - by his wife. The wife, Mary Winkler, fled the scened and admitted that they were fighting over money, but that the "Ugly must have come out of me." Last I checked, Mary was soon released from the loony bin and was given custody of her three kids [Note to kids: Only sleep with one eye open].

I was spellbound as I watched the sentencing judge read expert witness testimonies from the Shrinkologists testifying how Mary had been abused by being forced to "wear high heels and a wig," and other inflated, no-witness, psycho-diagnostic gobbledygook for over a half hour. There was no corroboration for the "expert" witness testimony, just speculative nonsense that the judge bought hook, line, sinker, thus catching a whale of a whopper. Mary went for diagnostic treatment for a short time and then was released to manage a laundromat. That's punishment, but clearly not enough.

Tennessee may have been thought of as a retiree's mecca, but I am convincing Ohioans that there may be more harm in the the formerly peaceful state than just Al Gore. Libs have invaded just about every state.

Another interesting case is taking place in the Kent State, Ohio area where a super feminist professor, Trudy Steurnagel, was unfortunately beaten and killed by her 21 year old autistic son named Skywalker. Even though I do not recommend avowed, staunch feminist professors to procreate, she did not deserve this sort of demise. Yet, there are already ruminations that the poor boy-man did not know right from wrong. His only defense may be that a super lib mother would never order her kid to "Thou Shalt Not Kill." She would lose university accreditation for such blasphemy. Prof Trudy did have a thing against "white, male, heterosexuals." Ya think Skywalker may have picked some of that up?

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Barney Frank Could Not Find Who Started Banking Mess In A Hall Of Mirrors

Kill Da Wabbit By Aussie/Ozzie Fudd Tasteless, But Seems To Fit Here

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Its Official: Conservative Dead White Males Were Obsolete B.L. (Before Limbaugh)

At CPAC, Ann Coulter knocked it out of the park, Tucker Carlson was booed, Phyllis Schafly was prayed for, Bobby Jindal was second, Mitt Romney came in first, Mike Huckabee was reverently religious, but only semi conservative, David Horowitz was brilliant as usual, Sarah Palin had not prepared, Michael Steele had to publicly repent for Republicans' "mistakes" (that was before he was cornered into refusing to defend Republicans as not being Nazis, while calling Rush names),Newt was more conservative than Huckabee, but still no cigar.

The cigar, of course a big Cuban, went to Rush Limbaugh. Despite Rush's magna cum laude performance, he was quite the exception among his CPAC compatriots. He is male, and he is a white conservative. Forgive me for pointing out the obvious and for seeming to be racist, because as Rush pronounced, "Conservatives love people," but even thinking such, can brand anyone who entertains this sort of thinking for a micro second as a bigot.

No matter how politically correct it is, or not, it is OK for a kid or adult, to look at a football or basketball team and see players that resemble their own culture.
White people have been pounded into believing that they must be too polite to voice concern about the persecution of their race because of ancient American slavery and genuine past prejudices against blacks and immigrants, who were not always accepted with open arms by other Americans.

Men are more often than not portrayed as goofs in TV commercials, yet not the ladies. The Minds Of Boys is a recent book which deftly explains how boys have been left behind in school and in society. The book cites examples of how boys are viewed as "defective girls." Women have advanced so much that they can afford to be biased in their public school teaching, in their judicial decisions as female judges and prosecutors, in their decrees as psychologists and social workers, in their law making in government, and in their "acting" as Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives.

I am sure that I am not the only male to notice that ever since the Garden Of Eden there has been an antagonism of male v. female, and in today's Western Civilization women are on top, and men are on the bottom of the food chain, much to the detriment of our culture. And, we have allowed it. Evidently, conservative men are more gracious in allowing themselves to be taken advantage of by too often yielding to the taunts of, "women, children, minorities, and transsexuals, first," as the Titanic takes a nose dive. We are too easily shamed (Packwood, Lott, Delay,Ryan), and they are never shamed (Clinton, McGreevey, Obama's cabinet).

As an advocate for many Family Rights cases, I can testify of the overt prejudice exhibited by professional females in divorce, custody, molestation cases and every other legal tangle where you have the liberal ladies adjudicating.

White conservative men may have been generally wiped out as a race, but not Rush Limbaugh. I love to hear Rush speak about how in his early days of radio he would be invited to leisure with the Country Club Republicans, and they would ask him to tone down his pro life stance because the Country Club Republican wives were very pro abort. Rush has always been pro life and not ashamed to admit it. I believe Rush first coined the phrase, " Abortion is the most holy sacrament of feminism." And liberals, male, female, and the androgenous Nancy Pelosi have all abandoned conscience and adopted the celebration of abortion for political reasons. Rush's bold defense of babydom may have cost him more than one marriage and the "adoration" (which he so richly deserves, if he does say so himself) of many a woman.

I have noticed that even among Republicans, there is the idea that white folks, who are not of the liberal persuasion, cannot possibly be seen as potential political leaders of a majority any more. Federal and other lesser government jobs are dominated by the Affirmative Action crowd which squeezed out men in favor of planting women and racial minorities in millions of employment opportunities including law, academics, and any company which has government contracts. Affirmative Action has sent Billions if not Trillions of Dollars to the minorities to compensate for past injustices. I would say that we should be just about paid up. The black poor have paid an even heavier price because of their liberal leadership. Women are now convinced they do not need fathers or the same husband for a lengthy period of time.

Dead White Men have never been more dead and out of favor than in these past thirty years. Sure, you can squeeze a Reagan and couple of Waspish Bushes into power, but the overwhelming zeitgheist has been "women, children, and minorities first," and then throw the conservative Caucasion overboard. We have been so ingrained to hate conservatives of European origins that the mere notice of them (conservatives) being, maligned, scoffed at, ridiculed and villified as irrelevant, brings up the charge of Archie Bunkerism, KKK, and Nazis - for no intellectual reason. BTW Archie Bunker was the convincing contrivance of the super marxist, Norman Leer of People For The [Marxist] American Way

Back in the Seventies, I had the second encounter in my life with a professional lesbian. At that time no one had much seen or heard of people of the alternative lifestyle, which they were not known as, at that time. This alternative woman was an English teacher - same profession as one of my gay high school teachers who also taught English Lit and instinctively hated me. They both must have known that over thirty years later I would be on their case, but not because I hate que_rs (I do not use the word queer to describe them, even though many of them like to be so named).

In any event, I first heard from the above teachers - the term D.W.M or Dead White Males, which was the newest nomenclature used in describing everyone from Jesus (not a European, but a Man for all seasons), to Isaac Newton, to Plato, .... George Washington, Columbus, and virtually any man who had advanced civilization in the past three thousand years.

I have a new mantra for those Black and Female minorities who have separated themselves from traditional America - start reaching out to Conservatives. How boring it has been for minorities to constantly cry out that Republicans have not "reached out" to them, forgetting about the Civil War and Trillions of Dollar of monetary help, Civil Rights laws, and Affirmative Action promotions.

Its time for them to reach out to us, as Rush illustrated at CPAC, in order to escape the liberal plantation that has kept them down on the farm of poverty, crime, educational ignorance, and immorality. I suppose that after the country escapes the depressing Obama, white liberals will neoconize themselves as they did for Reagan, and join the "more beautiful," - a la Ann Coulter - Conservatives.

[This Just In: Dick Durbin has a nasty surprise for two of Sasha and Malia Obama's new schoolmates. And it puts the president in an awkward position.
The children are Sarah and James Parker. Like the Obama girls, Sarah and James attend the Sidwell Friends School in our nation's capital. Unlike the Obama girls, they could not afford the school without the $7,500 voucher they receive from the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship program. Unfortunately, a spending bill the Senate takes up this week includes a poison pill that would kill this program -- and with it perhaps the Parker children's hopes for a Sidwell diploma.] Wall Street Journal

See what I mean? Its time for African Americans and Women to Reach Out To

Best yet, Reach Out To Jesus As Sung By Elvis