Saturday, February 22, 2014

Obama Vs Putin Who Is The Bigger Tyrant?

I have been watching the Ukraine protests, but as of this minute there seems to be a truce between Russian and the Ukraine, which has been staging protests not unlike America's inner cities - when they did not get their way.

However, there has been less bloodshed in the Ukraine. How did the American Federal Government react when the South rebelled? Not too kindly.A number of states, including California, have devised plans to secede/separate from their respective states. We can pretty much assume that, just as in the American Civil War, the Fed will violently oppose any thought of the separation of states or portions of states.

 I do not understand the motive or cause of the "girl" punk rock group Pussy Riot. They plan to get beaten and arrested, alert the media, and then follow through with getting beaten and arrested to prove -that they can be beaten and arrested?