Thursday, December 19, 2013

Send A Fax/Contact A&E Networks For Slamming Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson

The oddest thing is that A&E Networks has been constantly censoring the Ducks for mentioning Christ or God in many of the shows. Yet, cursing and other profanities are not bleeped out to my knowledge on A&E's other shows.

Send a message to Mel Berning - President of Sales at A&E by faxing him at


There are free fax services on the net such as GotFreeFax.Com and they will let you send a hard copy letter directly to A&E offices.

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My fax to A&E Below:

Dear Mr. Berning,

I am very disappointed at your knee jerk reaction to removing Phil Robertson, if only temporarily, even after not receiving any complaints for his statements against homosexuality - not homosexuals!

Are we to believe that all of A&E programming will be formatted according to your politically correct views? Then, how can we ever trust whatever is presented on A&E? You obviously have an agenda, and it will be expressed through your programming.

I am seriously thinking of mounting some sort of campaign to notify/boycott sponsors. You should be thankful that there are individuals who do not reflexively bend over for the gay lifestyle. My thinking is that all of you who must appease the gay agenda are the real homophobes - you are simply afraid of their lobby. And, so it is with this mad rush to push their activities without any debate. Have you read your Torah lately? I think not.

You do not realize how culpable and vulnerable your company is to changes in the economy and public opinion. I tried to warn the president of J.C. Penney that he went too far in taking advantage of his customers. He would not listen.