Friday, May 29, 2009

Sotomayor Loses By Hand Of Last Sane Branch Of Government - Supreme Court

Thank the Good Lord that there is at least one branch of our government which is not crazy left. Not yet.

Say No to Soto.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayer Friend Of The Underperfoming - Again, Its Obama Payback Time

In her favor, Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonya Sotomayor may be pro maternity, but her only legacy, hence far, in judicial decision-making has been her abysmal judgment on the New Haven Connecticut firefighter case which "threw out the promotion test because the white firefighters did so much better than minority test takers," although the test itself was not proven to be biased in any way.

There are a large number of similar civil service job challenges by employees and applicants across the nation who are citing "racial prejudice" for not being able to get hired or promoted to government jobs because of these "biased tests." Expect Sotomayor's bias, which will reward minorities (blacks comprise 25% of the Democrat vote), to be legislated from the Supreme bench. Currently, courts are siding with the non qualified, so as to "even things out."

Below are several examples how the term "Civil Rights" has been redefined so as to give preferred rights to non qualified, non and under performing citizens, so that they may be guaranteed government jobs, as well as employment which has government connections.

New Haven, CT - Adversity.Net, Tim Fay - "New Haven paid $100,000 to a high stakes diversity testing firm, IO Solutions, Inc. of Illinois, to design the exams to be completely free of any racial bias. This is a necessary step these days in order to avoid charges of disparate impact upon protected minority groups -- and New Haven does have a large population of protected minority groups.

IO Solutions, Inc. is one of a few dozen firms which specializes in this kind of politically correct test design, and they are very good at it. According to court filings, IO Solutions did everything right in designing the New Haven fire department's promotional exams to be completely race-neutral, i.e., to not have a disparate impact upon selected, preferred skin colors.

Yet, when the New Haven FD administered the race-neutral tests in November and December of 2003, white firefighters scored so much higher than their black and brown counterparts that very few preferred minorities would have been promoted to the seven open Captain vacancies, nor to the eight open Lieutenant vacancies, if the exam scores were used. New Haven's city charter requires that they follow a "rule of three" which requires that each open promotional position be filled from among the top three scorers on the exams.

If the "rule of three" were strictly applied to the 2003 promotional exams, it would have resulted in all of the open Captain and Lieutenant positions being filled by the best-qualified, highest scoring candidates.

Unfortunately the best-qualified, highest scoring candidates turned out to be mostly white.


The City Fathers and Mothers of New Haven reacted quickly to this politically unacceptable turn of events. They simply refused to certify the results of their fire department's race-neutral exams, thus effectively nullifying the results.

A reverse discrimination lawsuit was filed by the mostly white, highest-scoring firefighters who insisted that the race neutral exam scores should be used to promote them. Their lawsuit was thrown out by a liberal judge (a Clinton appointee), and the firefighters have filed an appeal which they stand a good chance of winning. More on that later.

The upshot is that as of the date of this posting (12-11-06) -- three years after the race-neutral exams were administered -- vacancies have been allowed to go unfilled and are temporarily occupied by firefighters in an 'acting' capacity. Some of the temporary 'acting' firefighters occupying these positions actually failed the Lieutenant and Captain exams, thereby endangering firefighters under their command and the public at large."

This following example may be the grand slam, trifecta, triple-double, all time powerball winner of discrimination lawsuits if anyone cares to research it. Too much for me! "A Los Angeles firefighter who said she was harassed at work because she is African-American, a woman and a lesbian received a $6.2 million jury award Tuesday in her discrimination case against the city. "

The "boosting" of unqualified minorities (including women) also applies to favoritism in private employment where a business has a government contract, The same goes for hiring practices in academics, and all government jobs. The loss to the Gross Domestic Product because of the hiring of less proficient employees must be in the trillions of dollars, although it is hard to find an academic or government researcher to confirm this - since such research is, of course, verboten.

In the below reports of minorities winning lawsuits on account of "bias testing," examples of the bias are never published. One lawyer can easily persuade a Democrat jury without using solid evidence.

Cleveland Ohio - "More than two dozen African American firefighters filed a lawsuit against the city claiming a promotion test was unfair to their race and was not linked to job performance. The city has agreed to promote 15 black firefighters and pay a $650,000 settlement." (Mar-15-06) [BEACON JOURNAL]

Akron Ohio - Plain Dealer - "A federal jury awarded the 23 firefighters a total of $1.9 million Tuesday, finding that the exams developed by EB Jacobs were biased against white candidates for captain and black candidates for lieutenant. In both instances, the exams discriminated against officers over 40. Because of deficiencies, they contend, blacks were over-promoted to captain and under-promoted to lieutenant [?????????]. The lieutenant test also was skewed in favor of firefighters under age 40, according to the civil lawsuit filed in 2006."

Next, is the unbelievable, and common story describing how the voracious, unequaled harassing by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hounded a simple Akron businessman for not hiring black employees. The owner of West Point Market did everything humanly possible to seek and hire minority job applicants except shanghaiing them off streets. Minorities simply did not want to work at the business. The EEOC still had the unmitigated gall to charge the market with discrimination, thus starting a three year, very expensive court battle. "

(Continued . . . )

Excepted From Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice By Figler, Robert A.,Dunning, Kenneth A.,Finkle, Todd A.
May Be Read In Full Here

Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama Taking The High Road - CIA,National Defense,Abortion,Israel,Constitution,Economy,Scotus

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol And Miss California - That's Heteros 2, Homos 0

Is American pop and political culture shifting toward a more traditional view of sex and gender? Don't ask me the difference between the two as only sociologists understand the mysterious jargon which they have invented.

California's infamous Proposition 8 which sought to legitimize gay marriage last year was soundly defeated, and was an extraordinary defeat for homosexuals because it was CALIFORNIA, the land of "fruits and nuts" as my Marine sergeant explained back in Camp Pendleton. He also advised staying out of Tijuana.

In Miss California vs. Perez Hilton et al. (et al. consists of every person in Hollywood and the MSM)the lovely Miss Prejean easily dispatched the equally unlovely Perez Hilton by just being nice, and honest, something which is quite disgusting to Hollywood and the MSM.

Kris Allen, Christian hetero, won against Adam Lambert, not a hetero, in American Idol's runoff. They are both superb singers, but I would think that Adam Lambert, self admitted nonhetero, hurt his performance by vamping it up a bit too much with the black leather, black angel's wings, black mascara, and black fingernail motif.

Nonhetero Adam even had the vocal support of the more gay-looking Simon Cowell who unbelievably asked viewers to "vote for Adam in the next week's finale."

As much as the media culture attempts to ramrod (excuse the pun) the gay culture down our throats, America is not ready for special rights, including Hate Crimes laws, to dominate everything we do and think. Sorry, Hollywood. Sorry, Mainstream Media. Sorry, Simon.

I just heard a school principal describe on a moderate radio talk show that, 'One of the worse things to call a classmate, and start a fight in school, is to call someone a Gaybo. I hate to admit my naivete, but I am not sure what Gaybo means.

I do know that out of 100 million votes cast last night, about 99 million votes* were cast by teens and tweens who are not big on gaybos.

I do not want to see homosexuals suffer any more than they do (although, it seems a lot of them are riding high socially and economically), but America clearly is not infautated with any group which distinguishes itself by its sexual practices.

Neither do Americans have a hankering for singers dressed in black leather, black fingernails, black mascara, and black angel wings mounted on their shoulders, especially if they are male.

*99 Million is a very bad guess on my part

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

All Bets Are On. Pick America's Super Power Replacement - Europe, Russia or China?

The end is near, and I do not say that as some Old Testament prophet, but as a practical observation. The libs are on track for destroying us, and its time to get out of town, but where to go to?
Financier Jimmy Rogers is having his daughters schooled in Mandarin and has been based in Singapore, China, because maybe, he has seen the light, or the darkness lurking over the United States.

Because of Russia's reliance on oil to boost its GDP, and the unavailability to fund kapitalism with cheap loans, the ex Soviets may have to become Soviet again.

All of Europe boasts a Gross Domestic Product of about 18 trillion dollars compared to the United State's highly leveraged 14 trillion bucks. Europe has a combined military force of 8,500,000 members but still has depended on the "too militarily muscular" George W. Bush to do the heavy work around the world.

China's GDP is a meager 4 trillion, but it's Yuan has "Purchasing Power" second only to the the United States and the European Union.<
Russia has about a half million scripted into its Army, China 3 million (According to statistics), but Russia easily outnukes China. China, however, is graduating 4 to 5 times the number of engineers as the U.S. and China can counterfeit everything the U.S. invents.

Its no secret that China and Russia have both made overtures to dump the dollar as the world currency. The commies have been scolding us for years for being such spendthrifts. While they are employing what we would call prison labor at bottom dollar prices, and using whatever energy they can find to fuel their 10% growth, we Americans are wallowing in the mire of an Obamacratic, Green, Union-fed, Entitlement malaise.

We have been #1 for a long time due to our military power, spirituality, freedom and industriousness, rugged individualism, and Yankee ingenuity motivated by our freedom. Dems love death and destruction, and abhor creativity as well as creationism. All of the Democratic strongholds from the Sierra Club to Planned Parenthood to Peta to the Green Movement to the ACLU are designed to either kill fun and/or kill people. They rather the U.S. focus more on depriving and killing its own citizens than warring against Jihadists.

I do not believe the Dems even know how they are damning the U.S. out of significance. Free love, free houses, free education and every other promise has been granted freely by the Dems so that we may become enslaved by academics, politicians, media people, and a public school trained electorate that cannot resist voting for all the free things the Dems offer. I believe Obama, according to some stats, has lied or flip-flopped on 400 of his campaign promises and pledges. Dems love lies. Dem voters, including Notre Shame administrators, still highly rate the King Of Acorn Obama, thinking that their plight will improve, IE. they will progress from not paying any fed taxes to getting even mo' money redistributed from the "rich."

The foxy unions will now be watching the auto chicken houses; Conyers is greening (not with money) California as well as the entire country; Obama wants baby killers to get along with non baby killers, cars must be made of paper mache to meed CAFE standards; new oil, gas, and nuclear must be replaced by windmills and solar panels; churches are approving gay marriages; American Public Schools are ranking with Mexico and Turkey; Obama is not very fond of America's missile defense, or the military; trillions of dollars printed without anything to back them except your descendants; 11 year old girls sexting pictures of their naked little bodies; adultery, divorce, unwed mothers, STDs rampant; free markets disappearing; freedom of speech impinged on campi and conservative talk radio; Universities - no diversity; productive people punished, non productive rewarded.

Who is succeeding the once great United States of America as THE superpower? Without the intervention of the Hand of the Almighty, I pick Europe which most aligns with my understanding of the Resurrection of the Roman Empire - including its 8.5 million man armed forces.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels And Demons - Another Slap At Christianity By Another Hollywood Jew?

[Caution the ending of the movie Angels and Demons is revealed below]

Angels and Demons director, Opie, explains quite innocently with his Mayberry accent how his latest Dan Brown flick merely, 'presents the conflict between religion and science, and no one comes out the winner.' Wrong, Richie Cunningham Breath, as the end of the movie has a Catholic Cardinal stating that "Christianity is a very flawed religion."

It could have been more balanced if Ron Howard (Big Barack supporter See YouTube) had one of Al Gore's many Global Warming opponents telling the truth about the Environmentally ill, but no, Dan Brown has succeeded in duping the public school trained public, again after the DaVinci Code, into believing how imperfect religion is compared to atheistic science. I read one review of the Angels book on Amazon where the reader was surprised at himself for believing that "Angels and Demons" was actually fiction: "I had to constantly convince myself that this book was not totally factual." It is not hard to bet that multitudes will believe that the fabrications about the Catholic Church, as told in the movie, are gospel. Not that I don't have disagreements with RC doctrine, but any fair minded person confronts disagreements with the Roman Church in a more honest way without resorting to Hollywood fantasy and complete distortion. They could have researched the history of transubstantiation, or questioned why indulgences were sold, or why Mary is deified. Still, as a former Catholic, now nondenominational Christian, I consider Catholicism as more of an ally than Hollywood, Islam or the Universities. Some of my Baptist friends are now on the Notre Dame Campus with Alan Keyes. Evidently, a lot of Catholics were not interested in supporting his protest against the BO's commencement speech.

One of the nicest, yet biggest libs in Hollywood, Tom Hanks, grabbed this movie obviously for its adventure and for its not so subtle stab at Christendom. I have not liked Tom since the movie Philadelphia and since he became a big O supporter. Cast Away was good.

There are some differences between the book and movie, but one of the most Ron Howardly cowardly might be that one of the principal characters (bad guy) Hassasin, who is middle eastern (Islamic) in the book, looks very Gentilish in the movie. See above link for more differences. I am always amazed how Hollywood liberal Jews are so reluctant to portray Islamists - BTW their natural born enemies - as Bad Guys.

The move Angels and Demons would not be so bad if the Roman Catholic Church officials were not portrayed as such devious dummies. The Official Church supposedly had secretly supported the discovery of anti-matter by the Illuminati which had supposedly sworn vengeance against the RC - for holding a grudge for over 400 years (yeah, sure) - because it mistreated Galileo - A MAN OF SCIENCE, NOT SO MUCH RELIGION! The Camerlengo, Ewan Mcgregor, a Papal insider, uses this controversy to kill people and ultimately become the New Pope, after killing the Old Pope and a few Cardinals. He fails a la the Bible Book of Esther.

A better synopses of the movie may be found at MovieSpoilers.Com, but the gist is that the evil Camerlengo (McGregor) thought that is was blasphemous for Big Religion to approve of Big Science's discovery of anti-matter which, when applied correctly, blows people and things up.

The bad guy in the move guy is the Camerlengo, Ewan Mcrgregor, who is not just bad for killing people, but he may be especially bad for wanting to kill the anti-matter project which could potentially kill billions of people. Oh, the triumphs of science over religion. One of the greatest examples of Science winning over Religion is Al Gore's book Earth In The Balance - just to show you how desperate science (falsely so called) is.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Solution For Obama Visit To Notre Dame ("Arrests Likely" - Join Alan Keyes Rally In South Bend)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Gay Black Female Comedian Wanda Sykes May Be Given Miss California's Crown And Seat On Scotus For Dissing Husky White Male Rush Limbaugh

Enlarge Graphic

I could only stomach to watch the pregame of the White House Correspondent's Dinner on C-SPAN, starring President Obama, as the press corps, hard-pressing credibility as well as credulity, stomped down the Brown Carpet (not Red Carpet) like something you might see at the Chicago Stockyards.

The in-the-tank journalists from the most famous of near bankrupt newspapers were caked-up with makeup so much one might think they were witnessing a transvestite competition. And, the Hollywood types, who were not aware that the dinner was for faux reporters looked equally cheap.

Noisy, hoggish, devilish, unnatural was the atmosphere at the event, which brings me to Wanda Sykes the Gay, Black, Female comedian, who I will never laugh at again, since she has become a less funny than David Letterman unfunnygirl.

Notwhithstanding, she has, through her sacrilegious attacks* on Rush Limbaugh ("Hope he dies from kidney failure"), has become a most highly prized - through politically correct calculations - nominee for Justice on the Supreme Court. And, since the heterosexual/family bashing sodomite community has piled on Ms California, Wanda may be given her crown, unless Donald Trump, for once in his life, delivers a moral decision in favor of family values.

Wanda's a winner because:
She's Black - Worth 30 points using Democratic PC evaluation standards
She's Female - Definitely worth a solid 30 points.
She's Gay - Giving her 40 points (Out Magazine, according to GayAgenda.Com places Wanda in front of Perez Hilton (pun intended) but behind Doggie (AKA Doogie) Howser)).
Even if she is not seated with the Supremes, and is denied Ms CA's crown, with her above qualifications she certainly can have any government job she likes, especially with those alternative ladies at Child Protective Services, who have to constantly be reminded that they are not men.

The icing on the dung cake at the dinner must have been President Obama's quip referencing Rahm Emanuel, "As for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Mr. Obama said Mother's Day was a difficult holiday for the former congressman."This is a tough holiday for Rahm. He's not used to saying the word 'Day' after 'Mother,' " Mr. Obama said.

*Rush Limbaugh said he hopes this administration fails," Sykes began. "So you're saying, 'I hope America fails', you're, like, 'I don't care about people losing their homes, their jobs, our soldiers in Iraq'. He just wants the country to fail.
To me, that's treason. He's not saying anything differently than what Osama bin Laden is saying. You know, you might want to look into this, sir, because I think Rush Limbaugh was the 20th hijacker. But he was just so strung out on OxyContin he missed his flight. Rush Limbaugh, I hope the country fails, I hope his kidneys fail, how about that? He needs a good waterboarding, that's what he needs.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Secret Of Obama's Mesmerizing Power Over The Media Now Revealed

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

The Power Of Hate: How The Extremely Unqualified Democrats Arose To Absolute Power

The slobbering White House Press Corps queries President Obama as to what is "most enchanting" about the Presidency, and one female member speaks of her "thrill" of being in the presence of the Prez, while she and her cohorts stand to applaud the Chief Exec's entrance.

This adulation is quite different from their biased, hateful coverage of W. Bush. Bush only thought about enhancing the Social Security program, and was vilified. President Obama has been floating the idea of cutting SS benefits as well as curtailing elder care and geriatric medical treatment because "most medical expenditures occur within the last years of a person's life." IOW Where is AARP who wildly supported Obama? The movie No Country For Old Men will come to life in order to cut costs.Say "goodbye" to the 48% of grandmas and grandpas who voted for Obama, and thank them for voting against Bush. I just read a campaign headline from 2008 - "Indian Elderly Pin Hopes On Obama." I think KingOsobby is going to let them down a bit.

African Americans who, according to my survey of talk radio and and cable news, called President Bush everything but a mulatto (not that there's anything wrong with that) and voted over 95% for O. The Black vote composes 25% of the Dem electorate, and for voting against Bush they have been rewarded with even more civil service/government-contracted jobs, but poor blacks will not be treated so well - as proven by the Democrats reluctance to clamp down on the country's huge inner city crime problem, and by perpetuating the failing inner city public schools. PS Thousands of inner city children wanting to escape the foul and failing public school system have been denied enrollment in better schools such as Sidwell Friends School where Obama's daughters are attending at $30,000 per year per child, because the Dems have voted down such funding for poor blacks.

The Media certainly had the ultimate in Bush hatred, and they are being rewarded by going out of business. MSNBC, New York Times, Boston Globe etc. will not make it without some bailout help, it looks like. I feel sorry for those who have been losing their jobs in the media, but they have become enemies of the state, religion, conservatives, constitutionalists and everything else that is holy. And, did I mentioned that they really hated (and still do) Bush?

Congressman John Conyers, a chiefest of Bush haters, reigning in the very poor state of Michigan, has so much hate left over, that he will be conducting interrogations of our interrogators who helped Jihadists divulge top secrets, which he does not mind telling the world. Mr. Conyers has been seeking Reparations for descendents of slaves for about 20 years while the State of Michigan has become enslaved to him and his policies. Several trillion dollars will help his Slave Bailout Plan.

The Unions who have had extraordinary Bush-hate may be rewarded with Obama's lawlessness (he really has no respect for traditional or Constitutional or commercial laws and contracts) and be rewarded in auto bankruptcy court with an illegal amount of reward and ownership of one or more car companies.

They also have been rewarded with firings and layoffs. Ask them what is better, a job where they could make $20.00 an hour working at their job, or making $50.00 an hour, but no job, and they will take the no job choice. And,boy, did they hate President Bush.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Will Hate Crimes Law Protect Miss California From Attacks On Her Heterosexuality/Christianity ?

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Souter's Supreme Court Replacement Must Be A Black, Lesbian, Pro Abort Woman, She Must Also . .

President Obama and Congressional Democrats, in order to please their constituency, must nominate a Supreme Court Justice who is female and who is African American, because Whites, Jews, Catholics, Protestants and Men, have been over represented among the Supremes for nearly 200 years. Gays, as far as we know, have been overlooked so the nominee will also have to be "out."

The nominee for Supreme Court Justice

Must be Black - To meet PC quota system

Must hate guns, and other "men's toys"

Must be a Woman, but not feminine

Must love abortion more than Kathleen Sebelius

Must hate men more than Kelly McGinnis

Must be gayer than Perez Hilton and Danny Kaye put together (don't want to think about that)

Must love international law more than the the Constitution and Ruth Ginsburg

Must be harder to look at than (Since I am a conservative gentleman, I decline to say as there are multitudes of liberal Dem women who, well you know. . .

Must have been past president of the ACLU

Must have been past president of National Organization of Women

Must have been born a man but later switched to something else

Must know the difference between sex and gender

Must have sued at least 10,000 people during law career

Must have halted 1,000,000 children, or more, from praying in school

Must consider this blog a hate crime

Must have served as Bishop in the Episcopal Church

Must have sent 10,000 innocent men to prison

Must have large portrait of Karl Marx in office

What else?

Friday, May 01, 2009

Obama Unveils New Union Owned Chry-Fi Car Models; The Shaftola & The Colonoscopia

President Obama is recommending that Americans "buy American cars," but he will certainly have a hard time convincing union school teachers to buy U.S. brand cars. Teachers have been avoiding American cars like the proverbial swine flu in lieu of purchasing Japanese cars made in Marysville,East Liberty and other Ohio locations which are some of the few Ohio companies that are above water.

Now, if these Ohio Honda, Volvo, and other car plants are overly dissed by Obama as he strengthens tariffs in order to make "our" GM/Chrysler cars more profitable, Ohio and the rest of the U.S. could lose tens of thousands of Honda jobs. I buy Ford, but the loss of Honda would be a loss to Ohioans, especially after having so many Ford and GM/Chrysler layoffs in the works.

The auto unions have won again, thanks to their unanimous support for Obama, but, not for long. It is hard to believe that an Obamobile can be built by a company run by the union. If union members want a raise in pay or benefits, will the union stockholders discourage unaffordable union-demanded increases?

Most union members became employees of companies in the first place, because it has never been a union member's motivation to nourish, invest, or manage a company which requires an entirely different skill set. It is much easier to coerce money from your boss than to setup your own company.

President BO and Congress have finally promoted a special bankruptcy for Chrysler where the bondholders, like Oppenheimer Funds, will get the old shaftola (see model above), and will be punished while the union will not need to take as big a hit.
Woe to those Oppenheimer-invested grandmas, grandpas, police and fire employees who can expect to see even more of their portfolio destroyed because of Obama is playing favorites and castigating free enterprise.

I do not agree with Rush who insists that Obama is all to aware as to what he's doing. Obama is way below his presidential pay grade.
Is this a case of not forgiving him for he knows not what he is doing?

* Fiat has been producing some very good smaller cars according to some car reviewers

** According to Automotive News, Chrysler plans to sell up to seven Fiat/Alfa Romeo-designed models in America. Under this scheme, Chrysler dealers would flog the Fiat 500, Alfa MiTo, and Alfa 147 replacement. There'll also be up to four Fiat-based cars in the A, B, C, and D segments. Some American car fans are thrilled at the idea of inexpensive, fuel efficient, fun-to-drive Italian cars -even if the machines in question end up as Dodges built in Mexico to Italian blueprints. But that's exactly what it is: an idea. And a bad one at that.