Friday, October 29, 2010

Perfect Guest List For Smirking Cursing Jon Stewart/Colbert Non Political Rally

In many respects, the combined rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear on Saturday will be very much an anti Beck ,or anti Restoring Honor event. Stewart and Colbert will convene to do what they do best - mock everything good about the United States. This will be the Democratic Left's last, best chance. Beck held his rally in front of the Lincoln Memorial featuring prayers, religious and patriotic singing, and a fervent desire to preserve a very ailing America. Stewart and Colbert will provide low-brow, simpleton sarcasm and a whole lot of smirking and cursing - if the show resembles in any way Jon Stewart's Comedy Central Daily Show.

I'm not sure if the duo will be able to suppress their frequent sprinkling of Fbombs, that emanate even from Catholic Bible teacher Stephen Colbert's dirty mouth. On the other hand, liberal Jewish Jon Stewart is probably loose enough to be serving as a Reformed Jewish Cantor.

So, expect a lot of irreverence for God, man, and country, but a great deal of homage from Oprah Winfrey and Arianna Huffington who are sponsoring bus trips to the rally.

One thing about a satirist, they can lie about everything - at home as well as on the stage - and claim that they're just being funny. One of Stewart's least funny lines is "this is not a political event." That line alone will be able to draw tens of thousands college students away from their normal college weekends, which consist of binge drinking, smoking weed, hooking up (fornicating), and other forms of deep depravity. Its probably better to rather party now in lieu of going on Spring Break early next year, considering all those Mexican travel warnings issued from vacation and resort areas by our neighbors down Mexico way. The dumb kids may lose their mind over Stewart and Colbert, but worse, could be decapitated in Acapulco.

High on the guest list should be Rob Reiner, the Meathead, who is now being criticized by the Jewish Anti Defamation League for his comparing the Tea Party to Nazis on the Bill Maher Show. Bill Maher should also speak at the rally if only for his widely known detestation of God and all things religious.

Comedian Kathy Griffin,who pronounced the words, "S_ck It Jesus," while receiving an award,is also a prime canditate to guide the wayward American 12 year old to 30 year old demographic at the Stewart/Colbert stupidfest. As a baby boomer, I laughed at stupid things like Steve Martin singing his one hit wonder King Tut, or sticking an arrow through his head, or describing "fur lined sinks," or imitating wild and crazy Russian guys, but my generation's stupid comedians did not have to rely on a plethora of Fbombs, GD-its, and other four letter words. Nothing like a four letter word in your comedy act to get the people whipped up enough to follow your act to Washington, D.C.

Whoopi Godlberg would be an outstanding addition to the Restore Sanity/Fear Rally by inspiring all the hot coeds - that having six, (or was it seven) abortions is something to be proud of. Whoopi's sidekick, Joy Behar could provide some inspirational words like she did this past week when she told Sharon Angle to "Go to hell, Bioche." [Behar actually used the word "bitch."]

If someone could wheel David Letterman up on stage, I think he could provide a wealth of advice from his perspective as a dilapidated, lib comedian. Colbert and Stewart should take warning, that they are both on their way to becoming a David Letterman. Frightening, isn't it?

Ed Schultz, Joe Scarborough, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow should be shoe-ins as keynote speakers at the event, but Keith Olbermann may be even too scary for a bunch of socialist-leaning young Democrats.

Since gayness is still such a huge cause celeb, expect respresentatives of the GLBTQ ("Q" is for questioning, in case your 5 year old has doubts about his/her sexuality) community to be OUT there in force. I expect Ellen DeGeneres, and that so-proud-of-her-lesbianism Glee teacher to be pontificating how children of Tea Partiers are bullying their grade school classmates, as if straight kids are never bullied. This would also be a perfect time for a gay judge to postulate the reasons why the U.S. Armed Forces should welcome gay members into foxholes.

That's my best guess guest list, what's yours?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ganley V. Sutton. Can Ohio Claim The Dirtiest Democrats During 2010 Campaign?

If there are any other nominees for Dirtiest Democrat in these United States, I'd like to hear about it. Thank God, it will all be over in November.

Not that spending all that dough on electioneering politics has done any good, but it sure has done a lot of bad.

For instance: Tom Ganley, an owner of thirty-two car dealerships in Northeastern Ohio is running against a mudslinging Obamaite, Betty Sutton, in the 13th Ohio Congressional District.

Ganley was raised by a mom who waitressed and a working class father who was a car mechanic, which, no doubt, inspired Tom to get involved in auto sales - big time. Betty Sutton, his opponent, has been a career politician since graduating from Kent State (May 4, 1970 Tin Soldiers And Nixon Coming) with a degree in, what else, Political Science. Betty Sutton went on to gain a Juris Doctor degree in Constitutional Law, which usually means that she has no regard for the Constitution as proven by her devotion to Obamacare and she helped write the Cap and Trade Bill.

One of the lowest-blow commercials from the Betty Sutton Camp has been the airing of some of the past hundreds of thousands of Ganley car customer's complaints how "he shafted them" for one reason or another. I can believe that with the volume of business Ganley has had over 40 years there is bound to be lawsuits, complaints, etc. about some autos that were proverbial lemons. As a resident of this area for over fifty years, I can say that I had not heard of any complaints about Tom Ganley ripping off customers, and I have dealt with him and many other car dealers.

Of course, Betty Sutton, having never had a real job, can stand on her record of being on the public dole since graduating from college. To add to her career -in-government rap sheet, Betty is distinguished as being the youngest person to, at age 28, serve on the Ohio State House Of Representatives. (If Betty ever had a job in the private sector, I am not aware of it). She has easily suaded her local liberal electorate in the Barberton/Akron Ohio area with her cute smile and big liberal promises in towns that feature big liberal newspapers and media, oh, and people who are looking forward to all that free Obamacare and Obamamoney. Just normal big city Democratic expectations of socialism and sharing the wealth.

Betty Sutton has also found an ally to aid her in a certainly October surprise, where it was found out recently that a suddenly discovered "Tea Party" woman originally alleged that Tom Ganley sexually assaulted her in his office as she was visiting him to discuss how she could aid his campaign and/or get a job with Ganley Auto. She has since downgraded her lawsuit from sexual assault to anything-else-that-might-get-her-mo-money.

Betty Sutton also has the National Education Association rapping Tom Ganley for "deceptive business practices" in the car biz, spending a whopping $500,000.00 to tank Tom. Tom Ganley, having graduated from St Peter Chanel School and being a proponent of parochial schools, is one of the largest targets of the teachers union in the entire United States. I don't think its just because Tom Ganley mainly sells Fords, Chevys and Chryslers that the teachers - who mainly buy and drive foreign rice burning cars - oppose him.

Speaking of cars, Betty Sutton was a major sponsor of the Cash For Clunkers program which helped a few car buyers bail out, very temporarily, auto manufacturers, but hurt every taxpayer in the long run. Cash For Clunkers was one of Obama's 15 stimulus programs which eventually caused a slump in post clunker car sales. The program also needlessly destroyed hundreds of thousands of affordable used cars - which could still be driven today by Obama's impoverished unemployed, who have had to sell their newer cars - to eat.

He's a Catholic family man who supports private, parochial, and other non public schooling, and that makes him the natural born enemy of all things Democrat.

Vote And Support Ganley, Ohioans and Americans.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Why Is Homosexuality Now Holy? Ask Abraham Father Of The Jews

Since Juan Williams was so easily and summarily fired by NPR for feeling "nervous" aboard airplanes with Moslems, I had to ask myself would I feel uncomfortable sitting on a plane next to a transvestite man in spandex hotpants, wearing high heals, lipstick and way too much cheap perfume? The answer is that NPR would have to fire me.

Mark Levin asked, "Why, when conservatives raise doubts about gay activism, its a wedge issue, but not a wedge issue when the gay lobby pushes its agenda?" Paraphrased

Whether its forcing the military to accommodate sodomy as the result of one gay judge's opinion to overtun Don't Ask, Don't Tell, or the gay lobby pushing for the acceptance of gay marriage, gayness has become a cause celeb in the media/academia zeitgeist of America and throughout "advanced" Western Civilization. No wonder Moslems are mad at us.

Brutal beatings of gays in New York dominate the news cycle as if there are no other beatings, killings and tortures of other Americans across the fruited plain worthy of newsprint. Here's the story of the hetero Rape, Mutilation And Murder, The Chris/Newsom Story which you will gag on to read, and was never touched by even a Glen Beck or Bill O'Reilly, yet we are asked to only react to gay murders like the recent ones in New York, and Matthew Shepherd's unfortunate demise - which, somehow, inspired the play Corpus Christi which depicts Jesus Christ as a bar-hopping gay guy.

And, lest we forget, such things as the cartoon South Park and gay artist Andres Serrano's Piss Christ would never have been thought of thirty years ago - before the complete backsliding of most American/European churches and politicians.

Abraham, God's chosen father of the Jews, was commanded to leave what is now the Iran/Iraq area - Mesopotamia - for good reason. Babylon is still today equated with paganism, blasphemy, richness, and sin. You can tell when a empire has gone too far when sodomy is elevated to a godly ranking - just as today's libs have made homosexuality as sancrosanct as Black Power and Islam, and regarded as untouchable by any sort of criticism. The Hebrew word for "holy" (Kodesh) in the Holy Land took on a whole new meaning from what it had in Babylon. The word Kodesh in the land Abraham escaped from meant "male prostitute." [Strongs 6945]We can see in the histories of Rome, Greece, etc. that men literally, as the Bible says, " left the natural use of women....." and God judged. Fundamentalist Christians and Orthodox Jews are very familiar with this, if no one else is.

The historian Josephus [War Of The Jews, Chapter 9] remarks how the rebellious Jews of 70 AD became so savage among themselves as they were cut off for over three years by a Roman siege that they ate their own flesh and sodomized one another. This sort of behavior was prophesied long before in Deuteronomy as a result of the judgment of God. Other places in the Bible describe the result of such behavior. Not good. Will America escape the long-suffering judgement of God? No, not even backslidden, liberal Christian churches will escape. God is slow to anger - but He does get angry.

My best model for Conservatism has always been George Washington, as America's first president would also be THE model for our most esteemed Conservative pundits like Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, yet, would any of these agree with George Washington that welcoming sodomites into the U.S. military would be an unthinkable idea? Unfortunately, Charles Krauthammer, former psychiatrist, of course, confessed that the American military should open their arms [what else?] to gays. I have testified in previous posts, that while in the Marines in Vietnam, witnessing such behavior was demoralizing. Can liberal social scientists reengineer today's younger soldier to be so totally accomodating to homosexuals that sharing showers, bunks, and foxholes would be quite acceptable? I think not, I don't care what the surveys say.

Yes, I know we are a more progressive, advanced, and enlightened people more so than old George, but are we? No one is talking about persecuting homosexuals, but is there not one "conservative" intellectual, or even a Catholic or mainline protestant who dares speak out against what God called "a sin most grievous" in Genesis?

So, how could our advanced civilization have progressed (denigrated) to such a low estate, after we have been so bountifully blessed for the past 200 years?

Homosexuality is the new Islam, or the new African-American - both of which have such ethnic immunity that no criticism whatsoever of their bias is tolerated. Democrats invented this politically correct madness - just for the votes, just for the power. I pray they will be losing a lot of it in November.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Glenn Beck Started Out Well, But Now Its "Whoever Your God Is . . ."

He has explained the faith of our American founding fathers like no other in the media. He has exhaustively investigated the current and historical problems with socialism in the U.S. and abroad. He has rallied hundreds of thousands for the 912 Project and the Restoring Honor mass meetings, all the while pointing people to their Creator through, specifically, Jesus Christ.

How amazed I was to watch a possibly ill or exhausted Glenn Beck say on his Monday TV program (after taking off from the radio) that, "I am not talking about a specific religion, just 'God'... whatever you define as God." All of a sudden, Jesus, it seems, has been superseded by Mahatma Gandhi, who Glenn, early in the show, pointed to as a guy who "I should talk to." After he admitted that he was very tired, Beck stared at a giant picture of Gandhi then remarked that "the answer is from this guy."

Glenn admitted that he was just starting to study Gandhi simultaneous to studying the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Christian martyr who rebelled, unlike so many Protestants and Catholics in Nazi Germany, against Adolph Hitler - and paid dearly for it. Bonhoeffer was thought to be involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler, so was summarily hung for his defiance, if not for plotting against Hitler, then for his Christian based resistance to the Third Reich.

Beck went on to explain that Bonhoeffer sought inspiration from Gandhi, which is doubtful. Gandhi derived his philosophy from the Buddhist/Hindu tenants which deny the use of violent force - for any reason. IOW Gandhi would not even violently resist Hitler, I guess.

Gandhi believed in Ahism - a term meaning to do no harm (literally: the avoidance of violence - himsa). It is an important tenet of the Indian Religions(Hinduism Buddhism and especially Jainism). Ahimsa is a rule of conduct that bars the killing or injuring of living beings. Hard to fight wars or enforce laws with such an ulta pacifistic code. Even the New Testament tells us in Romans 13 that "Rulers do not carry the sword in vain." Fortunately, in America every citizen is Constitutionally allowed to carry the sword.

"Gandhi teaches me the principles of love," Beck said during the end of the show. I really hope that he does not miss the point that, "God so loved the world . . . that he gave. . . " not a mere man like Gandhi, but He gave a Son of Man. Quite a different benchmark for showing love.

Glenn may be making the mistake of attempting to unite all religions under a generic godhead - "One God is as good as Another." IOW confusion.

Glenn Beck, as the rest of us, is on a spiritual journey and is looking for answers. He has been a Catholic as I have, and is now a Mormon. I hope he finds out that Jesus is the Answer and that Jesus is the Way, and neither Gandhi nor anyone else can be.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Printable Democrat Party Voter Guide

If you have Democrat friends (And, I'm not sure why you would) print out this Voter Guide on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, and pass it on.

You may help save their lives as well as their country's life.

I printed two of these images on one sheet of card stock. Cutting them in half and passing them out like hotcakes.

Speaking of hotcakes, do not let children look at the risque photos of Virginia's First District Congressional Candidate Krystal Ball here.
What would you expect when your parents give you a stripper name at birth?