Sunday, October 29, 2006

Something Worse Than Saying "Nigger"

To Kill A Mockingbird. To Kill A Blackhawk.

The Hudson Ohio ten and eleven year old pee wee football fans were cheering their team the "Blackhawks" on this cool autumn day in northeastern Ohio. Hudson is preppy, prosperous, and worse yet, Republican. These young fans would soon become national news, as the Associated Press, NBC, and other media outlets would launch them into the adult world of pseudo racism.

These kids were dressed in what looked like black-faced mockeries of their opponents - African American teams from Shaker Heights, Cleveland. The kids even shouted the "n" word it was later reported. Other anecdotal information started to surface, once the story gained momentum, that Hudson fans routinely disparaged black footballers whenever they played.

The stories of "Pee Wee Football Games Marred By Racism" circulated from Florida to Tennessee to Los Angeles where it was especially appreciated - during this election season. Innocent little black ballplayers from the offended teams were asked, "What do you think of these racist kids in Hudson painting their faces black and wearing Afro wigs"?

What was not mentioned in these Drive By Media stories was that the kids had been dressing this way for many games, and that they were merely emulating their team name - The Blackhawks. What was also not mentioned was that they were wearing orange beaks to more accurately represent their team emblem. Welcome to the world of reverse-racism, children, and be prepared to be called racist for your insensitivity - probably for the rest of your lives.

So, it was not the accusers who were insensitive to the Blackhawks for quite innocently dressing as impromptu mascots for their team. It was not the race-baiters who lied, exaggerated, distorted and avoided any research that might, just might, disprove their premature damning condemnation of these preteen "racists." No, it was just too juicy for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland and national TV after finding such abominations in the Republican enclave of Hudson, Ohio. "Let's go for it." "We got 'em, now" the race-baiters thought. There must be a Pulitzer somewhere for this.

The Cleveland black leaders and community swallowed the whole lie, and became up in arms over the falsehood. Hudson city leaders, parents, coaches, kids over apologized, Trent Lott style, not even sure why they were apologizing.

Hudson peewee football includes such team names as (possibly) Whitehawks, Blackhawks, Silverhawks, Redhawks etc. in their league. Sorry in advance , American Indians, if the Redhawk mascots dress like red hawks. I also hope white people will not be offended if the Whitehawk fans wear white face.

The racism against the young white pee wee fans who have been dragged through this mire has not been discussed. These young cheer leaders have been falsely accused of doing something that is not wrong. They should be given apologies for being castigated over nothing more than people's devilish desire to find racism - where it does not exist. They are professional at digging up dirt and flinging it at anyone - including ten year old white kids who do not deserve it. They are the racists. They are the ones who incite the black populace, most conveniently before elections, to become angrier than they already are. Why is there so much hypertension and other health problems among blacks? It could be due to the constant barrage of hate that is hurled from black leaders toward other elements ( like, "The Man") of society. Keeping African Americans unhappy, uneducated, poor, and infuriated (as they are in Cleveland) is the key to keeping white and black liberals in power - so that they may continue to keep minorities unhappy. . . That is what is known as soft bigotry. The liberals most powerful tool.

Yes the "n word" is a nasty word - except when brothers call other brothers the "n" word. How did this word even become so holy that it may not even be pronounced like the Tetragrammaton or that not-to-be-spoken Masonic name which begins with an "M"?
The joke is that minorities think they are privileged and honored because they only can say the "n" word. There is no honor is speaking the word, and it should not be used as a hammer, or neither should it be feared. BTW the "n" word is a variation of the word "black." It is like calling a white person - dare I say it - "whitey." I know, connotations schmonnotations. [According to most reports, the Hudson kids did not use the "n" word, ever]

Are not non-black people allowed to have sensitivities? Cannot white people be insulted, offended, and lied about - by blacks as proven by the Hudson pee wee story? What happened to the very young Hudson football fans is worse than being called nigger.

To further prove that race-baiting is good for business, The Cleveland Plain Dealer's editorial cartoonist depicted the Blackhawk fans dressed in Ku Klux Klan robes and pointed sheet-hats as they shouted "n-i-g [ger]." Not wanting to be racially insensitive, the cartoonist, Darcy, only spelled out half the "n" word. I will hope to paste the racist cartoon, later.

I will never forget how one writer at the Akron Beacon Journal, before it was bought by a Canadian company, Carl Chancellor, screamed bloody murder because another writer used the word "niggardly" in a column.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New Series: Champions Of Faith - Nancy Pelosi, Catholic

She was baptized Nancy D'Alesandro in 1940.

Who would have guessed that a beautiful ( before plastic surgery) little Italian girl from Baltimore, who had First Communion in 1947 and would later be a Confirmed Catholic - Defender Of The Faith - in 1951 would become the most powerful congressional Democrat and potentially three heartbeats away from being President Of The United States?

Nancy Pelosi is California's 8th District Representative, and this modern Joan Of Arc has staunchly defended the downtrodden from the man-boy lovers of NAMBLA to the partial birth aborters to homosexuals desiring to sanctify their sodomy through Holy Matrimony - one of the Catholic Sacraments with which Nancy is very familiar.

Few people have had as much Catholic education as Nancy. I only had 12 years of Catholic schooling. Growing up in the 1940's, Nancy attended Saint Leo's parochial school, Notre Dame High School, Catholic Trinity College and then joined the creme de la creme of Catholic Universities (like Bill Clinton) - Georgetown. We should applaud the Jesuits for such a fine job they did with Nancy - not unlike they did with Fidel in his early years. Nancy attended her first Democrat Convention in Maryland when she was a mere 12 years of age.Her dad was the first Italian American to be elected mayor of Baltimore.

Nancy was smart enough to marry a banker who later would become worth 25 million dollars. Nancy's biography tells how she would sacrifice time away from her five children in order to fight for her progressive style of communism [Jesus did order his disciples to share, didn't He?]
"Pelosi was a homemaker for a number of years. Her youngest daughter, Alexandra, told People Magazine that she and her siblings were not an easy crew: "We were like the kids from The Simpsons—she couldn't get anyone to babysit." No matter how busy she was at home, Pelosi always volunteered for the Democratic party during election campaigns." People Mag.

Nancy is probably best known nationally for her ability to transform her facial appearance through cosmetic additions and subtractions. According to my own research, I have not been able to find any evidence that Nancy was ever honored or given an award for intelligence i.e.. the National Honor Society or Mensa, or scholarships of any kind. It is very likely that she has been persecuted for her religious convictions just as Saint Rose of Lima, Mother Theresa, and Hillary have been ostracized because they were also "strong women."

Nancy Pelosi has been honored with near 100% approval ratings by such diverse, salt-of-the-earth groups as Gay/Lesbian, People For The American Way, ACLU, The Secular Coalition (antidote to Christian Coalition) etc.

Not unlike one of her heroines, the legendary Pope Joan of the 8th Century, Nancy has not been afraid to castigate errant Catholic priests and bishops who had forbidden pro abortion Democratic candidates to partake of the Catholic Eucharist. During the 2004 presidential campaign, she ordered the Catholic clergy not to withhold Holy Communion from candidates who were pro sodomite or pro abortion.

Nancy, although as stalwart in profession (big mouth) as Joan Of Arc, has not been able to summon the fortitude to actually battle America's sworn enemies such as Islamic terrorists. She is a woman of peace and is a product of the city of peace - San Francisco -her political base which is the "Gayest Large City In The World." Nancy defends and serves the San Francisco gays which comprise 20% of the city's population (a reported 25% of those homosexuals are HIV Positive). I do hope Nancy can do better than New Orleans Mayor Nagin did when San Francisco succumbs, once again, to the judgment of God.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Join The First Annual "Turn Off The Lib News" Year

How many times have I been listening to one of the Great Ones like Mark Levin, Hannity, Rush, Matt Drudge, Laura Ingraham, Bill Bennett . . . and even throw in Beck, Savage, Prager, Mike Mcconnell, Quinn and Rose and some of the local conservative hosts like Howie Chizek and Bob Golic (Akron), when on the hour and half hour I am assaulted by some awful, lib-slanted national news from ABC, CBS, or even Fox Radio News?

Run to the radio and shut it down to avoid insulting your intelligence with that very uninformative, same old garbage about Mark Foley or Rumseld, or other news inspired by Noam Chomsky and George Soros - all the while the Chinese are shooting lasers at our satellites, North Korea may or may not be firing nuclear rockets, and the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela are railing at President Bush, calling him Satan, much to the glee of the Drive By Media. You will not miss a thing because the same stories will run monotonously for two weeks until they feel they have milked their fat, lib cow dry.

Send a message - especially you Arbitron and Nielsen book keepers and "Turn The Bums Off" (not unlike Throw The Bums Out). Whenever the especially guilty ABC or CBS radio news syndicates start blabbing their anti-American propaganda, race to the radio - and TV - and turn the radio off or switch to a Christian station where you may find a refuge from the disgusting leftist news blather.
Caution: Do not change to a NPR or Public Broadcasting station of any kind as you may lose your lunch around lunch time. They are routinely vile. Be watchful not to accidentally tune to Jane Fonda's and Gloria Steinhem's new radio network known as "Estrogen America" or something like that.

What better time to "Turn Off, Tune Out, Drop Out" of the pig sty radio-tv news syndicates than during November Sweeps when the number of viewers/listeners is carefully counted by Arbitron and Nielsen to determine what program/personality stays and what program/personality goes? Katy Couric is already on the ropes ratings-wise, and it would just take a little push to see her replaced by someone, possibly, a bit more conservative - like Al Franken - as CBS anchor babe.

The MSM is ratcheting up its attack mode especially before the elections. Radio and TV Stations and their sponsors listen to complaints about news bias - if enough people actually complain and threaten to avoid their brand of the news as well as the sponsors. I was able to help convince a large local radio station switch from CBS radio news to ABC News. And, after urging another radio station to change news sources, it dumped ABC News for Fox radio news. I am now of the opinion that Fox radio news is bad as ABC and CBS. Dump them all. Turn them off during the news broadcasts. You won't miss a thing.

Local radio stations - almost all conservative - know that when listeners turn the lib news off, valuable sponsors are also turned off. Hourly and half hour news provided by the MSM is not a necessity as national news could be delivered by in the in house newscasters. Write, fax, email, call individual stations as well as CBS, Fox, and ABC news and tell them we are "Not going to take it (listen) any more."