Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Women Are Winning The War On Women

Genesis 3:16 You will want to control your husband, but he will dominate you

They have the NFL, ESPN, Cable networks, Hollywood, and even churches, academia, and schools bowing down in obeisance to them, yet they are not being "treated equally," according  to Hillary Clinton, Gloria Allred and an army of other I-am-woman-hear-me-roar women.

Sandra Fluke, alone, may have inspired enough winning votes for Obama from younger women who stood up to demand  their "Constitutionally approved" allotment of free birth control pills and abortions.

Public schools and colleges in the 1990's decided that girls and university coeds were being intentionally denied educational advantages, that boys had, so the majority of female educators belonging to an overwhelmingly Democrat teacher's union, pushed for more favoritism toward females in all schools from  grades K through 16. The Scholastic Aptitude Test college entrance exam was modified to more benefit the ladies. Hillary and Bill Clinton pushed through the Violence Against Women act, which funneled billions of dollars to local city and state prosecutors  to combat domestic attacks on women. Unfortunately, this provided city and state prosecutors with extra money for "busy," or "make do" work - encouraging wives and daughters to complain and eventually prosecute the men in the household, often for very whimsical and invented reasons. Anyone with a memory can remember those witch hunting  days.

In retrospect, it is understandable why Hillary would hate men. It was not just her attendance at Wellesley College, which  anointed  her  with an excessive love for estrogen.

Since I have a DVR, I very seldom watch TV commercials and don't have to view the long parade of commercials displaying men as dummies, jerks, arseholes, indifferent, uncaring, and what we use to call, henpecked.  I am surprised that  TPTB have not been able to force women into the most dangerous combat zones en masse. The really BIG news, relative to the U.S. finally bombing ISIS, is that an Arab (UAE) FEMALE fighter pilot is dropping bombs on her fellow Moslems. Even Charles Krauthammer ingratiated to this fine lady by recognizing her as the Winner of The Week.

Not wanting women to be barefoot and pregnant at all, I think there is just a little too much of the femmes blowing their own horns.  Its always, "A WOMAN DID THIS," and, " A WOMAN DID THAT." Do you think there might be a place for modesty in all this, or would that be too feminine - or just too human?

U.S. Title IX has robbed many high schools and colleges of male athletics, as golf teams have been eliminated in order to provide budgeting for women's squash or other unwatchable sports, as schools cannot find enough girls to get interested in many of the sports which replaced boys athletics, like wrestling. And, let's not even talk about the Women's National Basketball Association, except  many PC Big Boys Clubs, and sponsors, have given the WNBA huge  boosts, because their wives ordered them to, or they wanted to appease fellow libs. Still, no ratings.  And, talking about being "hoisted by one's  own petard," the politically correct NFL, NBA, and ESPN have been suffering for its grovelling before femininity, by trying to prove how conscientious  they are when discovering  player domestic violence and other sins. Its hard to watch pro football game without an on field correspondent interjecting every five minutes why a player has been suspended - during the game!

The pro league higher ups are themselves now  being accused of not being Politcally Correct enough. That'll show 'em. Ok, let the players wear the Breast Cancer Ribbon (but no such recognition of prostrate cancer), but isn't it going too far requiring the entire uniform to be dyed pink? I know most of the push is to get the female viewers to join their boyfriend/husbands on the couch on game day, so advertisers can entice the ladies to buy Bud Light, but in the process, the NFL is ruining the game.

At this rate, pro sports will soon be requiring players to wear something like the Colombia women's cycling uniform.

Affirmative Action was enacted to give a boost to minorities, especially blacks and women. Yes,women are still considered a minority, although they comprise a higher percentage of the population.

I was watching a fall preview of upcoming TV series, and while not looking for trouble, noticed that there is a bigger push by the networks to fill up the evening telly with female dominated roles, primarily cops. I will make a prediction that these woman cop shows will be as believable and successful as Demi Moore in G.I. Jane.

The United States military is needlessly wondering why sex assaults are so commonplace. College dormitories are also perplexed why there are so many sexual assaults on campus. "Young men will just have to learn to control their hormones." The same hormones that rage during firefights in hot combat zones. Both the military and universities have made the huge mistake of ignoring the acceleration of male and female libidos, when forced into close quarters.

Hillary is defaulting to her "War on Women" campaign, but I don't think anyone is buying it, as the war has ended, and the women have won. To prove it, tune into CBS homage to Hillary, Madame Secretary, on Sunday  after 60 Minutes.

This just in:The director of the Secret Service, Julia Pearson,testified before Congress, and  guaranteed that the "President is safe, today."  The director was  being grilled after Omar Gonzalez rushed past security and into an area of the White House which had access to the first family as well as the East Room. He overpowered a female Secret Service. agent . . Just another example of Affirmative Action in action. Update: After the President guaranteed that he had full faith in Ms. Pearson, she resigned several hours later.

No one wants to see womananity diminished in any way, but TPTB are pushing women's rights to Amazonian levels, far beyond sense and sensibility.

Isaiah  As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them.