Monday, March 13, 2006

Interesting NSA Wiretaps Between MSM And Iraq

Sunday, March 05, 2006

What Is So Grotesque That It May Not Be Seen Or Spoken?

Although every other form of pornographic and gory graphic may be seen on cable TV, the internet, and in the local school library (my nephew brags about the plethora of porn that may be downloaded in his social studies class), there are some images and descriptions that are so shocking, the federal government has been threatening ever since the implementation of the various Communication Acts to eliminate any mental image of live birth abortion from the public psyche. Yet, the "neo-holocaust" pictures of Abu Ghraib "torture" have been touted as the most horrible sort of human suffering since the Inquistion.

Even without the dark supervision of government oversight, Hollywood, the press, the broadcast media, academia, and liberal churches and synagogues throughout the land would rather the American public not know what partial birth abortion is. Very few of the more radical conservative radio broadcasters - the last of American rugged individualists - say much about the actual process involved in killing a living baby.

Democrats, of course, need the single female vote which comprises a large percentage of their voter base. African American women, although comprising less than 7 percent of the population have half of all abortions performed on them. The Democrat Party is desperate to promote anything that will retain its needed 25% black vote. Married and single women are becoming increasingly less likely to be pro abort, and this has the dems so worried that they must withhold those graphic descriptions from the public which depict the harm of "regular" abortion, as well as the more grisly late term abortion. And, the MSM is an ever accommodating accomplice.

So many Demococrats who were at one time pro life suddenly saw the light when they discovered that abandoning their convictions would win the approval of the feminist lobbies, and of course, the very profitable abortion industry. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Dennis Kucinich, just to name a few, stopped pretending to be good Baptists/Catholics when they were offered the Promised Land of media endorsements after finding out that favoring baby killing has beaucoup political advantages. Dark horse (or, small pony) presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich from Ohio was staunchly antiabortion until rather late in life - and late in the presidential campaign when he sold his soul to the abortion gods for a few extra votes (about ten) in the 2000 Democratic primary. Reminds one of Esau selling his birthright for a pottage of beans, but I think these pro-aborts will be even more accountable than Esau in the day we must submit to the Final Accounting.

More disturbing, as of late, was the lame explanation for backing late term abortion given by the non-pro-choice-for-the-baby State Senator Olsen from South Dakota who bragged that he was a good pro choice Episcopalian like so many other good liberal protestants such as Presbyterians, Methodists and Lutherans who think that if the Supreme Court bans partial birth abortion, that would be an infringement on their Freedom of Religion. FIGURE THAT ONE OUT.

The reasoning is that the pro-abort liberal "Christians" believe that it is fundamental to their faith (More Christlike) to: turn the baby around in the womb so his head is not exposed to the world, which would subject the abortionist to be charged with a capital crime of murder; stab the infant's head and then suck the brains out. These surely are radical Christian fundamentalists, if the above is fundamental to their faith.

A couple of weeks ago, a pastor friend of mine witnessed yet another young girl being carted out of a Cleveland abortion mill on a stretcher. The young black girl had come all the way from Erie Pennsylvania for an abortion despite the objections of her friends that brought her. Before she entered the clinic, the pastor kindly offered her an alternative to killing her baby. She declined and was later rushed to a local hospital for emergency treatment. It happens all the time, yet the local Cleveland news, as with most big city news departments, would not take the story. Abortion doctors are regularly and successfully sued, and it is rarely mentioned to the public. Women who have an abortion are at higher risk for many physical and psychological problems later in life. Never mentioned.

Will the media even discuss the inhumane, disgusting procedure of late term abortion now that the Supreme Court has thankfully retaken interest in this national travesty (sin)?

There are a number of websites which go into explicit detail about the procedure. Be the first one on your block to know what inhumanity goes on inside an abortuary.