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Why Blacks Must Reach Out To Republicans.

Its Confirmed. Glenn Beck Is Blacker Than Al Sharpton. At least, he's got more soul. The Washington, D.C. Restoring Honor rally looked more like Martin Luther King's rally than Martin Luther King had - almost. Humble and holy Christian ministers - Black, White, and Hispanic crowded the lectern Saturday praising God, and praying for a restoration, not to an ancient 'white' America, just restoration to an America envisioned by men like George Washington.

In fact, Beck cried as he questioned the large crowd (much larger than the the 80,000 CBS reported, but who is counting?), "Where is another George Washington? He may be in this crowd." I have long established George Washington, reluctant, humble warrior, and gentleman as the benchmark for what an American leader should emulate. I know there are George Washington Juniors out there, and them may not be women.

Meanwhile, back at a local D.C. High School, Al Sharpton, looking drawn and withdrawn, was quite lamely asking people to get down for the struggle, ie. getting mo' money through shakedowns. Al had a plethora of secular ministers and speakers from the backslidden United Church of Christ, the Human Rights Campaign, women's groups and so on, unconvincingly trying to fire up a crowd to "get their country back." Unfortunately, Jesse Jackson and liberal democrats have for a generation separated black people from a United States, thus forming their very own African American culture.

So what have African Americans got in return from liberal Democrats for being granted their own separated nation? Family destruction, epidemic crime, out of proportion incarceration in prisons, high unemployment, early death, high rate of aids especially among black females, angry black youth, school dropouts, disproportional teenage pregnancy, abortion, single parent families, and Affirmative Action programs which have virtually catapulted black females above and beyond expendable black men. All the above benefits for just voting Democrat.

Al Sharpton's people were not 'praising Jesus' like Elveda King, but imploring folks to unify (separate) even more, I guess, and go the road of Haiti, which 200 years ago became the first country in the world to become a solely black republican nation, after kicking out the Europeans.

Gospel and patriotic singing and reverential prayer was conspicuous at Beck's event, but there was nothing reverend at Sharpton's meetup, not even Al. Acorn leftovers, SIEU, the Human Rights Campaign representing sodomites, and Ed Schultz were just a few of the dimly lit luminaries. I saw no praying at Sharpton's rally, unlike MLK's original gathering. TV's chief White Guilt guy, Ed Schultz, gave a non rousing speech on how he "Got on the bus with the brothers. . ." bragging on how "forced busing" helped Mr. Schultz in his youth????? La Raza was, of course, represented, begging for its own country within the U.S. Obama had a representative from his Labor Department there, as the President dissed the Glenn Beck get-together, and reportedly said that he "ignored" Becks little to-do. Can't you have just a little class, Mr. President? President Obama also sent his Secretary of Education, inciting the crowd to demand 'more education,' [money]. How about, first, seeing to it that more than 50% of black youth actually return to the inner city schools they have dropped out of?

No offense to used car salesman, but Al Sharpton's Reclaim The Dream resembled a convention of used Yugo salesman - flat, pushy, and worse of all - no soul. Spin and spiel dominated the too many speakers who were herded on the pulpit, giving one minute quickie speeches and then disappearing back into obscurity and historical irrelevance.

Since so much of the media labeled Glenn's group as "majority white," its only fair to report that Sharpton's crowd was "majority black." African Americans, themselves, will soon learn that all those promises of 'Obama Money' and other Democratic carrots-on-sticks will not materialize, and that they must get back to God and Country [especially God], and not necessarily through Glenn Beck or the Republicans.

Al Sharpton's rally ended with a Free D.C. representative whipping up the crowd to demand that Washington D.C. be given statehood status so that "We can get that 2.5 Billion Dollars, due to us that we cannot get because we are not a state." And, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Obama's Mother & Father(s) CIA Agents Fought Communists? Wayne Madsen's In Depth Report

How ironic that as President Obama treads into Communism (Socialism, one bite at a time), his parents and grandparents may have been CIA assets employed to fight Communism form Africa to Indonesia. Read the very detailed and researched Wayne Madsen preliminary report here, and go to Wayne Madsen's full report for more . . . much more.

The Story of Obama: All in The Company
Alex Jones & Aaron

August 18, 2010

“Tonight is a particular honor for me because, let’s face it,
my presence on this stage is pretty unlikely. My father was a foreign student,
born and raised in a small village in Kenya. He grew up herding goats, went to
school in a tin-roof shack. His father — my grandfather — was a cook, a
domestic servant to the British. But my grandfather had larger dreams for his
son. Through hard work and perseverance my father got a scholarship to study
in a magical place, America, that shone as a beacon of freedom and opportunity
to so many who had come before.”

- Barack Obama, 2004 Democratic National Convention Keynote

Far from being the mere ‘son of a
goat herder’ (as he deceptively paraded during and even before his candidacy),
strong evidence has emerged that President Barack Obama is the product of the
intelligence community. Investigative reporter and former NSA employee Wayne
Madsen has put together an extensive three-part (and growing) series with
conclusive proof and documentation that Barack Obama Sr., Stanley Ann Dunham,
Lolo Soetoro and President Barack Obama himself all hold deep ties to the CIA
and larger intelligence community. And that’s just the beginning.
After his
election, President Obama quickly moved to seal off his records
via an executive order. Now, after two years of hints and clues, there is
substantial information to demonstrate that what Obama has omitted is that his
rare rise to power can only be explained by his intelligence roots. However,
this is more than the story of one man or his family. There is a long-term
strategic plan to recruit promising candidates into intelligence and steer these
individuals and their families into positions of influence and power. Consider
that it is now declassified former British Prime Minister Tony Blair was
recruited into MI5 before becoming a labour leader, or that George
H. W. Bush not only became CIA director in 1976
but had a deeper past in the organization. While we may never
know many pertinent details about these matters, one thing that is certain is
that the American people have never been told the truth about who holds the real
power, nor who this president– and likely many others– really is. Thus,
we urge everyone to read Wayne Madsen’s deep report and seek the truth for
The Story of Obama: All in The Company (In Three

Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

August 18, 2010
PART 1: The Story
of Obama: All in The Company (Part I)

journalist Wayne Madsen has discovered CIA files that document the agency’s
connections to institutions and individuals figuring prominently in the lives of
Barack Obama and his mother, father, grandmother, and stepfather. The first part
of his report highlights the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the
CIA-sponsored operations in Kenya to counter rising Soviet and Chinese influence
among student circles and, beyond, to create conditions obstructing the
emergence of independent African leaders.

JPEG - 26.4 kb

From 1983-84, Barack
Obama worked as Editor at Business Internation Corporation, a Business
International Corporation, a known CIA front company.

President Obama’s own work in 1983 for Business International
Corporation, a CIA front that conducted seminars with the world’s most powerful
leaders and used journalists as agents abroad, dovetails with CIA espionage
activities conducted by his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham in 1960s post-coup
Indonesia on behalf of a number of CIA front operations, including the East-West
Center at the University of Hawaii, the U.S. Agency for International
Development (USAID), and the Ford Foundation. Dunham met and married Lolo
Soetoro, Obama’s stepfather, at the East-West Center in 1965. Soetoro was
recalled to Indonesia in 1965 to serve as a senior army officer and assist
General Suharto and the CIA in the bloody overthrow of President
Barack Obama, Sr., who met Dunham in 1959 in a Russian language
class at the University of Hawaii, had been part of what was described as an
airlift of 280 East African students to the United States to attend various
colleges — merely “aided” by a grant from the Joseph P. Kennedy Foundation,
according to a September 12, 1960, Reuters report from London. The
airlift was a CIA operation to train and indoctrinate future agents of influence
in Africa, which was becoming a battleground between the United States and the
Soviet Union and China for influence among newly-independent and soon-to-be
independent countries on the continent.
The airlift was condemned by the
deputy leader of the opposition Kenyan African Democratic Union (KADU) as
favoring certain tribes — the majority Kikuyus and minority Luos — over other
tribes to favor the Kenyan African National Union (KANU), whose leader was Tom
Mboya, the Kenyan nationalist and labor leader who selected Obama, Sr. for a
scholarship at the University of Hawaii. Obama, Sr., who was already married
with an infant son and pregnant wife in Kenya, married Dunham on Maui on
February 2, 1961 and was also the university’s first African student. Dunham was
three month’s pregnant with Barack Obama, Jr. at the time of her marriage to
Obama, Sr.

JPEG - 26.7 kb

The CIA allegedly
recruited Tom M’Boya in a heavily funded “selective liberation” programme to
isolate Kenya’s founding President Jomo Kenyatta, who the American spy agency
labelled as “unsafe.”
KADU deputy leader Masinda Muliro,
according to Reuters, said KADU would send a delegation to the United
States to investigate Kenyan students who received “gifts” from the Americans
and “ensure that further gifts to Kenyan students are administered by people
genuinely interested in Kenya’s development.’”
Mboya received a $100,000
grant for the airlift from the Kennedy Foundation after he turned down the same
offer from the U.S. State Department, obviously concerned that direct U.S.
assistance would look suspicious to pro-Communist Kenyan politicians who
suspected Mboya of having CIA ties. The Airlift Africa project was underwritten
by the Kennedy Foundation and the African-American Students Foundation. Obama,
Sr. was not on the first airlift but a subsequent one. The airlift, organized by
Mboya in 1959, included students from Kenya, Uganda, Tanganyika, Zanzibar,
Northern Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, and Nyasaland.
Reuters also
reported that Muliro charged that Africans were “disturbed and embittered” by
the airlift of the selected students. Muliro “stated that “preferences were
shown to two major tribes [Kikuyu and Luo] and many U.S.-bound students had
failed preliminary and common entrance examinations, while some of those left
behind held first-class certificates.”
Obama, Sr. was a friend of Mboya and a
fellow Luo. After Mboya was assassinated in 1969, Obama, Sr. testified at the
trial of his alleged assassin. Obama, Sr. claimed he was the target of a
hit-and-run assassination attempt after his testimony.

JPEG - 70.7 kb

CIA-airlifted to Hawaii,
Barack Obama Sr., with leis, stands with Stanley Dunham, President Obama’s
grandfather, on his right.
Obama, Sr., who left Hawaii for
Harvard in 1962, divorced Dunham in 1964. Obama, Sr. married a fellow Harvard
student, Ruth Niedesand, a Jewish-American woman, who moved with him to Kenya
and had two sons. They were later divorced. Obama, Sr. worked for the Kenyan
Finance and Transport ministries as well as an oil firm. Obama, Sr. died in a
1982 car crash and his funeral was attended by leading Kenyan politicians,
including future Foreign Minister Robert Ouko, who was murdered in 1990.
files indicate that Mboya was an important agent-of-influence for the CIA, not
only in Kenya but in all of Africa. A formerly Secret CIA Current
Intelligence Weekly Summary
, dated November 19, 1959, states that Mboya
served as a check on extremists at the second All-African People’s Conference
(AAPC) in Tunis. The report states that “serious friction developed between
Ghana’s Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah and Kenyan nationalist Tom Mboya who
cooperated effectively last December to check extremists at the AAPC’s
first meeting in Accra.” The term “cooperated effectively” appears to indicate
that Mboya was cooperating with the CIA, which filed the report from field
operatives in Accra and Tunis. While “cooperating” with the CIA in Accra and
Tunis, Mboya selected the father of the president of the United States to
receive a scholarship and be airlifted to the University of Hawaii where he met
and married President Obama’s mother.
An earlier CIA Current Intelligence
Weekly Summary
, secret, and dated April 3, 1958, states that Mboya “still
appears to be the most promising of the African leaders.” Another CIA weekly
summary, secret and dated December 18, 1958, calls Mboya the Kenyan nationalist
an “able and dynamic young chairman” of the People’s Convention party who was
viewed as an opponent of “extremists” like Nkrumah, supported by “Sino-Soviet
In a formerly Secret CIA report on the All-Africa Peoples
Conference in 1961, dated November 1, 1961, Mboya’s conservatism, along with
that of Taleb Slim of Tunisia, are contrasted to the leftist policies of Nkrumah
and others. Pro-communists who were elected to the AAPC’s steering committee at
the March 1961 Cairo conference, attended by Mboya, are identified in the report
as Abdoulaye Diallo, AAPC Secretary General, of Senegal; Ahmed Bourmendjel of
Algeria; Mario de Andrade of Angola; Ntau Mokhele of Basutoland; Kingue Abel of
Cameroun; Antoine Kiwewa of Congo (Leopoldville); Kojo Botsio of Ghana; Ismail
Toure of Guinea; T. O. Dosomu Johnson of Liberia; Modibo Diallo of Mali; Mahjoub
Ben Seddik of Morocco; Djibo Bakari of Niger; Tunji Otegbeya of Nigeria; Kanyama
Chiume of Nyasaland; Ali Abdullahi of Somalia; Tennyson Makiwane of South
Africa, and Mohamed Fouad Galal of the United Arab Republic.
The only
attendees in Cairo who were given a clean bill of health by the CIA were Mboya,
who appears to have been a snitch for the agency, and Joshua Nkomo of Southern
Rhodesia, B. Munanka of Tanganyika, Abdel Magid Shaker of Tunisia, and John
Kakonge of Uganda.
Nkrumah would eventually be overthrown in a 1966
CIA-backed coup while he was on a state visit to China and North Vietnam. The
CIA overthrow of Nkrumah followed by one year the agency’s overthrow of Sukarno,
another coup that was connected to President Obama’s family on his mother’s
side. There are suspicions that Mboya was assassinated in 1969 by Chinese agents
working with anti-Mboya factions in the government of Kenyan President Jomo
Kenyatta in order to eliminate a pro-U.S. leading political leader in Africa.
Upon Mboya’s death, every embassy in Nairobi flew its flag at half-mast except
for one, the embassy of the People’s Republic of China.

JPEG - 26.8 kb

Jomo Kenyatta, first
President of Kenya.
Mboya’s influence in the Kenyatta
government would continue long after his death and while Obama, Sr. was still
alive. In 1975, after the assassination of KANU politician Josiah Kariuki, a
socialist who helped start KANU, along with Mboya and Obama, Sr., Kenyatta
dismissed three rebellious cabinet ministers who “all had personal ties to
either Kariuki or Tom Mboya.” This information is contained in CIA Staff Notes
on the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia, formerly Top Secret Umbra, Handle
via COMINT Channels, dated June 24, 1975. The intelligence in the report, based
on its classification, indicate the information was derived from National
Security Agency intercepts in Kenya. No one was ever charged in the
assassination of Kariuki.
The intecepts of Mboya’s and Kariuki’s associates
are an indication that the NSA and CIA also maintain intercepts on Barack Obama,
Sr., who, as a non-U.S. person, would have been lawfully subject at the time to
intercepts carried out by NSA and Britain’s Government Communications
Headquarters (GCHQ).
(Continued below)
Special Report. The Story of Obama: All in The Company - Part

In Part I of this WMR special report, we
revealed the connections between Barack Obama, Sr. and the CIA-affiliated
Airlift Africa project to provide college degrees to and gain influence
over a group of 280 eastern and southern African students from soon-to-be
independent African nations to counter similar programs established by the
Soviet Union and China. Barack Obama Sr. was the first African student to attend
the University of Hawaii. Obama Sr. and Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham met in
a Russian language class in 1959 and they married in 1961.

The African airlift program was administered by Kenyan nationalist leader
Tom Mboya, a fellow Luo tribe mentor and friend of the senior Obama. According
to CIA documents described in Part I, Mboya also served the CIA in ensuring
that pro-Soviet and pro-Chinese African nationalists were stymied in their
attempt to dominate pan-African nationalist political, student, and labor

One of Mboya’s chief opponents was Ghana’s
first president, Kwame Nkrumah, who was ousted in a CIA-inspired coup in 1966,
one year before to Obama Sr’s son, Barack Obama, Jr. and
his mother joined Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian who Obama’s mother met
at the University of Hawaii in 1965, when President Obama was four years old.

In 1967, Obama and his mother joined her husband in
Jakarta. In 1965, Lolo Soetoro had been called back from Hawaii by General
Suharto to serve as an officer in the Indonesian military to help
launch a bloody CIA-backed genocide of Indonesian Communists and Indonesian
Chinese throughout the expansive country. Suharto consolidated his power in
1966, the same year that Barack Obama, Sr.’s friend, Mboya, had helped to rally
pro-U.S. pan-African support for the CIA’s overthrow of Nkrumah in
Ghana in 1966.

East-West Center, University
of Hawaii, and CIA coup against Sukarno

Ann Dunham met Soetoro at the East-West Center at the University of
Hawaii. The center had long been affiliated with CIA activities in the
Asia-Pacific region. In 1965, the year that Dunham met and married Soetoro, the
center saw a new chancellor take over. He was Howard P. Jones who served a
record seven years, from 1958 to 1965, as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia. Jones
was present in Jakarta as Suharto and his CIA-backed military officers planned
the 1965 overthrow of Sukarno, who was seen, along with the Indonesian Communist
Party (PKI), as allies of China.

When Jones was
chancellor of the East-West Center, he wrote an article for the Washington
, dated October 10, 1965, in which he defended Suharto’s overthrow of
Sukarno. Jones was “invited” by the Post to comment on the Suharto
coup, described as a “counter-coup” against the Communists. Jones charged that
Suharto was merely responding to an earlier attempted Communist-led coup against
Sukarno launched by Lt. Col. Untung, “a relatively unknown battalion commander
in the palace guard.”

Jones’s article, which mirrored CIA
situation reports from the U.S. embassy in Jakarta, continued by stating that
the alleged leftist coup on September 30 ”came within an inch of
succeeding through the assassination of six of the top military command. It
might well have succeeded had not Defense Minister Nasution and a number of
other senior generals also maked for assassination acted fast in a dramatic
counter-coup.” Of course, what Jones did not inform the Post’s readers
was that the Suharto “counter-coup” had been assisted with the strong help of
the CIA.

Sukarno never blamed the Communists for the
assassination of the army generals nor did the Indonesian Cabinet, where the
second= and third-ranking leaders of the PKI were present. The possibility that
the assassination of the generals was a CIA/Suharto “false flag” operation to
affix blame on the PKI cannot be ruled out. Two days after Suharto’s coup, a CIA
“rent-a-mob” burned down the PKI headquarters in Jakarta. As they marched past
the U.S. Embassy, which was also the site of the CIA station, they yelled out,
“Long live America!”

Untung later said that when he
became aware that Suharto and the CIA were planning a coup on October 5,
1965 – Indonesian Armed Forces Day – forces loyal to him and Sukarno
moved first. Jones described this as “typical Communist propaganda.” Suharto
moved against Sukarno on October 1. Jones iterated that “there was not an iota
of truth . . . in the accusation that the CIA was working against Sukarno.”
History has proven otherwise. Jones accused the Communists of taking advantage
of Sukarno’s failing health to beat out the other candidates to succeed him. The
goal, according to Jones, was to have PKI boss D.N. Aidit succeed Sukarno.
Sukarno did not die until 1970, while under house arrest.

  • A d v e r t i s e m e n t

A CIA paper, formerly
classified Secret and undated, states “Sukarno would like to return to the
status quo ante-coup. He has refused to condemn the PKI or the 30th September
Movement [of Lt. Col. Untung]; instead, he calls for unity of Indonesia and asks
that no vengeance be taken by one group against the other. But, he has not
succeeded in forcing the Army to abandon its anti-PKI activities and, on the
other hand, he has bowed to their demand by appointing its single candidate
General Suharto as head of the Army.” Suharto and Barry Obama Soetoro’s
step-father Lolo Soetoro would ignore Sukarno’s call for no vengeance, as
hundreds of thousands of Indonesians would soon discover.

The mass murder by Suharto of Indonesian Chinese is seen in the CIA
paper’s description of the Baperki Party: “the leftist Baperki Party, with its
major strength in rural areas, is largely Chinese-Indonesian in membership.” A
CIA Intelligence Memorandum, dated October 6, 1966 and formerly classified
Secret, shows the extent of the CIA’s monitoring of the anti-Sukarno coup from
various CIA agents assigned as liaisons to Suharto’s army units surrounding
the Presidential Palace in Bogor and at various diplomatic posts around the
country, including the U.S. Consulate in Medan, which was keeping track of
leftists in that Sumatran city and, which, in an October 2, 1965, Intelligence
Memo, reported to the CIA that the “Soviet consul-general in Medan has a plane
standing by that could be used for evacuation of Soviet citizens from Sumatra.”
The October 6 memo also warns against allowing Untung from developing
a following in Central Java.

A CIA formerly Secret
“Weekly Summary Special Report” on Indonesia, dated August 11, 1967, and titled “The New Order in Indonesia,”
reports that in 1966, Indonesia re-aligned its economy in order to
receive International Monetary Fund (IMF) assistance. The CIA reports its is
happy with the new triumvirate ruling Indonesia in 1967: Suharto, Foreign
Minister Adam Malik, and the Sultan of Jogjakarta, who served as minister for
economics and finance. The report also rejoices in the outlawing of the PKI, but
states it “retains a significant following in East and Central Java,” where Ann
Dunham Soetoro would largely concentrate her later efforts on behalf of USAID,
the World Bank, and the Ford Foundation, all front activities for the CIA to
“win the hearts and minds” of the Javanese farmers and artisans.

A CIA Intelligence Memorandum, formerly Secret and dated July 23, 1966,
clearly sees the Muslim Nahdatul Ulama party {NU), the largest party in
Indonesia and Muslim, as a natural ally of the United States and the Suharto
regime. The report states that helped Suharto put down the Communists in the
post-coup time frame, especially where the NU was strongest: East Java, where
Obama’s mother would concentrate her activities, and North Sumatra and parts of
Borneo. An April 29, 1966, formerly Secret CIA Intelligence Memorandum on the
PKI states: “Moslem extremists in many instances outdid the army in hunting down
and murdering members of the party [PKI] and its front groups.”

Dunham and Barry Soetoro in Jakarta and USAID front

Having A Supply Of Healthy Foods That Last Just Makes

Dunham dropped out of the University of Hawaii
in 1960 while pregnant with Barack Obama. Barack Obama Sr. left Hawaii in 1962
to study at Harvard. Dunham and Obama divorced in 1964. In the fall of 1961,
Dunham enrolled at the University of Washington while caring for her infant son.
Dunham was re-enrolled at the University of Hawaii from 1963 to 1966. Lolo
Soetoro, who Dunham married in March 1965, departed Hawaii for Indonesia on July
20, 1965, some three months prior to the CIA’s coup against Sukarno. Soetoro,
who served Suharto as an Army colonel, was clearly called back from the
CIA-connected East-West Center to assist in the coup against Sukarno, one that
would eventually cost the lives of some one million Indonesian citizens. It is a
history that President Obama would like the press to ignore, which it certainly
did during the 2008 primary and general election.

1967, after arriving in Indonesia with Obama, Jr., Dunham began teaching English
at the American embassy in Jakarta, which also housed one of the largest CIA
stations in Asia and had significant satellite stations in Surabaya in eastern
Java and Medan on Sumatra. Jones left as East-West Center chancellor in 1968.

In fact, Obama’s mother was teaching English for the
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which was a major cover for
CIA activities in Indonesia and throughout Southeast Asia, especially in Laos,
South Vietnam, and Thailand. The USAID program was known as Lembaga
Pendidikan Pembinaan Manajemen
. Obama’s mother, painted as a free spirit
and a “sixties child” by President Obama and people who claimed they knew
her in Hawaii and Indonesia, had a curriculum vitae in Indonesia that
contradicts the perception that Ann Dunham Soetoro was a

Dunham Soetoro’s Russian language training at
the University of Hawaii may have been useful to the CIA in Indonesia. An August
2, 1966, formerly Secret memorandum from the National Security Council’s
Executive Secretary Bromley Smith states that, in addition to Japan,
Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the Philippines, the
Suharto coup was welcomed by the Soviet Union and its Eastern European allies
because its created a non-aligned Indonesia that “represents an Asian
counterweight to Communist China.” Records indicate that a number of CIA agents
posted in Jakarta before and after the 1965 coup were, like Dunham Soetoro,
conversant in Russian.

Dunham Soetoro worked for the
elitist Ford Foundation, World Bank, Asian Development Bank, Bank Rakyat (the
majority government-owned People’s Bank of Indonesia), and the CIA-linked USAID
while she lived in Indonesia and later, Pakistan.

was involved in a number of CIA covert operations in Southeast Asia. The
February 9, 1971, Washington Star reported that USAID officials in Laos were
aware that rice supplied to the Laotian Army by USAID was being re-sold to North
Vietnamese army divisions in the country. The report stated that the U.S.
tolerated the USAID rice sales to the North Vietnamese since the Laotian Army
units that sold the rice found themselves protected from Communist Pathet Lao
and North Vietnamese attack. USAID and the CIA also used the supply of rice
to force Laotian Meo tribesmen to support the United States in the war against
the Communists. USAID funds programmed for civilians injured in the war in Laos
and public health care were actually diverted for military

In 1971, the USAID-funded Center for Vietnamese
Studies at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale was accused of being a CIA
front. USAID-funded projects through the Midwest Universities Consortium for
International Activities (MUCIA) — comprising the Universities of Illinois,
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana and Michigan State — were accused of being CIA
front projects, including those for “agricultural education” in Indonesia, as
well as other “projects” in Afghanistan, Mali, Nepal, Nigeria, Thailand, and
South Vietnam. The charge was made in 1971, the same year that Ann
Dunham was working for USAID in the country.

In a July
10, 1971, New York Times report, USAID and the CIA were accused of
“losing” $1.7 billion appropriated for the Civil Operations and
Revolutionary Development Support (CORDS) program in South Vietnam. CORDS was
part of the CIA’s Operation Phoenix program, which involved CIA assassination
and torture of South Vietnamese village elders and Buddhist clerics. USAID
money was also directed to the CIA’s proprietary airline in Southeast Asia, Air
America. In Thailand, USAID funds for the Accelerated Rural Development Program
in Thailand were actually masking a CIA anti-Communist counter-insurgency
operation. USAID funds programmed for public works projects in East Pakistan in
1971 were used for East Pakistan’s military fortifications on its border
with India, in the months before the outbreak of war with India, in
contravention of U.S. law that prohibited USAID money for military

In 1972, USAID administrator Dr. John Hannah
admitted to Metromedia News that USAID was being used as a cover for CIA covert
operations in Laos. Hannah only admitted to Laos as a USAID cover for the CIA.
However, it was also reported that USAID was being used by the CIA in Indonesia,
Philippines, South Vietnam, Thailand, and South Korea. USAID projects in
Southeast Asia had to be approved by the Southeast Asian Development Advisory
Group (SEADAG), an Asia Society group that was, in fact, answerable to the

The U.S. Food for Peace program, jointly
administered by USAID and the Department of Agriculture, was found in 1972 to be
used for military purposes in Cambodia, South Korea, Turkey, South
Vietnam, Spain, Taiwan, and Greece. In 1972, USAID funneled aid money only
to the southern part of North Yemen, in order to aid North Yemeni forces against
the government of South Yemen, then ruled by a socialist government opposed to
U.S. hegemony in the region.

One of the entities
affiliated with the USAID work in Indonesia was the Asia Foundation, a 1950s
creation formed with the help of the CIA to oppose the expansion of communism in
Asia. The East-West Center guest house in Hawaii was funded by the Asia
Foundation. The guest house is also where Barack Obama Sr. first stayed after
his airlift from Kenya to Hawaii, arranged by the one of the CIA’s major agents
of influence in Africa, Mboya.

Dunham would also travel
to Ghana, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Thailand working on micro-financing
projects. In 1965, Barack Obama Sr. returned to Kenya from Harvard, with another
American wife. The senior Obama linked up with his old friend and the CIA’s
“golden boy” Mboya and other fellow Luo politicians. The CIA station chief
in Nairobi from 1964 to 1967 was Philip Cherry. In 1975, Cherry was the CIA
station chief in Dacca, Bangladesh. Cherry was linked by the then-U.S.
ambassador to Bangladesh, Eugene Booster, to the 1975 assassination of
Bangladesh’s first president, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and members of
his family.

The hit on “Sheikh Mujib” and his family was
reportedly ordered by then-Secretary of State Henry Kissinger. Bangladesh was
also on the micro- and macro-financing travel itinerary of CIA-linked Ann

CIA banking and

Meanwhile, Dunham Soetoro’s mother,
Madelyn Dunham, who raised young Obama when he returned to Hawaii in 1971 while
his mother stayed in Indonesia, was the first female vice president at the Bank
of Hawaii in Honolulu. Various CIA front entities used the bank. Madelyn Dunham
handled escrow accounts used to make CIA payments to U.S.-supported Asian
dictators like Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, South Vietnamese
President Nguyen van Thieu, and President Suharto in Indonesia. In effect, the
bank was engaged in money laundering for the CIA to covertly prop up its favored
leaders in the Asia-Pacific region.

One of the CIA’s
major money laundering fronts in Honolulu was the firm of Bishop, Baldwin,
Rewald, Dillingham & Wong (BBRDW). After the CIA allowed the firm to
collapse in 1983 amid charges that BBRDW was merely a Ponzi scheme,
Senator Daniel Inouye of the US Senate Intelligence Committee said the CIA’s
role in the firm “wasn’t significant.” It would later be revealed
that Inouye, who was one of the late Alaska Senator Ted Stevens’s best
friends in the Senate, was lying. In fact, BBRDW was involved heavily in
funding covert CIA programs throughout Asia, including economic espionage
against Japan, providing arms for Afghan mujaheddin guerrillas in their war
against the Soviets and covertly supplying weapons to Taiwan. One of BBRDW’s
principals was John C. “Jack” Kindschi, who, before he retired in 1981, was the
CIA station chief in Honolulu. BBRDW’s chairman Ron Rewald had a counterfeit
college degree certificate provided for the wall of his office by the CIA’s
forgery experts and his name was inserted in university records as an alumnus.

A false history for BBRDW was concocted by the CIA
claiming the firm had operated in Hawaii since it was a territory. President
Obama is currently plagued by allegations that he has fake college and
university transcripts, a phony social security number issued in Connecticut,
and other padded resume items. Did Hawaii’s fake BBRDW documents portend
today’s questions about Obama’s past?

BBRDW conducted its
business in the heart of Honolulu’s business district, where the Bank of Hawaii
was located and where Obama grandmother Madelyn Dunham ran the escrow
accounts. The bank would handle much of BBRDW’s covert financial

Obama/Soetoro and the “years of
living dangerously” in Jakarta

It is clear that
Dunham Soetoro and her Indonesian husband, President Obama’s step-father, were
closely involved in the CIA’s operations to steer Indonesia away from the
Sino-Soviet orbit during the “years of living dangerously” after the overthrow
of Sukarno. WMR has discovered that some of the CIA’s top case officers were
assigned to various official and non-official cover assignments in Indonesia
during this time frame, including under the cover of USAID, the Peace Corps, and
the U.S. Information Agency (USIA).

One of the closest
CIA contacts for Suharto was former CIA Jakarta embassy officer Kent B. Crane.
Crane was so close to Suharto after “retiring” from the CIA, he was
reportedly one of the only “private” businessmen given an Indonesian diplomatic
passport by Suharto’s government. Crane’s company, the Crane Group, was involved
in supplying small arms to the military forces of the United States, Indonesia,
and other nations. A foreign policy adviser to Vice President Spiro Agnew, Crane
was later nominated as U.S. ambassador to Indonesia by President Ronald Reagan
but the nomination was dead-on-arrival because of Crane’s dubious links to
Suharto. The ambassadorship would instead go to John Holdridge, a close
colleague of Kissinger. Holdridge was succeeded in Jakarta by Paul

Suharto’s cronies, who included Mochtar and
James Riady of the Lippo Group, would later stand accused of funneling over $1
million of illegal foreign contributions to Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential

President Obama has twice postponed official
state visits to Indonesia, perhaps fearful of the attention such a trip would
bring to the CIA connections of his mother and Indonesian

In the 1970s and 80s, Dunham was active in
micro-loan projects for the Ford Foundation, the CIA-linked East-West
Center, and USAID in Indonesia. One of the individuals assigned to the U.S.
embassy and helped barricade the compound during a violent anti-U.S. student
demonstration during the 1965 Suharto coup against Sukarno was Dr. Gordon
Donald, Jr. Assigned to the embassy’s Economic Section, Donald was responsible
for USAID micro-financing for Indonesian farmers, the same project that Dunham
Soetoro would work on for USAID in the 1970s, after her USAID job of
teaching English in Indonesia. In a 1968 book, “Who’s Who in the
CIA,” published in West Berlin, Donald is identified as a CIA officer who
was also assigned to Lahore, Pakistan, where Dunham would eventually live for
five years in the Hilton International Hotel while working on
microfinancing for the Asian Development Bank.

Another “Who’s Who in the CIA” Jakarta alumnus is Robert F. Grealy, who
later became the director for international relations for the Asia-Pacific for J
P Morgan Chase and a director for the American-Indonesian Chamber of Commerce. J
P Morgan Chase’s CEO Jamie Dimon is being mentioned as a potential replacement
for Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, whose father, Peter Geithner, was the
Ford Foundation’s Asia grant-selector who funneled the money to Ann Dunham’s
Indonesian projects.

CIA Black Projects and

While in Pakistan, Dunham’s son Barack
visited her in 1980 and 1981. Obama visited Karachi, Lahore, and Hyderabad,
India during his south Asia visits. It was during the time period that the CIA
was beefing up its anti-Soviet operations in Afghanistan from

A January 31, 1958, heavily-redacted formerly
Secret NOFORN [no foreign dissemination] memorandum for CIA Director Allen
Dulles from the Deputy Assistant Director of the CIA for Research and Reports
[name redacted] reports on a fact-finding mission to the Far East, Southeast
Asia, and the Middle East from November 17 through December 21, 1957.

The CIA Office of Research and Reports (ORR) chief
reports a meeting with the staff of retired Army General Jesmond Balmer, a
senior CIA official in Hawaii, about requests by the Commander-in-Chief Pacific
(CINCPAC) for “a number of detailed, time-consuming research studies.” The ORR
chief then reports about a CIA “survey of students at the University of Hawaii
who have both Chinese language and research ability.” The ORR chief also reports
that at a South-East Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO) Counter Subversion Seminar
at Baguio, Philippines held from November 26-29, 1957, the Economic Subcommittee
discussed an “economic development fund” to combat “Sino-Soviet Bloc subversive
activities in the area and a consideration of possible counter-measures which
might be employed.”

The Thailand and Philippines
delegations were pushing hard for U.S. funding for an economic development fund,
which may have provided the impetus for later USAID projects in the region,
including those with which Peter Geithner and Obama’s mother were
intimately involved.

Although CIA geo-political covert
operations at the University of Hawaii are well-documented, the agency’s darker
side of research and MK-UKTRA type operations has not generally been
associated with the University of Hawaii.

A series of
formerly Confidential CIA memoranda, dated May 15, 1972, points to the
involvement of both the Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency
(ARPA), the CIA, and the University of Hawaii in the CIA’s behavioral science
program. The memos are signed by then-Deputy Director of the CIA Bronson Tweedy,
the chief of the Intelligence Community’s Program Review Group (PRG) [name redacted], and CIA
Director Richard Helms. The subject of the memos is “ARPA Supported Research Relating to
Intelligence Product,”
The memo from the PRG chief discusses a
conference held on May 11, 1972, attended by Lt. Col. Austin Kibler, ARPA’s
Director of Behavioral Research. Kibler was the chief for ARPA research into
behavior modification and remote viewing. Others mentioned in the PRG chief’s
memo include CIA Deputy Director for Intelligence Edward Proctor, the CIA Deputy
Director for Science and Technology Carl Duckett, and Director of the
Office of National Estimates John Huizenga.

In 1973,
after CIA Director James Schlesinger ordered a review of all CIA programs, the
CIA developed a set of documents on various CIA programs collectively called the
“Family Jewels.” Most of these documents were released in 2007 but it was also
revealed that Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, the CIA’s director of MKULTRA, the agency’s
behavior modification, brainwashing, and drug testing component, had been
ordered by Helms, before he resigned as CIA director, to be destroyed. Duckett,
in one memo from Ben Evans of the CIA to CIA Director William Colby, dated May
8, 1973, conveys that he “thinks the Director would be ill-advised to say
he is acquainted with this program,” meaning Gottlieb’s drug testing program

Senior Gerald Ford administration
officials, including Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld, ensured that after the production of the “Family Jewels”
documents, no CIA revelations were made about CIA psychological
behavior-altering programs, including MKULTRA and Project

The May 15, 1972, set of memos appears to be
related to the CIA’s initial research, code named SCANATE, in 1972
into psychic warfare, including the use of psychics for purposes of remote
viewing espionage and mind control. The memo discussed Kibler from ARPA and
“his contractor,” which was later discovered to be Stanford Research Institute
(SRI) in Menlo Park, California.

In a memo from CIA
Director Helms to, among others, Duckett, Huizenga, Proctor, and the Director of
the Defense Intelligence Agency, which later inherited reote viewing from the
CIA under the code name GRILL FLAME, Helms insists that ARPA had been supporting
research into behavioral science and its potential for intelligence
production ”for a number of years” at “M.I.T., Yale, the University of
Michigan, U.C.L.A., and University of Hawaii and other institutions as well as
in corporate research facilities.”

The role of the
University of Hawaii in CIA psych-war operations continues to this day.
The chief of research for DIA’s Defense Counterintelligence and Human
Intelligence Center (DCHC) Behavioral Sciences Program, Dr. Susan Brandon, who
was reportedly involved in a covert program run by the American Psychological
Association (APA), Rand Corporation, and the CIA to employ “enhanced
interrogation” techniques, including sleep and sensory deprivation, intense
pain, and extreme isolation on prisoners held at Bagram airbase in
Afghanistan and other “black prisons,” received her PhD in Psychology from the
University of Hawaii. Brandon also served as assistant director of Social,
Behavioral, and Educational Sciences for the Office of Science and
Technology Policy in the George W. Bush White House.

CIA’s close connections to the University of Hawaii continued to the late
1970s, when the former President of the University of Hawaii from 1969 to 1974,
Harlan Cleveland, was a special invited speaker at CIA headquarters on May 10,
. Cleveland served as Assistant Secretary of State for
International Organization Affairs from 1961 to 1965 and Lyndon Johnson’s
ambassador to NATO from 1965 to 1969 before taking up his position at the
University of Hawaii.

A CIA Director of Training memo
dated May 21, 1971, reports on the active recruitment of a U.S. Marine officer
who was entering graduate school at the University of Hawaii.

The Family of Obama and the CIA
There are volumes of written material on the CIA backgrounds of George H.
W. Bush and CIA-related activities by his father and children, including former
President George W. Bush. Barack Obama, on the other hand, cleverly
masked his own CIA connections as well as those of his
mother, father, step-father, and grandmother (there is very little known about
Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who was supposedly in the furniture
business in Hawaii after serving in Europe during World War II). Presidents
and vice presidents do not require security background checks, unlike other
members of the federal government, to hold office. That job is left up to the
press. In 2008, the press failed miserably in its duty to vet the man who would
win the White House. With the ties of Obama’s parents to the University of
Hawaii and its links to MKULTRA and ARTICHOKE, a
nagging question remains: Is Barack Obama a real-life “Manchurian

(Continued below)
PART 3: August
19, 2010 — SPECIAL REPORT. The Story of Obama: All in the Company — Add one more
Obama family member to the CIA payroll. Part III

WMR previously reported on the CIA links of President Obama’s mother,
father, step-father, grandmother to the CIA. Not much is known about
Obama’s grandfather, Stanley Armour Dunham, who Obama
mistakenly referred to as “his father”
in two speeches, one recently
to the Disabled American Veterans.

What is officially
known about Stanley Armour Dunham is that he served with the 9th Air Force in
Britain and France prior to and after the D-Day invasion. After the war, Dunham
and his wife, Madelyn and his daughter Stanley Ann — Obama’s mother — moved to
Berkeley, California; El Dorado, Kansas; Seattle; and Honolulu. Armour Dunham is
said to have worked for a series of furniture stores.

Obama maintains that his mother and father first met in a
Russian-language class at the University of Hawaii in 1959. However, a
photograph has emerged of Stanley Armour welcoming Barack Obama, Sr., complete
with traditional Hawaiian welcoming leis, from Kenya. Obama, Sr. was
the only Kenyan student airlifted to Hawaii as part of the CIA-inspired Airlift
Africa project that saw Obama and 279 other students from British eastern and
southern African colonies brought to the United States for college degrees prior
to their homelands gaining independence from Britain. The students were selected
by Kenyan nationalist leader Tom Mboya who would later conduct surveillance for
the CIA at pan-African nationalist meetings. Mboya was particularly focused on
two African leaders who were seen as too close to the Sino-Soviet bloc, Kwame
Nkrumah of Ghana and Sekout Toure of Guinea.

Stanley Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr. at
welcoming ceremony to Hawaii. The presence of two US Navy personnel indicates
the plane may have landed at Hickam Air Force Base, an indication of the U.S.
government’s and CIA’s role in the Airlift Africa project.

The photograph of Armour Dunham with Barack Obama, Sr., indicates that
the “furniture salesman” in Hawaii was, in fact, working with a CIA-funded
project to rapidly educate aspiring politicians to serve in post-independence
African governments to counter Soviet- and Chinese-backed political leaders
in the region.

There is a strong reason to believe that
Armour Dunham worked in the 1950s for the CIA in the Middle East. An FBI
file on Armour Dunham existed but the bureau claimed it destroyed the file on
May 1, 1997. Considering the sour relations between the FBI and CIA during the
Cold War, it is likely that Armour Dunham was being monitored by FBI director J.
Edgar Hoover in the same manner as a number of other CIA officials and agents
were being surveilled. Similarly, the pre-1968 passport records of Obama’s
mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, were destroyed by the State

There is a photographic clue that the Dunhams
may have been assigned by the CIA to Beirut, Lebanon in the early 1950s. A
photograph of Obama’s mother and grandparents has emerged that shows Stanley Ann
Dunham wearing what may be a school uniform with the insignia of “NdJ,” which
stands for the College Notre-Dame de Jamhour, a private Jesuit Catholic
French language school in Beirut, Lebanon. Graduates of the school include
three former presidents of Lebanon, Amine Gemayel, Bashir Gemayel, and Charles
Helou, all of whom maintained close relations with Washington.

Did Obama’s mother [left] go to a private
school in Lebanon in the early 1950s while her father [middle] worked for the
CIA in Beirut?

There is also the curious nature of
President Obama’s Social Security Number, issued in Connecticut, a state where
there is no other evidence of his ever being a resident. Adding to the
mystery is a New York City address for a “male” named Stanley Ann
Dunham, 235 E. 40th St Apt 8F, New York NY 10016-1747. The address is a
few blocks away from the address of the Ford Foundation. Ann Dunham did work
briefly in New York for the Ford Foundation.

On August 9,
2010, WMR reported, “In a December 19, 1971, article in the Boston
by Dan Pinck, [a historian and former OSS officer] titled
‘Is everyone in the CIA?’ it is alleged that identifying US Agency for
International Development (USAID) officers as CIA agents was a ‘reasonably
accurate accounting of certain leading operatives and associates of the CIA.’
President Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro worked for USAID in rural
Java in Indonesia. Pinck’s article was a review of a 1968 book, ‘Who’s Who
in the CIA’ published in Berlin.”

WMR has obtained a rare
copy of “Who’s Who in the CIA,” from England. The book, published in West Berlin
in 1968, lists some 3,000 CIA agents and agents-of-influence around the world.

The book also contains a reference to one CIA operative
whose area of primary place of operation was Mercer Island, Washington. He was
retired Air Force General Don Zabriskie Zimmermann, who was the Chief Engineer
for the Boeing Company in Seattle. Before retiring from the Air Force,
Zimmermann was the Air Force Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for
Development in Foreign Countries. Ann Stanley Dunham reportedly graduated
from Mercer Island High School in 1960 and met Obama later that year in a
Russian language class after her parents moved to Hawaii. Stanley Ann’s
mother, Madelyn Dunham, worked at a Boeing plant in Wichita, Kansas during World
War II.

The book lists the number of CIA agents in
countries during the 1950s and 60s where Obama’s father, mother, step-father
Lolo Soetori, and allegedly, his grandmother and grandfather


Surabaya 12

Hollandia 1
Nairobi 19
Mombassa 2
61 (including one agent also assigned to Jakarta,
Lahore, and Karachi and another assigned to Lahore)

Honolulu 6 (one
agent also assigned to Canton Island and another was fluent in French, Stanley
Ann Dunham spoke French, Urdu, Bahasa Indonesian, and she studied Javanese at
the University of Hawaii, in addition to Russian).

COMMENT: We commend Wayne Madsen for his
vast exposé of Barack Obama’s true background. Madsen will appear on the Alex
Jones Show tomorrow THURSDAY AUGUST 19 at 1 PM EST / 12 NOON CST, to reveal even
more bombshell details of his deep research into this matter. Tune in for this
vital info and visit the Wayne Madsen Report for further

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Someone Tell Maddow, Olbermann, Huffington Kos That IT IS A MOSQUE !!!

And, that IT IS AT GROUND ZERO!!! Its as if the Islamophile spear-catchers would say that those unfortunate Japanese who died on the outskirts of Hiroshima as a result of the Atom Bomb, were "not at ground zero." Yet, none of the lamestream media seems to want to reveal that one of the attack airliners on 9/11 dropped a landing gear onto the very building where they plan to build a mosque.

BTW, if you look at "mosques" around the world, they are synonymous with community centers. All the trappings of a YMCA, except they are not Christian (like the modern day Y). Today's modern mosque - virtually anywhere in the world - includes gyms, cafeterias, meeting rooms, prayer rooms, schools, creche's (day care), etc.

Prez Obama has only confessed that he is Christian, but I think that was while he was campaigning. If his sole Christian advisor is Jim Wallis of Sojourners (former SDS), he might be better off sitting under Jeremiah Wright's pulpit. Has Obama or anyone in the administration fought for the rebuilding of the St. Nicholas Orthodox Church - across the street from the Twin Towers, and destroyed on 9/11 - which has been haggling with Bloomberg for 8 years to get permission for rebuilding?

So, the President wants to not celebrate Christmas (his advisers persuaded him to do it anyway), avoid Christian functions, yet this great Man of Peace, wants to placate Muslims at every turn.

And, what about the nonexistent Separation of Church and State? Where are Barry Lynn (United Church of Anti Christ minister, and head of Americans United For Separation Of Church And State)and the ACLU, as New York Governor Patterson is offering free property to a religious group?

PS Have they found that Cross which was dedicated to WW I veterans nearly hundred years ago, that was stolen from a remote area of the Mojave Desert? Are they even looking?

PPS And,please, stop repeating that stupid mantra, "Its legal," "Its legal." We know its legal, we just don't want it there.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Glenn Beck Right For Not Opposing ASS (Abortion-Sodomy Sins)?

No one has done more on TV or Radio to promote the Constitution, reawaken Americans to their early history, or promote spiritual revival in the U.S.A. today.

Glenn Beck has exposed the intricacies and fallacies of just about every Democrat/Socialist leaning man and organization. Dave Barton, who I have met and is the founder of the fantastic WallBuilders.Com website, has been Beck's most frequent guest - driving home the proof that America was founded on an inseparable intertwining of faith and law (the Constitution).

Glenn Beck has urged America, like no other newscaster/commentator to turn back toward God or faith, however, in a sort of generic way, yet still mentioning the name of Jesus Christ, somewhat cautiously, so as not to offend too much, so many in government who are regularly banning that Name's use. See Persuade.TV and Speaker of House Bans Praying In Jesus Name.

Despite all that Glenn Beck has done, he has avoided, according to his interview on Bill O'Reilly, speaking out against Abortion or Sodomy because, "Bill is covering it." Beck wants to "unite rather than divide" he says, because, "The country is burning." Does this make Beck more of a sort of secularized Robert Schuller or even a Rick Warren, who both are fairly secularized IMHO? Even O'Reilly seems to be more an anti-abort than Glenn, yet they both shy away from confronting homosexuality, politically as well as morally.

The ASS issues have been avoided by even the most conservative Republicans, but abortion, in particular, figured very prominently, in the Georgia's governor primary race where the more antiabortion candidate for Governor, Nathan Deal, defeated the Sarah Palin backed antiabortion-light candidate Karen Handel.

Will Beck eventually have to make a decision in the Valley of Decision?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Unusual, Disturbing Mosque Planned For Ground Zero

"A Mosquemuseum Memorializing Peace Loving Moslems"

You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me

WWW http://joeclarke.net