Friday, February 24, 2012

And On The 14th Day W Bush Said "Let There Be Oil" And Then Gas Prices Sank

That was the 14th of July, 2008 when President George W. Bush wisely lifted the moratorium on oil drilling, thus sparking the precipitous drop in the price of gasoline from an average high of $4.12 per gallon to a cellar dwelling low of $1.60 by November of that year.

Despite President Obama's promise of a newer, comprehensive energy plan, he has planned to do everything but open up drilling on the East Coast, West Coast, Gulf, and the Arctic.

When President Obama bragged on "More energy production under his administration than the last ten years," recently, he also failed to mention that any gains in energy production have been due to private not public land drilling. And, these energy gains were planned long before he was president, despite the fact the Democrats have fought exploration for over 25 years, at least. The Dems have been shouting for the longest time, "It takes too long - 5 years or more," to formulate a plan to become energy independent, so what's the use?" They have been stalling with this sort of garbage talk for over 25 years.

I am for the Keystone Pipeline, but to bake oil sands from Canada and convert it into usable energy is half as efficient as just drilling for the crude oil and extracting it nearly ready made for energy demands. We want a newer pipeline to extend hundreds of miles into the Gulf of Mexico, where 50 miles off the coast is a nearly infinite abundance of oil lying beneath the waves.

Obama's promise to "Shut down the coal industry," and "Skyrocket energy prices," has hit areas such as Ohio and Pennsylvania,where 5 coal plants were recently closed down. Remember the Alamo, Remember the Maine, and Remember the Danube - which has been frozen in Eastern Europe, where over 600 people have frozen to death for the lack of delivery of fuel supplies. Europe has been closing down coal plants at a much faster rate than the U.S. and are now paying the consequences.

President Obama's "Comprehensive Energy Plan," is still focusing on Green Solutions which have proven to be devastating to economies in Spain and other Euro countries. Yet, despite the Solyndra and other green debacles, the Environmentalists have convinced Obama to say "no" to expanding real energy exploration and development.

Below Are A Few Of Obama's No Zones.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Praying For Maureen Dowd's Excorcism

Disrespectful, blasphemous clip art accompanying Maureen Dowd's latest column -

Fanatical Santorum Wages His 'Spiritual War'

I don't want to seem too fanatical to Maureen Dowd, the NY Time's preeminent lady journalist, but she is indeed need of deliverance from a spirit that is quite contrary to anything that may be considered good and wholesome. This has been proven many times in her past writings, as well as today in her denunciation of Rick Santorum as a crazy man. See below. Rick Santorum is not yet my pick for President, nor would I nominate him for Catholic sainthood (I am a non Catholic, anyway), but many of his religious tenants, though opposite to that she-devil Dowd, are in sync with my own understanding of spiritual things.

Ms. Dowd, an admitted lapsed Catholic and former Republican, did a fair job of demonizing the practicing Catholic, Rick Santorum, for his moral and Catholic stands on abortion, same sex marriage, etc. By fair job, I mean that Maureen has pleased liberals by doing the work of the devil by demonizing Rick Santorum in her newspaer commentary "Fanatical Santorum Wages His 'Spiritual War." In the same commentary in my newspaper the Beacon Journal, there is a clip art cartoon of a goofy looking Santorum on his knees clutching a cross - the much maligned symbol of Christianity and all that is holy.

So, Maureen, in trying to prove that she is "More Pagan Than Thou," does her usual thing of bashing basic tenants of Christianity - Biblical scripture, as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Maureen, a life long bachelorette who is well known for defending Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewishky scandal (won a Pulitze for it) and bashing that 'Swaggering Cowboy' George Bush, is aghast that Rick has supported laws that would require pregnant teens who are thinking about an abortion, to merely view an ultrasound of that "thing" within her, which she has the power to destroy with the help of Planned Parenthood and other programs designed to help young women dispose of that living creature, also known as a baby.

Maureen has trouble taking the high ground in her moral argument against Rick Santorum, but she has no trouble in taking the the low road that leads to destruction. And, she may win another Pulitzer in the process. Come out of her !!!!!! (And Nancy Pelosi)


Read Rick's Religious Fanaticism By Maureen Dowd

*Various newspapers which carry Dowd's columns, may rephrase the title of columns.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TV Series - "The Real, Whining, Money-Hungry Jewish Housewives Of Miami Beach" Would Be Highly Inflammatory

Of course, this would be a most contemptible title for any TV show and it would be quickly condemned by Christians, but ABC TV's new program entitled Good Christian Belles, which has been planned since 2009, was originally called Good Christian Bitches, but even libs at ABC knew that title wouldn't fly.

The TV series aka GCB is based on former Dallas Texas Presbyterian congregant, Kim Gatlin's book which uses the "Bitch" word rather than "Belle" in the title of her book. According to Kim's bio, she was disgusted with the reaction of her church's female members to her dumping/divorcing her husband. According to one review of her book Good Christian Bitches, "The protagonist, like the author, is a divorced mother of two. The book's characters attend Bible study at "Hillside Park Presbyterian," get expensive divorces and breast implants, and wash down long lunches at the fictional restaurant "Al's."

Darren Starr, producer for the very dirty Sex In The City series, is also producing GCB, thus furthering his personal mission to slime women and Christians. Darren Starr is a liberal Jewish gay man. That may explain a lot about his intentions and motives.

I hope I need not say that I am very supportive of conservative Jews like Dr. Laura, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, etc. I am anti-liberal, not anti Semitic.

Chelsea Handler has been given accolades for portraying a "Judgey, super Christian sister" in her bombing new TV series "Are You There, Chelsea?"

Kenneth is the stooge/page on 30 Rock who is loved for his specifically Christian bumbling and naievete.

ABC Television has joined the Roman Circus to slaughter Christians by introducing this new series which was originally titled "Good Christian Bitches," but backed off and renamed it "Good Christian Belles," which is another slap at godly women, starring Christian country singer/actress Kristen Chenoweth. Kristin, for those who don't know, started out as a young gospel singer, not unlike Whitney Houston and Katy Perry. I do pray she does better in life.

Unless someone can convince ABC to cancel this bigoted series, it will premier March 4, 2012

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Mocking Christians In Election Season - Last Acceptable Bigtotry

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mocking Christians In Election Season - Last Acceptable Bigtotry

While GLAAD is super protected by the media, both liberal and conservative, Christians, in general, are
experiencing a renewed full-out onslaught against their faith, pre presidential election.

As usual, the faith of those running for the highest office is being scrutinized more than ever, first by Republicans. We never hear much concern about a Dem's faith, because faith is not much of an an issue to Dems. President
Obama's religious bona fides came into question, only because his mentor/minister was from a planet even beyond Louis Farrakhan's Mother Ship. Like, who ever knew that Joe Biden is the first Catholic Vice President of the United States, or who really thinks about Nancy Pelosi as a practicing Catholic? Not much bragging on them by RC people. Nor, Newt or John Kerry. Rick Santorum, a Catholic, is despised by libs as he speaks against Gay Marriage Equality in Washington state by Occupiers and Unionistas. I can remember a time when union members, Catholic and non Catholic, would start meetings with a prayer. Now, they gather to determine how much money to send to pro abortion candidates.

So, we conservatives like to examine (pick apart) our candidates, while Democrats will usually elevate any old relatively faithless person to be their messiah.

We are seeing increased attacks, both subtle and not so subtle, on America's foundations and traditional faith - Christianity.

I have never enjoyed Tina Fey's humor on Saturday Night Live nor on 30 Rock. It could be a very funny show except for the constant jabs at conservatives, especially by actor Jack McBrayer who plays the goofy, cheerful Bible believer, Kenneth, who is the object of every sort of ridicule and Christian cliche under the sun.

Lately, cable TV Chelsea Lately's Chelsea Handler, a liberal Jewish actress/comedienne portrays an "uptight" Christian on Are You There Chelsea? Even without the Christian bashing, this show will never be funny. How did Ms. Handler attain her own TV show and other highly prized show biz gigs? It is not her deadpan Roseanne Barr delivery, nor is it her bombastic f-bombing everyone in sight. Simply said, she had a long affair with the President of Comcast Entertainment which is a parent to the E! cable television program.

Nicki Minaj was fortunately panned by even the secular showbiz press for her demonic presentation of a sort of musical exorcism act she performed recently on the Grammys. In a few short minutes, she mocks pope and priest, speaks in demonic tongues, levitates thirty feet, while in a stained window "church," dressed in red, while a choir sings off-key How Great Thou Art. At least, Lady Gaga did not perform any blasphemous performances this year. LL Cool J did say a respectful prayer ( a tad bit late) in memory of Whitney Houston, who started out as a beautifully voiced child gospel singer, but then crossed over - without taking the cross, unfortunately.

In Your Face TV, like the shows Glee and Modern Family, which are among the many gay themed programs, plays, and movies which exalt LGBTQ lifestyles, and regularly receive awards aplenty for doing so, have featured gay teenage sex, like Matt of Glee promising to "lose his gay virginity this year," and the 4 year old Lily, daughter of Modern Family's gay couple, shouting out something to sound like "F You" in one episode. The creators of the TV cartoon South Park have regularly lampooned (blasphemed) Jesus, and then decided to bash Mormonism with The Book Of Mormon Broadway musical. In blasting Mormonism, the South Park guys also denigrate all that is holy - apart from Mormon doctrine in the musical. I don't consider it a consolation that the South Park producers also ridicule other institutions, as well as Jesus, but they have avoided saying much about Mohammad. How brave is that? The NY Times, of course, lovea the Book of Mormon production.

Russel Brand, a British comedian who married Katy Perry, blamed wife Katy's Christian religion for their recent divorce. More specifically, Brand, who has bragged about his insatiable whore mongering, blamed Katy's Christian parents, who are ministering evangelists. Katy Perry went from singing gospel to singing, "I Kissed A Girl," and later explained to Jay Leno that, "I no longer believe that the world is flat," thus dissing her Christian faith. Soon after she married Brand.

The media jumped on the Susan G. Komen Foundation for withdrawing support, and then pressured the group into resupporting Planned Predators (Planned Parenthood).

Led by NBC's Andrea Mitchel-Greenspan, the press pressed in on Republican candidates to favor requirements for religious organizations to furnish "free" contraception for all. Like salivating, rabid wolves, the media dug into Rick Santorum for merely saying that, Constitutionally, states could decide to ban contraception. Baby hating females ripped Santorum like Dr. Tiller into a fetus. BTW Jim Quinn of Quinn and Rose radio fame has asked, since contraception is guaranteed by the Constitution, why aren't the free issue of firearms guaranteed to every citizen? At least, bearing arms is guaranteed in the Constitution while baby prevention is not even hinted at in our founding document. How about free vasectomies for men? You go first.

Thankfully, American Bishops have come out of their shell and have made very staunch arguments against Obama's anti-religious/conscience health care mandates.

Here is a good list of recent nationwide Christian/Catholic bashing as performed by people such as from Maher and other media pundits. Top Ten Instances of Christian Bashing in America, 2008.

It would be unthinkable for this sort of criticism to be levied against other demographics, such as Liberal Jews, American Islamic Fundamentalists, Gays (Gay,Lesbian, Transsexual, Transgender, BiSexual, Questioning). African Americans, Fat People, Asians, etc.

Truly it has been observed; bashing Christianity, "Is The Last Acceptable Bigotry."