Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TV Series - "The Real, Whining, Money-Hungry Jewish Housewives Of Miami Beach" Would Be Highly Inflammatory

Of course, this would be a most contemptible title for any TV show and it would be quickly condemned by Christians, but ABC TV's new program entitled Good Christian Belles, which has been planned since 2009, was originally called Good Christian Bitches, but even libs at ABC knew that title wouldn't fly.

The TV series aka GCB is based on former Dallas Texas Presbyterian congregant, Kim Gatlin's book which uses the "Bitch" word rather than "Belle" in the title of her book. According to Kim's bio, she was disgusted with the reaction of her church's female members to her dumping/divorcing her husband. According to one review of her book Good Christian Bitches, "The protagonist, like the author, is a divorced mother of two. The book's characters attend Bible study at "Hillside Park Presbyterian," get expensive divorces and breast implants, and wash down long lunches at the fictional restaurant "Al's."

Darren Starr, producer for the very dirty Sex In The City series, is also producing GCB, thus furthering his personal mission to slime women and Christians. Darren Starr is a liberal Jewish gay man. That may explain a lot about his intentions and motives.

I hope I need not say that I am very supportive of conservative Jews like Dr. Laura, Mark Levin, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, etc. I am anti-liberal, not anti Semitic.

Chelsea Handler has been given accolades for portraying a "Judgey, super Christian sister" in her bombing new TV series "Are You There, Chelsea?"

Kenneth is the stooge/page on 30 Rock who is loved for his specifically Christian bumbling and naievete.

ABC Television has joined the Roman Circus to slaughter Christians by introducing this new series which was originally titled "Good Christian Bitches," but backed off and renamed it "Good Christian Belles," which is another slap at godly women, starring Christian country singer/actress Kristen Chenoweth. Kristin, for those who don't know, started out as a young gospel singer, not unlike Whitney Houston and Katy Perry. I do pray she does better in life.

Unless someone can convince ABC to cancel this bigoted series, it will premier March 4, 2012

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