Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Herman Cain Victim Of Bill And Hillary Clinton's Feminism

How the press covered for Billy Bob (BJ Clinton) as he was running for President in 1992. One of Bill Clinton's earliest public lies was made while being interviewed on 60 Minutes back then. "I did not have relations with Gennifer," was his statement, as he sat beside a more naive looking Hillary on the 60 Minutes set. Was that the interview where the stage lighting came crashing down very close to the Liar 'N Chief? Hillary was nodding her head in agreement with Bill's confession of chastity, standing by her man, as she was remembering how many times she screamed at him for his many infidelities during his Governorship in Arkansas. The State Highway Patrol had procured many a lady and girl for him, yet the press nodded and winked at Bill's slutty behavior from then on - throughout his career of whore mongering, all the way up to the DNA stained dress of Monica Lewinsky. In fact, Clinton's ratings rose during his public humiliation, because that's what makes you popular among Democrats - frequent commission of all the Deadly Sins.Bill Clinton owed his wife, Hillary, big time. And, he has paid big time, including knocks on the head from her tossing everything from ash trays to lamps at him. Gennifer Flowers later produced tape recordings proving his long term affair with her, and he finally admitted to the affair, only when he was providing testimony (he didn't lie in this one) during his defense for groping recently widowed Kathleen Willy. Not to mention the believable accusations of rape by Betty Broaddrick even later. And, who could not believe Paula Jones, who became all the more believable as the facts (DNA stained dress) discovered in the Monica Lewinsky case seeped out for over two miserable years as suffered by the American public, as well as Bill and Hillary.

Hillary was so adept during the 1992 Presidential campaign in stifling Bill's women from yakking about their affairs through her Operation Bimbo Eruption (strange thing for a feminist lady to call her fellow ladies), which threatened squealers not to talk about their intrigues with husband Bill. Later in Bill's tenure at the Oval Harem, one of his former babes, a Miss America, was so frightened, she fled to Canada. The press, even today, still will never report on Bill's current girlfriends, who seem to get younger and blonder every day.

So, Herman Cain has been accused of something he could barely remember (that is why he initially admitted as to having no knowledge of his Crime of the Century), and the press, even Fox News, has been down his throat like white on rice, not understanding his original ignorance of a twelve year old story, that was not even a story at the time of the sexual harassment allegations by women who originally agreed not to talk about the "incidents," and who are anonymously making the claims.

It is another Anita Hill moment, as we celebrate 20 years since she tried to deep six Clarence Thomas over a hair on a Coke can. Libs cannot stoop too low.

Strangely, as Bill was getting a lot of strange varieties of women, he was also pushing, back in the 1990's with Hillary's prodding, for the 1994 Violence Against Women Act and other extreme measures which nailed the coffin on men falsely accused of everything from sexual molestation, rape, sexual harassment, and even child abuse. VAWA as it was called, gave ladies such a leg up in the judicial sysystem, that prosecutors could even more easily indict men of the above crimes, as Bill and Hillary's VAWA affirmative action scheme poured billions of dollars into prosecutors' coffers, in order to jail and fine men-accused-by-women like never before. After VAWA was passed sexual harrasment lawsuits tripled. Even against Bill Clinton. Poetic justice?

More and more women and girls could safely come forth and lie their panties off (Duke Rape Case, one of many) and suffer no repercussions for lying and bearing false witness, as it is even today. Since VAWA, women have been given even more inculpability and less responsibility in domestic and criminal courts across the country. I know of cases where men have gone to jail for may years, because of obviously false accusations. Free Tony Cioffi out of Younstown, Ohio is just one of many cases I have been involved with while working in the Prison Ministry. His story is unbelievable. The courts totally bought the story of his wife's accusations during a bitter divorce that he molested his two younger male children, which they recanted years later. The courts do not like to hear recantations. They like to jail. Especially, the lady prosecutors, lady psychologists, lady social workers, lady probation officers, lady judges, and lady lawyers. It started in the Garden of Eden, this enmity between men and women, and Bill Clinton made it worse in many ways.

So Bill and Hillary accelerated the trend of overly protecting girls and women in the judicial system, even while Hillary allowed Bill to freely extort and abuse women at his leisure.

And the press said, and still says, nothing. But Herman Cain . . . . there's a story.