Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Is Actually A Violence Against Men Act

Another one of Bill Clinton's nastier legacies that he has left us (Besides Lib Fed Judges http://joeclarke.net/2005/05/bill-clinton-left-few-stinkers-over.html) is the infamous V.A.W.A. Violence Against Women Act which has proven to be anti-male overkill - offending millions of men through forced impoverishment, separation/divorce from their wives and children, and many times, jail - without any more of a reason than a casual accusation by an offended woman. VAWA was "conceived" [an awful word to feminists] in 1994 and has Hillary written all over it. See how Men Are Excluded From Violence Against Women Act. http://www.safe4all.org/essays/vawa2005

VAWA must be renewed in 2005 because it has not harmed enough families in the past ten years to satiate the libs hunger for destruction of the family. VAWA is part of the new Hate Crimes zeitgeist which is singling out a certain demographic for prosecution (you do not need to do a Google search to notice that the particular object of disaffection of VAWA is the male gender. VAWA does not concern itself with such things such as; in 50% of domestic violence cases, men are the victims; and girls and women can say "boo" and a man is slapped with a Civil Protection Order, hauled off to jail, separated from his children, and made to live in his car for extended periods of time (I personally know of at least three men who were subjected to this). How are we going to pay for all these lib social programs, you libs, when you are sending so many primary wage earners to the old calaboose and through the court system which is already overburdened and quite expensive?

The accused must then endure psychological counseling from a lib female psychologist as ordered by the female judge, as recommended by the female prosecutor and the lady social worker from Children's Services. The male defendant's wife is offered inexhaustible state-funded benefits to divorce her husband, keep him separated from their children, and thereafter burden society with welfare. Victim's Assistance has become part of the cabal which totally ignores the plight of the fathers in favor of the mother, no matter how skanky or drugged-up she may be. I am quite serious about this. Children's Services is infamous for taking children out of good homes and sending them to the worse of homes, and there is an epidemic of live-in boyfriends killing the mother's kids. Yet, Children's Services does not object to these living situations.

Of course, wife-beating should be a jailable offense. But, harsh words or little physical contact should not be reason enough to have a man carted off to jail or slammed with a five year separation through a restraining order. Civil Protection Orders in Ohio can demand that the defendant not be in the same place at the same time that the plaintiff or the children are. Civil Protection Orders are normally set for five years in Ohio and the defendant is not even allowed to own a gun for hunting, much less, self defense. The accused must also give up other constitutional rights (like freedom of association) in order to satisfy the Queenies on the court bench.

I am not a woman-hater, nor do I mind women (a minority which is not a minority) getting special affirmative action "boosts" to join the military, the post office, the fire department, the police department, civil service, and I don't mind, that much, that over 80% of nurses, social workers, case workers, and teachers are ladies. Its great that they can enjoy and participate in a number of college sports - at the expense of men's athletic programs - as promoted by Federal Title IX. More and more women than men are graduating from college to fill all those nursing, social work, and teaching slots that our over-gentlemanly society has handed over to those who were known at one time as "the weaker sex." (Take a look at the hardened eyes of Janeane Garofalo and know that there is no weakness there.)

Is it that good that domestic courts/children's services throughout the land regularly favor the mother in custody battles while ignoring the fathers? We have oppressed women for so long, they say, it is high time that the judicial and legislative bodies in America favor the purer, more innocent, sugar-and-spice sex. However, when it comes to depriving accused men of their livelihood and most of their constitutional rights, we males must politely and in mousy fashion appeal to the lady judges to not be so harsh on us. The Violence Against Women Act has set up a system of harassing and jailing men on nothing more than trumped-up accusations.

Having served with a prison ministry for some years now, I am seeing injustice on a greater scale. More and more men are entering prison and suffering violence - from the courts. Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a pioneer in advancing women's rights, unfortunately, while denying men's rights. Here's a good one: One County's Crime Rate Soars Because Any Domestic Violence Is Now Considered A Felony http://www.ohio.com/mld/ohio/news/11984253.htm. One vengeful lady can put her cop husband out of business for life if he is accused by his wife of DM. One local Lady Judge has declared, " All Domestic Violence Should Be Considered Potentially Lethal." Overkill. I had to discourage one normally sane father/husband not to take any personal vengeance out on the Domestic Court, Children Services, Prosecutor, Counselors, Ex Wife and Lawyers who were pushing this guy around to the max. One reason domestic violence in on the rise is that many ordinary domestic problems between man and wife/children are aggravated by the interference caused by the socio-political-judicial powers that be, along with those old emissaries from Satan - the lawyas.

Several men in just this past year in this small County of Summit in Ohio have been released from prison because the women/girls who originally falsely accused them have recanted, or overwhelming evidence has been found to prove their innocence. Many of those falsely imprisoned - I would guess as much as 20% of the prison population - do not have the resources to battle in the Play To Pay American court system, so they routinely stay in prison until they rot. Those ex prisoners who are able to gain their freedom are able to sue the state and receive over $25,000 for every year served while wrongly imprisoned. I expect a lot more of these cases coming to the fore and the states needing to dig deeper into their treasuries in order to compensate those illegally imprisoned. It is not unlike the infamous California McMartin phony ritual abuse Witch Hunts in 1984 http://www.religioustolerance.org/ra_mcmar.htm. Today,men and fathers are the witches.

I have much anecdotal evidence of men I know sent to jail or forced to endure a year of expensive psychological counseling for domestic violence e.g., a man yelled at his wife; a father "sounded angry;" a man complimented a woman he had just met on her style of clothing, so a police detective showed up at his door to inquire. . . There is not enough time or space to recount all the horror stories, but the time is a coming when the public (and especially the gentlemen) will wake-up. The Violence Against Women Act is another socialist program designed to buy Democrat votes and destroy fatherhood and the family which is already near extinction, thanks to unbalanced legislation and the libs who clamor for it.

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