Wednesday, June 01, 2005


Thanks To and For The HeadsUp On This One.

Although the male Indy drivers, and the press (which was spellbound over the 4th place finish for Danica Patrick) were too polite to mention it, Danica totalled two (COUNT THEM, TWO) Million Dollar+ Indy cars when she lost control of her vehicle. The two Indies belonged to the same team - Panther Racing - which had a shot at winning this year.

Danica was not cited and may have been given special preference because of United States Title IX, Affirmative Action, And Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. Danica may also join any Fire Department, Police Department, or any other Civil Service (Government) Job,even if she does not have the ability to lift twenty pounds or has the IQ of Monica Lewinski.OK, I am kidding, and hope the best for Danica.

From, Ind. - Despite a front wing that was broken in three separate places, Buddy Lazier managed to pull off a fifth-place finish in the 89th Running of the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday - which marks the best finish at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Panther Racing. Lazier's impressive effort is also the best finish for a Jonathan Byrd's Cafeteria sponsored car.

"I knew when I signed on with this team that I'd have a real chance to win this race," Lazier said. "I think we would have made a great run for it if we didn't have a problem with our front wing. Hats off to Chevrolet, they did their homework over the offseason and gave us a chance to win this race. It's really amazing we were running at the end like we were."
Tomas Enge and Tomas Scheckter finished 19th and 20th, respectively, as they were both involved in an accident on Lap 155.

All three of Panther Racing's Chevrolets were running consistently in the Top Ten, and each had a chance to threaten the lead. However, Panther lost two-thirds of its arsenal when Danica Patrick got sideways during a Lap 155 restart, and both Tomas Enge and Tomas Scheckter were collected in the accident.

"Danica lost it in front of me," Scheckter explained. "My teammate got caught up in it, and I got caught up in it. She got it wrong on the restart, a little mistake but big consequences for everybody else. That's the kind of thing that happens in racing, but it hurts a little more because this was Indy. There was just nothing I could do to avoid the incident."
Patrick did a quarter-spin on the restart and made contact with Enge, who was eliminated from the race. Scheckter, who was just behind the accident, spun while trying to avoid the collision and made contact with the inside retaining wall. Scheckter attempted to avoid the two IndyCar Series rookies as they got together, but he spun in the process and was also eliminated from the race.

"I feel like I had a great run going. On the restart Danica lost the rear and I went beside her when the contact happened, and when I was there I saved her actually," Enge said after the race. "It's a shame because all of the guys at Panther Racing and Chevrolet were really fantastic. Unfortunately I couldn't fight for the Rookie of the Year, but I'll come back next year. This was my first real race of the year and I felt like I was having a great day. It's really a shame. I was trying to stay on the lead lap and we tried to set up my car as best as possible for the final shootout."