Saturday, May 14, 2005

Bill Clinton Left A Few Stinkers - Over 370 Fed Judges

That aroma wafting across the United States that could make one very ill if inhaled is not some imaginary pollution invented by the EPA or lib college professors, it is the smell of bad law made by Clinton appointed judges. The idea of 'One Man, One Vote' has been replaced by 'One Judge, One Million Votes' as federal judges continue to strip the power of referendum voters away from the common folk. This week, the Nebraska federal judge Joseph Battalion who has just negated the wishes of 70 per cent of that state's voters desire for a marriage protection act was, of course, appointed by Clinton.

Starting at the top, Judges Ruth Bader Ginsburg, former ACLU activist and Steven Breyer, both appointed by Clinton have been outspoken in favor of sodomy and "the consideration of Foreign Law when deciding American court cases." These are only two of the hundreds of judges stinkin' up the place had not Bill Clinton become president . President Bush cannot afford to appoint another David Souter-like chameleon who resembled a Constitution lover before he was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Bush Sr, but as soon as he hit Washington he became infected, and the terrible lib odour, which D.C. is famous for, invaded his soul.

Bad decision after bad decision has followed those judges who Bill Clinton whisked by the Senate and into the Federal Courthouses. Anything that may have redemptive qualities such as prayer in school or display of the Ten Commandments has been hunted down by the Clinton's Klan of odious judges.

Clinton judges have become infamous for ignoring the Constitution and have been guilty of making -instead of interpreting - bad laws from little to big. For instance, several years ago (1997),we had a huge problem with an enlarged deer population which was destroying entire species of plants, causing millions of dollars of damage to cars, killing motorists in the accidents, and otherwise starving legions of deer to death. The National Park system was denied the right to thin the herd because of one Clinton Judge, Paul Friedman, who was urged by a California environmental group to stop the deer hunt. The problem has continued almost unabated until this very day and hundreds of deer carcasses are now rotting in this Cuyahoga Valley National Park south of Cleveland.

It will take many years and many fights with Democrats to undo the damage Clinton's lib judges have been, and are, producing.

Clinton judges have routinely forced the misinterpretation of the 'separation of church' and state laws by entertaining the elimination of any sort of religious expression (not establishment) such as the display of Christmas decorations, display of the Ten Commandments, the oration of the Pledge Of Allegiance in schools, and the In God We Trust inscribed on their New God - Mammon.

Clinton judges have deformed the Virginia Military Institute's all -male admission policy. I am very much for women joining the military, but this should not interfere with the discipline and cohesiveness of a group in a wartime situation. Women and men can be very distracting to one another in tight quarters.

Clinton judges have denied parents the right to know about their daughter's pregnancy, allowing her to be taken across state borders to have their baby killed.

Clinton judges, famous for their regard for lawlessness, are itching to give illegal aliens ( may I emphasize here that they are ILLEGAL) full rights and costly state benefits to people who are here ILLEGALLY. If the courts care not about the citizenry obeying the laws of the land, why should we pay taxes? Why obey any laws when the courts have such a shallow disregard for law?

Clinton appointed over 373 judges and they are leaving a wake of stink as they blaze through with their New Constitution that is more resembling the Communist Manifesto day by day. President Reagan and other more Constitution-honoring presidents have unknowingly nominated some duds, but who would know that the D.C. Beltway would seduce the so-called moderate judges to become such enemies of the people? One Man Equals One Vote. One Judge Equals One Million Votes.

Quoting from Phyllis Schlafly at
"All" legislative powers are vested in the Congress, according to the U.S. Constitution. That means no legislative power is granted to the courts. Yet, over the past 50 years, judges have become increasingly activist, writing their own ideas and attitudes into the law.

Some of our most far-reaching social, economic and political decisions have been made by judges rather than by our elected representatives. These include decisions about criminal procedures, prayer and the Ten Commandments in public schools, internal security, pornography, forced busing, racial preferences and quotas, term limits, abortion, and election procedures.

The federal courts have invented new "rights" such as the right to abortion and welfare payments. The federal courts have arbitrarily overturned the votes of the people in California, Colorado, Arizona and Washington State who had the old-fashioned belief that they could exercise self-government. The federal courts have set themselves up as a super-legislature and grabbed authority to micromanage schools, prisons, hiring standards, and legislative reapportionment

There is not enough space to list all of the Bad Laws promulgated by Clinton's Bad Judges. Who but a Clinton judge could be confused enough to overturn the ban on partial birth abortion, and still call it gruesome? U.S. District Judge Richard Casey did in 2004, believing that the Supreme Court had been right for deciding that the procedure "that allows the fetus to be partially removed from the womb, whereafter the skull is punctured or crushed" is constitutional.

After looking at some pro-life websites which very graphically depict some of the abortion methods, making Abu Ghraib look like a Disneyland adventure, I am at a loss how judges can say such barbarism was intended by the Founding Fathers or even today's more enlightened interpreters of the "living, breathing, flexible, more globalist" Constitution.

Some sort of vacuum machine used for thinning out the human herd.

Clinton's judges don't need no stinking badges. Take them away.