Sunday, March 27, 2005

Terri Schiavo's Easter And Schindler's List

Terri Schiavo's Easter & Schindler's List

Others have mentioned the timeliness of Terri's plight coinciding with the trials of Christ who similarly suffered, but was released from His torture by virtue of a resurrected life. The coincidences even continue.

So many have cried out to "kill Terri," as led by a monstrous judiciary, which has as much compassion as a Herod or Pontius Pilate. Although Jesus was a Jew, and at first had Jewish disciples who were devoted to Him except during His greatest tribulation, it was the "liberal Jews," who damned Him most. In Congress (I tried hard not to notice, but it was impossible) Barney Frank led one liberal Jew after another on the House floor condemning Terri to death. Florida does have a larger Jewish demographic, and there were plenty of Gentiles calling for her death.

Notwithstanding, conservative Jews have been the most outspoken and fearless in decrying Terri's murder. Mark Levin has been most passionate in his defense of Terri, and Michael Savage has been crying out against this abomination akin to the Old Testament prophets - minus the cursing, of course.

We might even have hoped that Terri would have been saved as another group of people were during World War II, who were given a reprieve by being invited to join Schindler's List. Polish Jews were saved by the German Nazi, Oskar Schindler, yet many of today's descendants of the Holocaust are among the last we would expect to save the defenseless-dying as well as the never-lived (aborted babies).

Jew and Gentile, judges and medical experts, all have denounced their own humanity by prematurely denouncing Terri's worthiness to live - just a little bit longer. All of a sudden the lot of these executioners were concerned by "State's Rights," and "Separation Of Powers." The same Democrats, who for many decades have launched the Judiciary as a preemininet superpower over the Legislative and Executive branches, even to the point of giving the courts so much power that one judge can knock out a million votes and an individual state's laws, are now pretending to be in favor States Rights. What a joke.

Again, how coincidental that the Free Republic will be hosting its second annual March For Justice April 7th. I will be promoting it, even if I cannot attend.

Our hope does not ultimately depend on Terri living or dying. Those who believe in a just God, believe in an ultimate reward for believers. That is not to excuse us from making every attempt to save the almost innocent lamb, Terri, from the cruel hands of the media, judiciary and those pro death medical experts who's new motto should be, "First Do Harm," the logo of their very Hypocritic Oath.

The Men In Black judges who have consistently ignored Terri's cries for food should be required to add a black hood to their costume and carry a sickle, for they are very Grim Reapers. They shall reap, however, what they have sown.