Saturday, March 19, 2005

What Has Possessed George Felos, Advocate For "Mercy Killing" Terri Schiavo?

Attorney Felos Has Mixed Eastern Meditation With Christianity - A Fatal Cocktail - Especially For Terri

Calming the Unruly Mind
By George J. Felos

"A nineteenth century saint was asked, "How can one realize God?" He replied, "One must think of the Lord incessantly, like a lawyer does of his cases." Apparently, even the mystics understand how our minds become saturated with our legal work. Especially while litigating, I am amazed how my mind constantly percolates and churns the case facts, issues, witnesses, strategies, and so on. Truly incessant, my mind will offer its suggestions while I'm sleeping, eating and, in my last case, showering. I laughed upon realizing that I couldn't even scrub without my mental voice presenting some new angle on a potential evidentiary dispute. . . "

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