Monday, May 02, 2005

Akron Newspaper Celebrates 30 Years Of Communist Rule In Vietnam

What a grand thirty years it has been since the U.S. pulled out of Vietnam. Knight Ridder correspondent Joe Galloway tells us that, today, Nam is just full of mirth, joking in the streets, prosperity, and and whatever else what comes with a Communist Utopia such as Vietnam. He fails to mention the millions of people who have been killed, displaced, tortured, placed in prison and reeducation camps so that they may learn to enjoy Southeast Asia's "Walden Pond."

My hometown Akron Beacon Journal would much rather have the smiling, waving Ho Chi Minh (pictured above), who is plastered on every building in town, than that George Bush whom they castigate daily.

Happy Thirtieth Commie Birthday to you, Vietnam. Your Fellow Travelers back at the Beacon Journal are hoping we may be as fortunate as you people in Funsville Vietnam - one day.