Saturday, April 23, 2005

Delay Delay No More

"The Constitution Is What The Judges Say It Is." - Former Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles E. Hughes.
"Candidates With Deeply Held Christian Beliefs Are Unfit and Disqualified From Serving As A Federal Judge." - New York Senator Charles Schumer

Both Tom Delay and John Bolton are "up against it," as the libs break out their Big Guns like Charles Schumer and the White Anita Hill - Melody Townsel - to smear these men of renown.

The same Dems who fled Texas to avoid doing their job in 2003 are playing the part of the spoiled rich girl (Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi immediately come to mind, and I'll throw in Chuckie Schumer) by obstructing the appointments of Bolton and countless federal judges.
At a time when China is ready to pounce on Taiwan and Japan with France's permission, "Annexation of Taiwan? `Oui,' Says French" PM", the United States needs someone no less bold than John Bolton as United Nations representative.

The Democrats are not only self-conscious about America's image in the international community they are bending over frontwards to promote America's inferiority to a. U.N./European destined hegemony.Several members of own Supreme Court have admitted to relishing International Law in place of the Constitution. I wish someone would scream at these Internationalists who are so ready to ditch the U.S. first place in world affairs and hand over our sovereignty to Europe.Don't scream at them today as it is April 22 - Lenin's Birthday - ur, I mean Earth Day. It would kill their Red party spirit.

I believe Tom Delay was genuinely upset over the Court killing of Terri Schiavo, and I am supporting his pledge to "go after" the courts. The dems have sworn a death pledge to stifle President Bush's court appointees based on the premise that the conservatives may threaten to deprive the libs of their Sacrament Of Abortion. Others have said it, and I believe it. There is a judicial litmus test, and it is pass or fail. The Kill Terri crowd is the Kill Baby crowd. The money and power associated with the pro abort people is inestimable, and expect Barney Frank, Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, et al. to lay down their lives for the cause of infanticide.

Has anyone noticed that there are those on the left who are driven: to deprive us of using our own energy resources; to oppose procreation, yet favor sodomy and pornography; to promote adultery, to dumb-down children in the Public Fool System, to keep segments of society poor to guarantee that the poor's vote goes to Democrats; to see America's enemies succeed. . . ?

Since American statutes and policies are now being governed by anti constitutional liberal judicial lawmakers (aided and abetted by the ACLU, New York Times et al.) it is past time to support those Republicans and Democrats who want to wipe the court benches clean and restock the courts with some honest-to-God American judges. And, I stress the "honest-to-God," which should make libs very uncomfortable.

Call Your Senators And Congressmen toll free at 1-877-762-8762.