Thursday, April 28, 2005

Marine Lt. Pantano Troubled By American 'Lawyas'

Marine Lt. Pantano Self Defense or Murder in Iraq? has been dogged not only by Islamic terrorists, but also fellow military social engineers/lawyers including a former Air Force lawya Scott Silliman whose name has been prophetic.

According to Michael Savage, the Ethicist-Internationalist Silliman who has been rewarded for his One World views (read pro U.N., pro Europe, pro anything-but-America) by being hired by one of the Poison Ivy League's worse - Duke University.

I just had to send a fax to the former airman who has had much more sympathy for America's enemies than our own troops. Pray for Silliman and the railroaded Marine Lieutenant Pantanto.
Fax or email silliman at and Duke University Fax = 1-919-613-7231
Support Lt. Pantano at his mom's website, Defend.

Fax Sent To Silliman:

Mr. Silliman: Whether you are a "Judas" as mentioned on the radio is not important to me. I am in wonderment as to how you people are chosen to promulgate ethics. You, so unethical, have condemned the Marine Pantano. I recall in Vietnam, where I served as a Marine, and was subsequently medevaced out while you were in law school, that it was easy to make a mistake in identifying enemies because it was wartime.

Can you understand that, you silliman? You may know about the heat of the courtroom, but do you know anything about the heat of battle? Duke is perfect for you, but how did you manage to serve in the Air Force for so many years? So confused, so distorted, so prejudicial is your thinking. Unbelievable.

Sincerely, Joe Clarke Disability Retired United States Marine Corps

PS I just spent a few minutes skimming most of your "works," and it is obvious that you are very much the internationalist, ne American now, vaunting idealistic wartime rules. You don't seem to have too much trouble with the way our enemies conduct themselves, yet you have setup this utopian "Rules Of Engagement" to be obeyed by non philosophers, ie. grunts no matter what their combat situation. Europe, the Ivy League, and the U.N. loves you. A lawyer, an internationalist, and an ethicist. I do feel sorry for you.