Friday, June 03, 2005

WWMD - What Would Mohammed Do?

We have all been hearing non-stop from the lib media, and especially since 9/11, how Islam has been misrepresented by the relatively few Jihadic militants. " Not all Moslems want to behead infidels," and "they are no worse than all those violent Christian fundamentalists like clinic bomber Eric Rudolph, and . . . .?"

However, since the dawn of Islam, the movement was never intended, nor has it pretended for the past 1300 years, to be a "religion of peace." One of Mohammed's first deadly acts of aggression was staged in the 7th Century against the Arabian city of Medina where 700 Jews were beheaded. Even to today, decapitation is considered a sacred ritual because Mohammed did it.This was not such a great loss to ancient Arabs since they had believed themselves (only) to be the Sons Of Promise Of Abraham, and not the Jews - since the Book of Genesis. Knowing that there has existed such great enmity between Jews and the Sons Of Ishmael for four millennia, one has to wonder why liberal Jews at this time with their media/academia presence seem so eager to vilify Christians and the Jewish homeland, yet placate the Islamic world. Paradox of paradoxes. Anybody But Bush and Anything But Christianity.

Mohammed's Caliphate, or successors, subsequently stormed up through the Holy Land, across Turkey and eventually took the ancient Christian city of Constantinople - Headquarters of the Byzantine Empire. East across Iran, Iraq, India into Indonesia the saber charged. West from Egypt to the extreme west of Africa, land of the Moors, Islam manifested destiny to have infidels either submit or die. The Islamic Moors took most of Spain in the 8th Century in a relatively short time. The Moslem charge threatened the rest of the European Continent, but was stopped at the "Gates Of Vienna" by the Polish General Sobieski who, fortunately, was not hampered at all by the NY Times.The Ottoman Empire dominated the shores of the Mediterranean for 600 years. Spain belonged to Islam for hundreds of years, and even portions of France, of course, was occupied by hostile Islamic forces. So many other countries, too numerous to mention, have been Deinfidelized for one reason or another. Portions of Italy, the Balkans, Croatia, Kosovo, Greece, Romania, Turkey etc. have succumbed and been dominated for hundreds of years before gaining freedom. Hundreds of Churches have been burned to the ground in the Balkans since the U.N. Peacekeepers have been not keeping the peace. My guess is that Michigan is next.

I have to laugh when I hear historians and Hollywood describe how evil the Crusaders were. They refuse to answer who attacked who during the past several eons. I will admit that, maybe, God allows certain adversarial forces to arise when empires such as Byzantium, Europe and the United States, who He has so obviously blessed, divorce Him.

From Habakkuk
"For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation, which shall march through the breadth of the land, to possess the dwelling places that are not their's. . . They are terrible and dreadful. . . he shall pass over, and offend, imputing this his power unto his god. . . O mighty God, thou hast established them for correction."Nevertheless, does the New York Times have to help?

The libs have this unnatural love affair with our traditional enemies. Communism? Libs need it. Socialism? Got to have it. Islam? Bring it on! Britain, Spain, France, Brussels, Canada etc. want to prove how diverse and culturally advanced (antiChrist) they are: so much so, that where Christian prayer, Bible reading, the Ten Commandments are persona non grata, the Koran (not Qur'an, you snooty NY Times), prayer rugs, and the heroism of Iraqi insurgents are welcome topics on the front pages of the Times and fast becoming part of public school curricula. No separation of Mosque and State here.

What Would Mohammed Do? Mohammed would be doing what he did: spreading the faith throughout the world by whatever means necessary. It has not always been violent takeovers that would allow Islam to predominate. The state of Michigan has a very large Moslem population and Michigan's representatives often reflect what they think is best for their constituents. Canada has come very close to introducing Sharia Law into its Constitution and doesn't Ruth Bader Ginsburg like to "borrow" from international law? France is 20 percent Muslim. Brussels, headquarters for the European Union, is 57% Muslim. Simply manifesting destiny - aided and abetted by libs.

The United States has a small minority of adherents to Islam, but because of the pronounced hatred for Christianity by the liberal elite, the propaganda machine is working overtime telling of the glories of Islam and the baseness of Christianity and traditional Judaism.

God Is Great. Which God? Choosing one will offend the other. WWMD OR WWJD.