Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Big Bang - Big Scam, Or Sometimes Evolutionists Need To Be Smacked Upside The Head With A Board From Noah's Ark


In the Great Debate
that has the Public Fool System fighting any challenge to the Theory Of Evolution, we must remember that many jobs - especially in Universities - would be at risk for the profs and their underlings - who must defend the THEORY, or find a more honest occupation elsewhere. An Intelligent Designer (why not just say God?) advocate on the college campus is scoffed at as a latter day Ptolemy, who believed that the earth was the center of the universe, or as just a plain "flat earther." P.S. Long before Bill Moyers and other Libs acknowledged that Christians were not as erudite as they, Darwin and contemporaries accused faithful Christians as being "flat earthers," and so the lie continues to this day. See The Myth Of The Flat Earth

However, with all the loopholes, faults, and guesses which are the foundations of Darwinism and the Big Bang Cosmology, it looks more like the Evolutionary Theory (a cornerstone of Communism) belongs to a snobby crowd of pseudo scientists who are constantly selling the Theory as if it is a Scientific Law. The experiment of Evolution cannot be repeated and has no witnesses, or transitional forms yet proponents are defending ET as if it is something provable, like Ohms Law I=E/R,or Boyle's LawP1*V1=P2*V2, Newton's Second Law F=MA, etc. Giving ET legal status is in part responsible for the Public Ed Law which is PS (Public Schools) = LB (Lagging Behind third world nations in everything from literacy to science). IOW, The advocates of Unintelligent Nondesign are attempting to convince public school students that ET can pass for law, even though it is a mish mosh system of contradictory hypotheses, and therefore, should not be passed off as Scientific Law. Why not call Psychiatry and Social Science theorems - LAW? And, indeed, the soft sciences have been elevated to concrete science: The Law That All Spanking Is Bad, and the Law That Homosexuality Is Genetic are in place, although there is no supporting evidence. We are sending graduates out into the world - and to college - believing that anything they do is LAW, now that THEORY=LAW. BTW, Illegal aliens are given legal rights by the same people.

There are many reasons why the United States is losing ground and Ye Olde Yankee Ingenuity has been lagging in inventions, patents, research, and computer programming. We are wasting so much time in the schools teaching social reengineering and teaching THEORY = LAW,that we are not getting much Big Bang for our Buck investment in the Public Schools. China spends about 300 Dollars per student per year, and the United States spends as much as 10,000 Dollars per student, and the Chinese students are speaking better English.

It does not take much to establish a LAW in science thanks to Evolutionary Theory. As a matter of fact, all you need to get published in cosmological, geological or anthropological journals is to smoke mountains of dope like Carl Sagan, fantasize the most incredible scenario (like we accidentally evolved from stardust over 18 billion years), get a good graphics generator like Paintbrush,and voila, you got a publishable theory which will be called LAW without scientific prerequisites. The Discovery Channel and the NY Times will also be there to publish your new, yet errant, discovery. Journalists, are so anxious to print anything that may support the No God theories, especially if the new discovery adds an extra million years on to the age of anything or anybody. Evolution needs billlllllllllllllllllions of years as Carl Sagan pronounced it in order to accommodate the accidental formation of everything.

The only transitional forms that the pseudo scientists have is faked fossils ( such as the "Bird Fossil" made in a suburb of Beijing China which specializes in the clever production of faked fossils. Yes, there are cities around the world which are built around the cottage industries which fabricate fossils for the geologist and anthropologist who is ever so eager to snatch them up and be assured of publishing and a promotion at the university.

Most unscientific in Darwinism are the dating techniques. None are reliable, and all can be in error by several thousand percent. Fossils are dated according to the age of the rocks surrounding them, and rocks are dated by the fossils found in their vicinity. Circular Reasoning. Another faulty standard used by Unintelligent Nondesigners is rock strata which can have "younger" fossils abiding in strata BELOW older fossils. Recently, a non creationist anthropologist found (See ) soft tissue and blood cells in the bone of a dinosaur in Montana. A seventy million year old dinosaur with soft tissue? Must be an accident for soft tissue not to break down in 70 Million Years! How about those ancient cave paintings in Chauvet, France which are a reported to be 30,000 years old? Sherwin Williams should sneak into those caves and chemically analyze the drawings for a nice long-lasting house paint product. Radio Carbon, Potassium Argon etc., dating techniques have been proven errant, but that will not stop a tenured professor from using them so as to extend his reputation. There are just too many Evolutionary fakeries, foibles, and fudgings of fact to list here, but for a good primer on the Top Ten Reasons The Earth Is Not That Old, look at the following website at the Institute For Creation Research:

Unintelligent Nondesign (Evolution) does not even need to be countered by an Intelligent Design curricula in the Public School System. Merely allow the introduction of Some Critical Criticism of the Darwinists theory, and let the Evolutionary cowchips fall where they may.