Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Slimy Case Of Casey Anthony - Direct From Fantasyland

Slime - The substance that Little Caylee Anthony's body decomposed into as it dissolved within the triple reinforced trash bags which came out of Casey Anthony's, car in Orlando, Florida, where the local population may be overly influenced by the headquarters of the Fantasyland that emanates from Disney World. Sort of reminiscent of another incredible trial - that of OJ Simpson over 15 years ago relatively close to another Fantasyland (and even closer to La La Land, Los Angeles). The jury was actually shipped in from the very liberal St. Petersburg area - close enough.

What if we saw a woman take a two year old girl into a house, and then leave the house without the girl? We investigate, and find that the house smells like death, and a bag of the girl's bones is found in the backyard. Hmmmm. ... Wonder who killed the girl?

Jose Baez should not be credited with a "great defense," especially after bald-faced lying in his opening argument, which proposed that George Anthony regularly inserted his genitalia into Casey's mouth before she went off to grade school. Years ago, attorneys, including prosecutors, would not resort to any and every sort of obviously engineered court spiel in order to win a case. Baez also implicated that brother Lee Anthony was involved in a family circle of incest. Baez never offered any proof of these outrageous lies which were only meant to divert the gullible jury from reality. The jury was also not permitted by the judge to sample the can which contained the "smell of death," which was vacuumed from the rear of Casey's car. That could very well have supplied the slam dunk.

Casey Antony was a liar par excellence, yet the jury must not have considered that, or the jury believed that Casey actually believed in her imaginary friends, which a number of psychiatrists and psychologists discounted. George Anthony, former policeman, was judged as being a liar, although this was not proven. He was probably too much a manly man type - as was the prosecutor Ashton. The jury had disdain for the father figures and sympathized with the "slut," as defined by her attorney, Jose Baez. Cindy Anthony fibbed, probably, for her daughter's life, although Casey trashed her parents from start to end. Casey was so jealous of mom's attention toward Caylee, that she rejected her as a babysitter and baby saver. She would rather invent the Zanny the Nanny character and, probably overdrug Caylee rather than allow grandma to be blessed with the toddler's company.

A co conspirator to little Casey's death may be Affirmative Action, which beginning over forty years ago, gave women, mothers, wives, and girls the non contestable right to prevail in court in matters of divorce, false reporting of domestic and child abuse, and custody rights. Its truly been a women's world in a society where men/fathers have been deemed neanderthals with little authority in a family, and female judges, prosecutors, sociologists, psychologists et al. have given women and wives so many rights - without responsibilty. The fact that Caylee had an unknown and mysterious father was a "non starter" subject one criminologist told me, as I attempted to reason that Casey was such a "case," maybe, because of the estrangement from her non husband - the father of Caylee. This can explain why one desensitized male juror in the Anthony trial described her as a "good mother."

We are quite use to so many unwed tot moms partying while barely being able to express any semblance of motherly love nowadays. Admittedly, the absentee fathers are also derelict of duty to the mothers and children.

When one determines "reasonable doubt," one must consider what sort of "reason" do we possess as a post modern, post Christian people in this early 21st Century. What was reasonable yesteryear is nonsense today. At one time, Americans would not consider the desire for a ginormous, oppressing government - like in the late 1700's. At one time, it was thought to be shameful to see hot tot moms having babies out of wedlock, and then playing the whore in shot clubs.

Once it was reasonable to spank your kid without fear of having Socialist Services knock on your door. Prior to these times, sodomy, adultery, and fornication were never approved by churches and synagogues as they are today. Abortion, at one time, was not a reasonable choice, and thus, it was very rare. Divorcing a spouse accept under very extreme measures was not a reasonable option.

For the above and many other reasons, Reason has been bent, twisted, and distorted as much as the American Constitution has. And that is the Reason which the Casey Anthony jury carried into the courtroom, and then into the deliberation room. And that is the Reason which found Casey Anthony of not being judged guilty of even child abuse. Casey "had no idea" where her child was for over thirty days. Not child abuse? This, like all court cases, sets a precedent and sends the message that parents may drop off their kids anywhere (the mall, a car trunk, etc) and not ever more be concerned about them. Fortunately, another idea which would have been considered common sense a few years ago, must be made into a federal law: Caylee's Law - "A caregiver must promptly report a dead or missing child." Well, double duh.

The rare "Henkel" brand duct tape, probably brought by George Anthony years before from Ohio, singled out the Anthony household as the source of said tape. Caylee Anthony was found buried - triple bagged - in an Orlando makeshift pet cemetery - where Anthony animals were also previously placed. Oh yeah, baby Caylee was also buried there with her baby blanket in the same way that the Anthony's buried their dead pets in Ohio many years prior - with a blanket. Where was there any sort of evidence that George Anthony discovered a drowned Caylee, picked her out of the pool with Casey standing by, took Caylee out of her bathing suit, redressed her in the infamous and tiny pink "Big Trouble Comes Small" shirt, tripple bagged her after taping her mouth, placing a heart sticker found in the mother's possessions, got Roy Kronk to lie and bury the body . . . . bla, bla, bla. . . . The defense counsel's lies, alone, indicted Casey Anthony. So, the defense does not have to prove she's innocent, but they did an excellent job in proving that she discarded her kid.

Jose Baez was also hitting below the belt when he promised to expose meter reader Roy Kronk as "morally bankrupt." That proved that the defense had no defense for Casey. Too bad that Sean Hannity and one of my favorite all around geniuses, Mark Levin, are satisfied with Casey's not guilty verdict.

Even Scott Peterson's case had less direct evidence, and was more circumstantial. If there were any giant holes in the prosecution's case, they could have been discovered on appeal. I wish the state's prosecution could put her on trial again with even more evidence - which was denied to the jury. How about the "can of death" which was denied for the jury to review? The prosecution did not do a bad job. It was the mesmerizing, lying chutzpah of Jose Baez which fooled a group of people living too close to Fantasyland.

Finally From March 2009 Zimbio.Com

"According to reports, the authorities are now investigating Casey Anthony for
the collection of photos of skulls, and sketches of skeletons kissing which were seen or posted in Casey Anthony's online photo account in June of 2008. It's not clear why Casey Anthony is interested in these skull images and pictures and its surprising that these images were posted during the disappearance of Caylee Anthony. Caylee was missing in mid June."

This girl needs prayer. . ..