Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Enviromentalist Induced Fires Raging Again In U.S. Southwest

My brother out in California narrowly escaped from fires that were burning up hundreds of acres and houses north of Los Angeles a few years ago. He told me that environmental policies had prohibited the clearing of brush around his, as well as, his neighbors' houses, which, of course, helped escort out of control, raging fires up to his very doorstep. Thank God, his house was spared. Not so, other homeowners on the block.

Weeks after the fires, mudslides charged into the same area and floated several homes right off their foundations, because there was no brush to stop the mud flow. That was during the Bush administration. Under the Obama administration, environmentalists have attained even more of a czaric control over all things environmental. Forest Services, Departments of Natural Services, state EPAs and a myriad of public and private entities who, in effect, worship nature's superiority to man, have pledged to hinder the utilization of natural resources to the point of making human life independent of coal, gas, tree wood, nuclear energy, and oil.

Read here how Marxist Russian Lysenko was able to bring Soviet Communism to its knees through pseudo science.

Arizona, at this time, has suffered through a couple of wildfires claiming over 500,000 acres, 62 homes, and thousands of horses and cattle, and causing the evacuation of over 10,000 people. Many Arizonians are profaning "Bovine Scat" at EPA directed lawsuits, which have sought federal court help that prohibits logging, brush clearing, and cattle grazing on lands that have been intentionally converted into matchsticks.

The evil geniuses at the EPA may also be held responsible for the tens of thousands of acres now on fire, threatening to engulf the Los Alamos nuclear facility in New Mexico. The U.S. Forest Service, already inhabiting its share of extreme tree huggers, has become even more protective of forests by prohibiting tree thinning, thus protecting millions of acres of potential fire-starting kindling. Naturalists prefer "natural" burns to take down fire-starting forests, as opposed to manmade fires, which are deemed contrary to "natural forces" by naturalists (earth worshippers). They clearly do not want man involved in any sort of maintenance.

At one time, "controlled burns" were thought to be better than letting loggers take down trees for consumption, which would only benefit humans. This would cause Mother Earth Gaea to be sad, because, again, man would be interfering by striking a match to clear out trees that could potentially burn up people. The natural way is to wait for lightning or some other natural force to set the wood aflame.

Here is just one example of many:Measure to ease logging rules worries spotted-owl advocates, in New Mexico.

Someone once said that the difference between a Sierra Club member and a non member is that the Sierra Clubber has his cabin in the woods, but he doesn't want you to have yours.