Sunday, February 27, 2011

President Obama Danced At Motown Bash, But No Dancing In The Streets of Detroit

Take a one minute tour of today's Detroit from the safety of your home.

Its not hard to believe that Michigan deserves to sing the blues because it is such a Blue State. Democrat Governors, Congressman, Senators, Mayors, Councilmen, and the UAW have been ignoring the problems since the 1960's.

At least Dearbornistan has some semblance of law (quasi Sharia) and order, but like African-Americans who have carved out their own and separate culture, so are Moslems desiring to supercede American culture with their own, thus fracturing a broken state even more.

Detroit Poverty 40%

United States Violent Crime 430 Per 100,000 Population

Detroit Violent Crime Rate 2000 Per 100,000 Population

For the full tour of Detroit on Youtube See Steven Crowder's Detroit In Ruins (Crowder Goes Ghetto)
And, A Tour Of Detroit's Ghetto