Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Glenn Beck Tells Wilmington Ohio Christmas Audience "Everybody Needs A Rabbi"

I have to respect Glenn Beck's zeal and desire to restore America to traditional values, and in some way restore people to some sort of deity. I am just not sure if he is steering people toward The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

Glenn, appearing in Wilmington Ohio, preached to an auditorium full of townspeople who have gained national publicity (primarily through Beck) for their 24 hour a day, 7 day a week prayer vigils asking God to reclaim their city as well as their country, and their own souls. The people of Wilmington were driven to their knees after being hit especially hard by the recession. Read about the Wilmington Miracle here.

Glenn has the ability to preach a revival without preaching too much about Christ ,which is somewhat disappointing, but he does brag a bit on his Rabbi who is teaching Beck how to eat kosher, even though he admits to wanting to gag on such Jewish food.

Beck speaks of miracles and love and peace, but never manages to give too much glory to God but rather the "goodness of man" and "those who believe in themselves." This is not the Gospel or Good News, but it is a good try.

I watched Glenn Beck's show recorded at the auditorium in this small city of 15,000, located 50 miles northeast of Cincinnati and due east of the Indiana border. He talked about how people can save America, as a beautiful choir sang "Go Tell It On The Mountain That Jesus Christ Is Born." It was nice that the Man who can actually save America was mentioned, at least once in the show - in a Christmas carol.

I cannot complain too much about Beck blessing the people of Wilmington as they glad-handed him all over town, but does Glenn have the calling to lead his TV flock into God's best will - as church pastors have been called to shepherd God's children? Glenn, a former Catholic, and now a Mormon, sad to say, may be doing a better job than so many lukewarm men and women of the cloth in the mainline denominations who have been leading their flock into ditches across America.

I am praying that Wilmington will not become just another happy, Donnie and Marie city like, say, a Salt Lake City.

Glenn has done well by praying that "America see Wilmington," but let us all pray that Wilmington, as well as the rest of America will continue to seek God.

We are all on spiritual journeys and I will not judge with jaundiced eye where Glenn Beck is on his. It was very nice to see the Wilmington townsfolk in a sort of holy unity of purpose, and it may be said that, for that alone, it was a successful mission for the Beckmeister.

Glenn Beck recommends that "everyone should have a rabbi." Well, Jesus was and is, and forever will be an eternally living Rabbi.