Monday, October 25, 2010

Ganley V. Sutton. Can Ohio Claim The Dirtiest Democrats During 2010 Campaign?

If there are any other nominees for Dirtiest Democrat in these United States, I'd like to hear about it. Thank God, it will all be over in November.

Not that spending all that dough on electioneering politics has done any good, but it sure has done a lot of bad.

For instance: Tom Ganley, an owner of thirty-two car dealerships in Northeastern Ohio is running against a mudslinging Obamaite, Betty Sutton, in the 13th Ohio Congressional District.

Ganley was raised by a mom who waitressed and a working class father who was a car mechanic, which, no doubt, inspired Tom to get involved in auto sales - big time. Betty Sutton, his opponent, has been a career politician since graduating from Kent State (May 4, 1970 Tin Soldiers And Nixon Coming) with a degree in, what else, Political Science. Betty Sutton went on to gain a Juris Doctor degree in Constitutional Law, which usually means that she has no regard for the Constitution as proven by her devotion to Obamacare and she helped write the Cap and Trade Bill.

One of the lowest-blow commercials from the Betty Sutton Camp has been the airing of some of the past hundreds of thousands of Ganley car customer's complaints how "he shafted them" for one reason or another. I can believe that with the volume of business Ganley has had over 40 years there is bound to be lawsuits, complaints, etc. about some autos that were proverbial lemons. As a resident of this area for over fifty years, I can say that I had not heard of any complaints about Tom Ganley ripping off customers, and I have dealt with him and many other car dealers.

Of course, Betty Sutton, having never had a real job, can stand on her record of being on the public dole since graduating from college. To add to her career -in-government rap sheet, Betty is distinguished as being the youngest person to, at age 28, serve on the Ohio State House Of Representatives. (If Betty ever had a job in the private sector, I am not aware of it). She has easily suaded her local liberal electorate in the Barberton/Akron Ohio area with her cute smile and big liberal promises in towns that feature big liberal newspapers and media, oh, and people who are looking forward to all that free Obamacare and Obamamoney. Just normal big city Democratic expectations of socialism and sharing the wealth.

Betty Sutton has also found an ally to aid her in a certainly October surprise, where it was found out recently that a suddenly discovered "Tea Party" woman originally alleged that Tom Ganley sexually assaulted her in his office as she was visiting him to discuss how she could aid his campaign and/or get a job with Ganley Auto. She has since downgraded her lawsuit from sexual assault to anything-else-that-might-get-her-mo-money.

Betty Sutton also has the National Education Association rapping Tom Ganley for "deceptive business practices" in the car biz, spending a whopping $500,000.00 to tank Tom. Tom Ganley, having graduated from St Peter Chanel School and being a proponent of parochial schools, is one of the largest targets of the teachers union in the entire United States. I don't think its just because Tom Ganley mainly sells Fords, Chevys and Chryslers that the teachers - who mainly buy and drive foreign rice burning cars - oppose him.

Speaking of cars, Betty Sutton was a major sponsor of the Cash For Clunkers program which helped a few car buyers bail out, very temporarily, auto manufacturers, but hurt every taxpayer in the long run. Cash For Clunkers was one of Obama's 15 stimulus programs which eventually caused a slump in post clunker car sales. The program also needlessly destroyed hundreds of thousands of affordable used cars - which could still be driven today by Obama's impoverished unemployed, who have had to sell their newer cars - to eat.

He's a Catholic family man who supports private, parochial, and other non public schooling, and that makes him the natural born enemy of all things Democrat.

Vote And Support Ganley, Ohioans and Americans.