Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Why Blacks Must Reach Out To Republicans.

Its Confirmed. Glenn Beck Is Blacker Than Al Sharpton. At least, he's got more soul. The Washington, D.C. Restoring Honor rally looked more like Martin Luther King's rally than Martin Luther King had - almost. Humble and holy Christian ministers - Black, White, and Hispanic crowded the lectern Saturday praising God, and praying for a restoration, not to an ancient 'white' America, just restoration to an America envisioned by men like George Washington.

In fact, Beck cried as he questioned the large crowd (much larger than the the 80,000 CBS reported, but who is counting?), "Where is another George Washington? He may be in this crowd." I have long established George Washington, reluctant, humble warrior, and gentleman as the benchmark for what an American leader should emulate. I know there are George Washington Juniors out there, and them may not be women.

Meanwhile, back at a local D.C. High School, Al Sharpton, looking drawn and withdrawn, was quite lamely asking people to get down for the struggle, ie. getting mo' money through shakedowns. Al had a plethora of secular ministers and speakers from the backslidden United Church of Christ, the Human Rights Campaign, women's groups and so on, unconvincingly trying to fire up a crowd to "get their country back." Unfortunately, Jesse Jackson and liberal democrats have for a generation separated black people from a United States, thus forming their very own African American culture.

So what have African Americans got in return from liberal Democrats for being granted their own separated nation? Family destruction, epidemic crime, out of proportion incarceration in prisons, high unemployment, early death, high rate of aids especially among black females, angry black youth, school dropouts, disproportional teenage pregnancy, abortion, single parent families, and Affirmative Action programs which have virtually catapulted black females above and beyond expendable black men. All the above benefits for just voting Democrat.

Al Sharpton's people were not 'praising Jesus' like Elveda King, but imploring folks to unify (separate) even more, I guess, and go the road of Haiti, which 200 years ago became the first country in the world to become a solely black republican nation, after kicking out the Europeans.

Gospel and patriotic singing and reverential prayer was conspicuous at Beck's event, but there was nothing reverend at Sharpton's meetup, not even Al. Acorn leftovers, SIEU, the Human Rights Campaign representing sodomites, and Ed Schultz were just a few of the dimly lit luminaries. I saw no praying at Sharpton's rally, unlike MLK's original gathering. TV's chief White Guilt guy, Ed Schultz, gave a non rousing speech on how he "Got on the bus with the brothers. . ." bragging on how "forced busing" helped Mr. Schultz in his youth????? La Raza was, of course, represented, begging for its own country within the U.S. Obama had a representative from his Labor Department there, as the President dissed the Glenn Beck get-together, and reportedly said that he "ignored" Becks little to-do. Can't you have just a little class, Mr. President? President Obama also sent his Secretary of Education, inciting the crowd to demand 'more education,' [money]. How about, first, seeing to it that more than 50% of black youth actually return to the inner city schools they have dropped out of?

No offense to used car salesman, but Al Sharpton's Reclaim The Dream resembled a convention of used Yugo salesman - flat, pushy, and worse of all - no soul. Spin and spiel dominated the too many speakers who were herded on the pulpit, giving one minute quickie speeches and then disappearing back into obscurity and historical irrelevance.

Since so much of the media labeled Glenn's group as "majority white," its only fair to report that Sharpton's crowd was "majority black." African Americans, themselves, will soon learn that all those promises of 'Obama Money' and other Democratic carrots-on-sticks will not materialize, and that they must get back to God and Country [especially God], and not necessarily through Glenn Beck or the Republicans.

Al Sharpton's rally ended with a Free D.C. representative whipping up the crowd to demand that Washington D.C. be given statehood status so that "We can get that 2.5 Billion Dollars, due to us that we cannot get because we are not a state." And, that's what I'm talkin' about.

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