Friday, June 18, 2010

Sandra Bullock And Miley Cyrus Last Of The All American Girls Next Door

This Is What America Is Exporting To The World

After watching progressively nasty videos by Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera back in the 90's I should have guessed that girls would forever prove to be Not That Innocent in the pop cultural American zeitgeist.

Howard Stern and Bill Clinton also helped to dirtify the pop culture of women, but not without the help of feminists, themselves.

Naomi Wolf, leading womananity spokesperson for decades, originated her career by criticizing women for wearing makeup and the poor example they set by encouraging young girls to look good - thus attracting men to their non-mental attributes. Years later, Mizz Wolf reprogrammed her spiel and decided that, indeed, women and girls could actually flaunt their stuff (act and dress like prostitutes) and thereby be empowered. Yes, the women who bragged on their braless, unshaven armpits and legs now lectured that lookin' like a ho was actually an expression of female empowerment (attracted more dude money).
Its not only the young black boys who are "Lookin Like A Fool With The Pants On The Ground."

Miley To David Letterman "I'm Not Trying To Be Slutty"

Long before Miley Cyrus even dreamed of doing lap dances or slithering up and down a stripper pole, Christian Aguilerra performed the super raunchy "Dirty" video so it would be known among teens everywhere that she was empowered to be dirty. Britney Spears had to prove that she was also as dirty and genuinely Not That Innocent by including herself in a threeway lesbo kiss with Madonna (the original Like A Virgin NOT! dirty woman) at the 2003 MTV Music Awards.
None of these girls could have gone hog wild without the enabling encouragement of their mothers.
Sandra Bullock, "America's Girl," had to prove that she could be as nasty as Jesse James and Bombshell McGee combined, by awkwardly liplocking way too long with a staged Scarlet Johansson who has now officially joined the Dirty Girl Club, not to be outdone by Jersey Shore girls, the Wives of Orange County and New York, and those proverbial dirt devils* - the Sex In The City cast.
*My apologies to the vacuum cleaner manufacturer.
Miley Cyrus's dad and mom, Billie Ray and Tish, seem to be OK with Miley's debut into soft porn and lap dancing, saying, "That's what girls her age do."
I don''t even think Miley is 18, yet she has already revealed things that only her next three husbands should view. Hey girls, why not keep your privates, private? Save a little mystery for your future husbands, maybe?

Worse of all, the girls who are being prematurely launched into adult shamelessness are getting younger and younger. This is Noah Cyrus, Miley's 9 year old sister, from last Halloween. What are you thinking, parents?

OK, I get it . . . she's some sort of Vampiress, but I think (don't know personally) that pedophiles (Pedos in Britain) see something else. What are the parents thinking when they expose their Toddlers In Tiaras?

I will spare you all the "Miley Kissing Girls" pics taking over the Interweb, but I think we have the picture - or video: Calling Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild. You are not going to run out of young bimbos anytime soon for your $9.95 Girls Gone Wild "specials."

Most astonishing of all, is that once a girl/woman is caught in the act of skanking it up, her first response is, " I'm not a ho. I am basically very modest."
Take the case of model Lisa Cohen who was unfortunately disfigured by a lowlife NY doorman/bouncer a couple of years ago and sued Google to find out who caller her "a skank" on the internet. She won the case while protesting she was definitely "not a skank." Also unfortunately, pictures of Ms Cohen surfaced on the net depicting her involved in, at least skunky (for legal reasons I will not use the skank word)behavior.

So, you have all these "basically nice, modest, relgious, pure-as-the-driven-snow" ladies, who look and act like hos, demanding reverence and respect. And, sadly, they will get it.