Friday, May 28, 2010

Spying On Sarah Palin's Spy, Joe McGinnis

WANTED:Facts and info on Palin poop snooper Joe McGinniss. Please, do not threaten. Just The Facts, Ma'am.

If you have seen this man in the residential area of Sarah Palin's neighborhood in Wasilla, Alaska, please, report if he is found to be peeking or peeping into Piper's bedroom from a house that resembles this.

Ultra Palin-Hater, and author with peccable ethics, Joe McGinnis is attempting to outdo some of his previous sleeze journalism after moving next door and inhabiting a house 15 feet from Sarah Palin's household of children and grandchildren. Evidently, he was lured by a Palin hatin' neighbor.

I would like to enlist a cadre of interweb people to find out a little more about Joe McGinnis, so that we can publish a nice little novella on the life of Joe McGinniss. If you can, contact any Alaskans that would care to gumshoe a bit and find out what you can about Joe (where and what he eats, who his friends are, handicapped relatives, location of parents, etc.) so that we might entice his equally seemy editor and publisher Random House to do a very short book on Mr. McGinniss.

Find and interview old girlfriends, classmates, Facebook Friends, and most anything that would make a juicy-good story about old Joe McGinnis. I understand that there is a "Joe Junior" McGinniss who is also a journalist and lives in the Washington D.C. area. Perhaps, someone can move in next door or down the street from Joe Jr and see whatupwithdat as well as whodat. Caution: Please, do not intimidate Big Joe or Little Joe, or their families. That's required in their profession of Yellow Journalism. Read the Huffington Kos and Media Matters for more on that.

I do know that McGinniss's previous claim to fame was a book he devised by skillfully seducing a murderous Jeffrey MacDonald, whereby McGinniss pretended to befriend murdering Mac in that he was convinced MacDonald was innocent to gain his confidence, but then wrote the Murdurous Affair, contrary to the faked confidence he had established with MacDonald. Some people call that good journalism, but most would insist it was merely hypocritical, lying liberalism.

Maybe a study of the mystery and intrigue of those associated with the publisher Random House, and how it has forefeited all virtue and integrity by not just enlisting an author to "peek into Piper's bedroom" (according to Palin), but so many other distortions of truth and Americanism provided by Random House through the years. How would the editors and publishers at Random House enjoy snoops tracking them down and invading their lives?

Again, any snooping we do cannot be as deep, down, and dirty, or threatening, as liberals/communists/socialists/progressives/fascists/totalitarians on the left are want to do. IOW We cannot act like SIEU or ACORN thugs, or we forfeit our integrity as they have done years ago.

Send in the dish on Joe McGinnis, privately or publicly through this post.

Mapped location of Sarah and Sleezy's homes.