Monday, May 10, 2010

The Excessive Kindness Of Christians

Liberal Christians have mistakenly misunderstood many of the basic fundamentals of Christianity, especially the precepts Returning Good For Evil, Blessing Those Who Curse You, Praying For Those Who Despitefully Use You, And Loving Those Who Hate You.

In the United Kingdom, the Brits have been bending over frontward and backward groveling to become the foremost ingratiating leader in self-justifying their self-loathing for some time, especially when it comes to kowtowing to the demands of anything anti-Christian, pro Pagan, and pro Islam. The United States is not far behind. Comedy Central, after cowering to Islamic death threats and lawsuits over the nixed South Park episodes which criticize Mohammad, is floating the idea of a Jesus cartoon which,

"According to the Associated Press, Comedy Central has a cartoon series about Jesus Christ in development. JC will depict Christ as a regular guy who moves to New York in an attempt to "escape his father's enormous shadow." God will be presented as an apathetic and lazy man "who would rather play video games than listen to his son talk about his new life."

The utter disdain and disrespect for Christianity can be traced back to liberal pulpits in America and abroad where the clergy have evolved progressively-downward from the likes of gun-toting Revolutionary war Anglican Pastor-General Peter Muhlenberg and his fellow man of the cloth, Pastor Jonas Clarke who also inspired the colonials to rise up against the totalitarian King George of England.

Armed resistance by Christians or any other citizens nowadays is not an option if only for reason of the overwhelming military and police power and armament which now exists in contrast to the more equal weaponry shared by both our Revolutionary forefathers and their Brit "Redcoat" counterparts. IOW Samuel Cooper, like many of his fellow Tea Party members in 1773 at the original Tea Party at Boston Harbor, went on to fight in the War Of Independence - very much beyond the capabilities of our 21st Century Tea Partiers.

Prayer, Religious,Patriotic And Political Revival, are the only recourse at this point.

Just as liberal churches and synagogues have softened the spines of their congregations through lukewarm (at best) preaching and teaching, they have done little to point people toward honoring God or maintaining an honorable country.

Where have the lib churches been when Franklin Graham was denied admission to the Pentagon Prayer Breakfast? How have the Council of Churches responded to U.S. District Court Judge Barbara Crabb's decision that the the National Day of Prayer is "unconstitutional?" (As if she would know). What position have the United Methodists taken on the denying of nursing home senior citizens in Georgia to pray before meals?

Barry Lynn, a United Church of Christ minister, and chief God-stomper in the Americans United For Separation of Church and State has been going after anything that resembles Christianity, lately even charging after Sarah Palin because of her frank confessions of faith.

Department of Defense has fought hard to eliminate such atrocities as "Praying In Jesus Name," while court-martialing the very brave, and my friend, Naval Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmidt for praying "in Jesus name," believe it or not. Read all about "Chaps" adventures at, where else, PrayInJesusName.Org

I am pretty certain that even Baptists like Lindsey Graham will not care a wit about the sexual preferences of Elena Kagan. Why does it matter what sex or gender she ascribes to? There exists now several cases, where public schools after confusing kids for years about how they can be born one sex, but live as another gender, have produced such idiocy as the case of the seven year old boy who wants to "dress like a girl," and use the Denver school's "little girls restroom." Is that OK with you Elena? Aside form that, Elena Kagan hates the military because she has fought hard to reintroduce open buggery into the military. Ask the Brits how that "went down" eons ago.

As president Obama decides what religion or faith he may be part of (No, I do not believe he is a confessing Moslem, but probably a carnal Christian, which is better than not being a Christian at all), so many of his cohorts (Democrats and media) are, to put it politely, pagan, communist blasphemers, who on every level of government from the FCC to the Pentagon will stop at nothing to stop Christianity.

CINO (Catholic In Name Only) Nancy Pelosi who had previously ordered Catholic Bishops to offer holy communion to all pro-death (abortion) Catholic democrats running for office, is now ordering Roman Catholic clergy to preach "Democratic immigration reform" to the masses.

When will some brave Catholic Bishop or Cardinal just simply excommunicate the likes of Nancy Pelosi? Now, that would be Separation of Church and state. And, totally Constitutional.

Yes, the media and the Obamanites are stepping on Christianity, because we can be stepped on - like doormats - with fear of retaliation, unlike Islam which the libs worship, not merely for the fear of being beheaded, but because the communists' adoration and preferential favor of Islam denigrates Christianity. The libs are forever hoping that a terrorist will be found out to be either a Tea Partier or Christian. as shown during the investigation of the recent Times Square bomb plot.

This Just In: The word "terrorist" is now to be reincluded in the vernacular - since the incident of the botched bomb job in Times Square. Thanks, Mr. President and Attorney General!

It high time for those who would call themselves Christians, especially the panty waisted, weak-kneed clergy, to stand up for their faith (if they have any) and their country. Reprove, Rebuke, Exhort With All Long Suffering And Teaching 1 Timothy 4:2