Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Big O (Oprah) Going Down?

Not that I rejoice in her calamity, but its nice to see that some truth is coming out about the Big O concerning some of her fabrications re: alleged molestations, roaches as pets, and other nonexistent proofs of poverty she experienced as a child.

Kitty Kelly is no saint but she did 850 interviews and watched thousands of hours of O films, TV shows etc. The Color Purple as well as Roots were based on falsitudes as they would say in the inner city.

I saw a generation of white and black women with nothing better to do than stand up in O's audience and testify how much they "love the new Oprah pajamas with the little kittens on them." It was so cultish.

My favorite Oprah line: "Men come and go, but we will always have girlfriends."
O's fake dad will have nothing to do with her, and her real Dad has yet to be revealed. Her mother was not allowed to have O's phone number. "When the salt loses its savor .. . trod down upon by the world."

I am not happy to see Big O go down, but I am happy to see the myth explode. Neither Letterman, Whoopi, Ba Ba Walters, Charlie Rose, or Dianne Sawyer who was given a toe ring by Oprah and allegedly had an affair with, will interview Ms Kelly who has never been successfully sued for making falsitudes.

All part of our nation's Christian based policy of offering Racial Sympathy in overbundance. Affirmative Action really took advantage of this so much so that they accuse us of being racist no matter how much we give them and promote their TV shows. Remember Rosie O'Donnell, billed by the Reality Impaired Media (RIM) as being the "Queen Of Nice." Ellen DeGeneres is next.

Still yet, its hard to pick the real truth-teller between Kitty Kelly and Oprah.

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