Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just Say No To The Party Which Cannot Say No - The Democrats

OK, those bad Republican conservatives are just obstructionists, known as the "Party of No." Mean guys they are for not quickly hopping into any bipartisan love fest with Obama and fellow Dems.

The Dems have been, contrarily, the girl that just can't say no - to the masses, rich and poor, not for any philosophical reason, but just to get their votes.

What has been wrought by the party that can't say no? The Dems have never been able to say no to government and private unions - lurching us ever closer to the fate of the PIGS (Portugal, Ireland,Greece, and Spain) which are now bankrupt from their piggish, socialized behavior in the EU.

The Dems have not been able to say no to the homosexual lobby which has been able to wrangle themselves into the military as well as holy matrimony. Shame on you, Megan McCain for aiding and abetting.

The Donkey Party has not been able to say no to abortion, as many of their members, in more glorious years, were able to do.

Democrats cannot say no to Leftists, including those serving, at taxpayers expense, on university faculties, who outnumber conservative profs 9 to 1.

Dems will not say no to the proliferation of porn on the net, as well as the boob tube (pun intended) despite the studies which show how marriages, individuals, families, children, and deviants are morally effected by it.

Dems cannot say no to the excesses of Hollywood, and dare not speak out against the Tinsel Town Sean Penn's of the world who hug Hugo all too often.

The Party of Yes will not say no to Acorn, an obviously corrupt organization which would even embarrass RINOS (Republicans In Name Only).

Democrats refuse to say no to reigning in the Debt Defying budget, splurging on the banking industry, which is too big to fail, while soaking the Business Class which would benefit society, except for Obama's favoritism for a Trickle Up Economy, which throws money it does not have, at the people who do not pay an income tax. Read all about it in Rules for Radicals.

Democrats will not say no to anyone who hates traditional America because Affirmative Action has made it too profitable for them. Native Americans, College Professors, Blacks, Women, Children Legal and Illegal Hispanics, Gays, Transgenders, Reverse Transgenders, Retro Reverse Transgenders (a girl/guy can change his/her mind don't you know?), Teachers Unions, et al. have been courted with such exceptional Democrat Party favoritism (Money and Promotions) that the above groups now occupy most of their time thinking of ways how they have been victimized - real or not - for the money, which will be paid by the rest of America. Let's just say no.

Democrats cannot say no to the Sierra Club , Peta, Enviromentalists, and "Scientists," who are enjoying endless profits from the Global Warming/Climate Change hysterical panic which they have produced for self aggrandizement and fortune (money). How about saying yes to energy, and no to the envirowackos, Dems?

Finally, the Democrats just cannot seem to ever say no to Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, the Daily Kos, Media Matters, Ariann Huffington, George Soros, or the Iranians. Is there any difference between the above?

Its way past time for us to say no to the party which can only say yes to everything.