Friday, January 01, 2010

Denmark Claims "Obama Greater Than Jesus" . . . But Not Greater Than Mohammad

A lot of strange things have come out of Scandinavia, as of late, like the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize given to "O" for doing "O," the humiliation of the United States in Copenhagen, and now, the exaltation of Barack Obama as "Greater Than Jesus" in Denmark. Something rotten in Denmark is an understatement.

Not since the Viking Norman invasion of England in 1066 has the West become so sullied and culturally dominated by that colder, "purer" race of Scandinavians. They are now conquering us through their ingratiation of our President.

Even liberal Jewish writer Thomas Friedman of the NY Times recently remarked how idyllic the Danish life is compared to the U.S. Mr. Friedman should recognize that racial purity is so predominant in Denmark - its population is almost 100% white, and, ahem, so "Aryan" - that Hitler treated them more favorably than most of his conquests. Denmark has a relatively low crime rate (comparable to the similarly homogeneous Japan) and can easily live as a so-socialized country that 25% of the populace works for the government, and 25% is on welfare. However, the ill effects of socialism are catching up with the Danes, as they see an increase in the percentage of citizens who desire to gain unlimited government benefits while simultaneously desiring less and less to be gainfully employed, ie,. the direction of the United States.

Friedman wrote that he was ashamed of the U.S. because of its lack of Green Power compared to the Danes which has "successfully implemented its welfare state through the Green/Socialist Party for the past thirty years." Of course, Friedman does not offset the advantage Scandinavia has over the U.S. by looking at the handicaps Americans have - like a more "impure" (diverse) population demographic, much more crime and unwanted pregnancies as promoted by American liberals, and the sheer, vast territorial expanse of the U.S. Denmark can only boast of its low crime rate because , by and large, it excludes groups that have a propensity to commit crimes, ie., non-white immigrants.

Denmark occupies a mere 16,000 square miles with a population of 5,000,000 ethnically non-diverse citizens. IOW there is no cultural warfare to speak of as in the States. However, they do compensate for their prideful, racial purity by exalting people who do not share their privilege - like Barack Obama. It makes them feel real good and justified in the world to show their generosity and magnitude toward people - like Obama - who they would not necessarily like living next door to their pastoral mountain chalets, or in their picturesque inner cities.

Why wouldn't Denmark choose Obama over Jesus? Denmark and all of Scandinavia has the most concentrated percentage of atheists in the world - while also claiming membership in the Lutheran Church, according to the stats I have seen. Seems to be somewhat of a paradox here. The fields seem to be ripe for an, or The, Antichrist. How the mighty have fallen, indeed. 2 Samuel 1:19-27

Modern history has seen the Danes award more and more Nobel Prizes to the most extreme leftists, even more radical than Jimmy Carter, Al Gore, and Obama. Recent Nobel winner Jose Saramago has written a book citing the Bible as a "manual of bad morals." The Danes have a sort of neo Atheist-Lutheran moralism which boasts of having the most promiscuous teen girls in the world who eagerly looked forward to doing such charitable things as offering their favors - at no charge - to attendees at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. And, no wonder, one out of two Danish marriages end in divorce.

Denmark, Scandinavia, all of Europe, and most American Democrats are hungrily awaiting another empty promise from the Father of Lies which will purport to solve All of the world's problems via a human vehicle, who has been so hyped, that fools will rush to idolize him, because of their lust for a god who will give them the hope and change that will deliver them from this cruel world.

Of all the contenders for Antichrist - Kissinger, Benjamin Creme, The Twelfth Iman, Rockefeller, Soros, Obama, et al., BO has certainly been bumped up a bit in the rankings, but I still don't think its him. I've checked the Bible as well as Intrade, and he's not The One.