Friday, November 20, 2009

Ask Associated Press President Tom Curley To Hire 11 More Reporters To Fact Check Those 11 Reporters Who Fact Checked Sarah Palin's Going Rogue

Want to do a little something for Sarah? Why not tell Associated Press's president, Tom Curley, to hire eleven more fact checkers to check those earth shaking "facts" discovered by those 11 dedicated Palin-prodding reporters, who were commissioned by the AP to get some dirt on Sarah's book Going Rogue.

All that wasted investigatin' and the AP could only come up with the most trivial of errors and pseudo errors, including denouncing her for staying at a New York ritzy hotel (is there any other kind in New York?) after she only admitted in her book that she "does not often stay" at Robes and Slippers hotels.

How petty for the Associated Pettiness people. Fax Tom Curley at 212-621-1723, and ask him why he will be laying off "dozens" (in AP speak that means over 100) employees, while siccing nearly a dozen investigators on Sarah Palin and only coming up with squat.

The dying AP which is cooperatively owned by 1300 dying newspapers has been such a tool of the Dems and Obama that they deserve to Rest In Peace, although that may be hard for such stone-cold ideologues - to enjoy any sort of peace.

The AP has been threatening Google, because Google, usually, prints both sides (Lib and Conservative, although primarily Lib) of a story and has become a much more dependable and available news source. The AP wants Google to pay up for "stolen" newspaper content. Although I am no big fan of the Google Cult, I hope they tell the AP and their 1300 member newspapers to just go away.

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