Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Could Rush Limbaugh Run An All White NFL Team? Bo Snerdley In The Backfield?

Headline: Will Black Players Refuse To Play For Rush Limbaugh's Rams?

So goes the latest reverse racism bigotry now aimed at Rushbo for wanting to enslave the St. Louis Rams and force his slave players to perform for meager millions of dollars.

Mathias Kiwanuka (African name), defensive end for the Rams, has reportedly said that he would not play for Rush, and one Jets player called Rush a "jerk and an ass," despite the fact that Rush has had many more black intellectual friends than Donovan McNabb and Michael Vick put together.

Rush should fire all similar thinking black players for being dumb, if not racist, if they think he is one. Rush has been one of the few, through the years ,who has pointed out the foibles of Affirmative Action which has promoted such people as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. Enough said?

The hit single, Barack The Magic Negro, was inspired by a very liberal Los Angeles Times story about the the meteoric rise of Obama during the presidential campaign. Rush had Shanklin, I guess, do a very Peter, Paul and Mary rendition of the famous 60's song. Last night, on Bill O'Really, a Detroit black sportscaster was invited to cite racist remarks that may have been uttered by Limbaugh, but the sports guy was shut out after he cited two faux incidences of Rush slamming minorities.

The great black baseball player Jackie Robinson broke the professional color barrier by playing par excellence for the Brooklyn Dodgers nearly 60 years ago. His playing with his all white teammates was dodgy, as he had to surmount an unbelievable amount of REAL racism, not the kind that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are ever imagining and profiting from.

So, we may see another Color Barrier setup where a man like Rush Limbaugh who has had African Americans substitute for him behind the Golden EIB Microphone, and who has given to charities which have benefited both blacks and whites, disallowed to invest (in this bad economy) in the NFL, in St Louis, or in the pockets of those overpaid players, both white and black.

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