Sunday, September 13, 2009

Big Jim Traficant Takes Swipe At Jews, Unfortunately, Not Just The Libs

Big Jim "Jimbo" Traficant is more than a legend among Ohioans and he has had more fans than can be numbered across the U.S. Recently released from prison for charges of "receiving illegal campaign funds," and other matters, former Representative of the Youngstown area came out of prison looking very fit, not remorseful, and with a grudge or two.

I followed the Traficant case very closely, since Youngstown is sort of a sister city to Akron. I watched Stephanie Tubbs Jones (now deceased) unmercifully castigate Jim, along with Carl Levin in a congressional trial 8 years ago which gave no chance to Jimbo to exonerate himself. His lawyer, also Jim Traficant, was not much of a help, as Jim fought the corruption charges pro se, or sans real lawyer. Jim had beaten down the IRS years previous, acting as his own lawyer. It was a landmark and benchmark defeat for the IRS revenuers. They never forgot.

Jim came out swinging on the Van Sustern show and it was clear that he ain't takin' no guff from the bureaucrats - Democrat or Republican. Jim had been known for his staunch opposition against an unfair Nafta and WTO agreements, particularly giving Commie China "Favored Nation" treatment. "Beam Me Up Scottie" was a common response from Jim to congress when he heard something from his fellows that sounded out of this world - which was quite often the case.

Jim, a Catholic school basketball star was a take-no-prisoners sheriff in the early 1980' and he was well known for helping to bust up organized crime types. I'm talking Mafia. They never forgot. Jim was a just but tough customer, who could have made Mariocopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio cry.

A recent radio poll at Akron's big station WNIR showed that if Jim ran again he would overwhelmingly beat Tim Ryan, aka Nancy's Lap Dog, by an unscientific score of 96% to 4%. Young freshman Tim Ryan, trained by Jimbo, has lost what little popularity he has had because of his inability to do anything but what Nancy Pelosi demands including supporting Cap and Trade and Obamacare. Thousands of jobs have disappeared from the Mahoning Valley primarily from the collapse of General Motors, and unemployment is very high - even for a Democratic city.

I especially like Jim's renewed attack on all those (Liberal Jews, especially) who have perpetually persecuted a possible death camp worker, 90 year old John Demjanjuk, for over thirty years, and who is now in some Nazi Hunter prison in Germany awaiting his twentieth(?) trial. Even when he was on trial in Israel, awaiting execution, the Jewish Supreme Court admitted there was not enough evidence to convict him.

I have followed the John D. case for many years, and have never see substantial proof, nor heard from credible witnesses that John D. was, indeed, Ivan the Terrible. He is very frail and near death, but the Nazi Hunters always get their man, even if it is not really their man. Its just a man. To get.

World governments, and especially American justice officials who are endlessly looking for Nazis under every rock, have been running short on eligible Nazis so they have been clamoring for John D.s death - guilty or not.

What I do object to is that Jim has revealed upon his release from prison that he may be caught up into a "Jews Run The Government" conspiracy, indicting all Jews, including the conservatives.
This is where we all get into trouble - not differentiating the conservative Jews from the Libs. That is like equating Mark Levin with George Soros, or Wolfowitz with Noam Chomsky, or Netanyahu with Nadine Strossen of the ACLU, or the Southern Poverty Law Center with . . . You get the picture.

Even Free Republic has chastened me for trying to distinguish the social/political differences of Jews (who are exceptionally gifted, though some use their exceptional brilliance for bad),I guess, because it might result in some sort of rise in anti-Semitism - as has happenned innumerable times in history. God forbid, but why allow the overly protected class of Lib Jews to scorch the earth with a political socialism which targets conservative Jews and Christians without any allowance for speaking out against them -as a demographic? Let me make it clear that I don't desire even liberal Jews to go to death camps, and, if it is not too impolite to say, I prefer not to be persecuted for being a conservative Christian. Its not really PC to say, but there are certain political/demographic/ethnic people who loathe Christianity. Capiche?

If even conservatives fall into the trap of disallowing criticism of some aspects of liberal Judaism, then they are promoting the problem - and becoming just as self-righteous. And, that's exactly the way the libs would have it, as we allow ourselves to be destroyed so that we may pride ourselves with some sort of honor - for being destroyed. Its a big lib trap.

One of the problems with not allowing for the sorting out between liberal Jews and conservative Jews is that people like Jim Traficant, and there are many others who believe similarly, lump the whole schmeer together so that Neocons are looked at as no different than professors at Colombia Law School.

Nevertheless, GO JIM! And, please, don't castigate all Jews for the actions of some.