Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Professor Gates Defended Cop-Hating 2 Live Crew. How Prophetic

It was the dream of a lifetime come true. Harvard Professor Gates had not only preached racism, he lived it, drank it, was promoted because of it. He had done films, lectures, speeches, books, and TV appearances that were Afro-centered. He defended the dirtiest, cop-hating black rap lyrics as "sung" by 2 Live Crew, who "prophesied" about the injustice such nice people as themselves suffer at the hands of police.

From Professor Gate's favorite rap group, the "artists" known as 2 Live Crew:

In The Dust

I'm stereotype so I fit the description nigga has the stigma for pushing or pimpin'Police harrass me and public embarass me They use brutallity without asking me I'm mad cuz I was caught and reached for his license Cops pulls the gun and cold ice And I'm a victim of society I got societal ills

Gates defended these guys in court because their lyrics had "important roots" in African American culture. Actually, Prof Gates was called as an expert witness to defend 2 Live Crew's profanity - which has inspired a couple of generations of especially younger blacks to be profane beyond sensibility.

Then, like kismet, a miracle, karma, or whatever he believes, an actual incident, right there live in his presence - a WHITE COP RACICISIZES* HIM! "Halleluja, a white policeman has attacked me, " he must have gleefully thought. Not so much, after hearing from witnesses, 911 tapes, and even Prez Obama. Had he not ever watched COPS where you are not allowed to get loud and sassy with police? "Well, I am esteemed Professor Henry Louis Gates, don't you know who I am?" Gates has been listening a bit too much to 2 Live Crew - while 2 Live Crew has been getting talking points from Gates. *Racicisize is probably in the Urban Dictionary.

Professor Gates worse sin is promoting generations of young black kids to hate authority, ie., OLD WHITEY, and to blame all of their troubles on slavery and racism. Finding it under every rock, and behind every bush is their mantra.

Professor Gates has proven himself to be the ultimate Angry Black Man. And rewarded for it via tenure at Harvard - where President Obama proved himself brilliant - NOT! Immediately after Gates arrest, he was riling up auditoriums of young blacks eager to hear how he had been so racistly (definition from the Urban Dictionary) treated. I quit college back in the 70's partly because of the over hyping the African American's plight and affirmative action. Look at the fruit that has yielded, eg., Henry Louis Gates.

I do hope that President Obama, after spending so many years programmed by affirmative action, Acorn, and Jeremiah Wright, can see the light, and persuade Gates that the Race Card is not going to get it anymore (even among white liberals?). Credit to Obama for getting the boys together for a brewski, no matter if the intentions were partly political.

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