Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Commander In Chief Obama Commands "Butts Out" And "Butts In" In The Military

Commander In Chief Obama Is Considering Allowing Uncloseted Gays In The Military, And At The Same Time Putting The Smoking Lamp Out - Permanently.

Mr. President, Could We Not Run The Military Like Acorn?

Here's A View From Someone Who Served In The Military In Vietnam. The point is also made that comparing African Americans with Homosexuals is a ploy. I served with Marines of all stripes and colors, and none of them jumped into my bunk - but a gay guy did. . .

It is beyond me how some of these armchair generals, who more likely than not, were comfortably populating the nonmilitary institutions of "higher learning" during the hippy-dippy days of the Viet Nam Era, can propose, that if the military disallows men who are erotically aroused by other men to enter the close confines of the service, then this is tantamount to racial hatred. The following relates my personal experience in the service, and please note, that in none of the situations described could the term "Afro- American" be used in lieu of "homosexual."

Black people can hardly be benefited by such comparisons. I am a disability retired Corporal who was medevaced out of Vietnam in 1970 after sixteen months service there, working in Aviation S-3 Operations, and as an occasional helicopter gunner crew member. I flew in areas in and around I Corps (the northern part of South Viet Nam). My permanent disability rating is 70% Marine Corps, and presently 100% V.A. due to "nervous condition".

The main point of my letter is that my nervous condition was brought on by many factors emanating from Viet Nam service including, very significantly, my witnessing two Marines in an operations building in Da Nang engaging in homosexual {NOT BLACK} activity. Another time, I remember one Marine {A HOMOSEXUAL, NOT A BLACK} who had the bad habit of hopping into the sack with several of us, while on mess duty, in Phu Bai - when we were asleep. The said Marine disappeared the following day, due to official or unofficial reasons. You don't mess around in a war zone. This is not a threat, but fraggings did happen.

There are other examples of this, and worse conduct, in the military and in the V.A. that I do not want to share at this time. I cannot enforce how demoralizing it was to observe this behavior {NOT RACE}. Shortly, thereafter, I was seeing a Naval "shrink" who prescribed medication that further weakened and depressed me. After ten years of military and V.A. psychiatric treatment, by the grace of God, I recovered enough to lead a non-medical-treatment life.

I vigorously believe, that we should not support the allowance for homosexuals {NOT AFRO-AMERICANS} to enter, or stay in, any section of the Department of Defense. Allowing women to be in close quarters with men is also idiotic - Look at the promiscuous behavior, lowered standards, and ensuing pregnancies (especially noticed in the Gulf and other wars) already currently rampant. In Haiti it is reported that military men and women are sharing the same quarters with no privacy. Since adultery and divorce is already high among active service men and their wives, why make the temptations for heterosexuals as well as homosexuals {NOT BLACKS} even more abundant?

I have written others urging their reevaluations of these issues. That it seems incomprehensible to me why government leaders entrusted with the public's welfare would want to adopt such liberal, noneffective and corrupting measures is an understatement.

Other points to consider: What grand purpose could there be in exalting individual rights in the military?

The peaking hormones of young soldiers. "Sensitivity" of homosexuals and "gay"bashing

Same facility bathing and sleeping. AIDS and increased medical costs for gays.

Testimonies of a multitude of command level officers who have publicly condemned the ludicrousness of such thinking.

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