Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Can Members Of The Catholic Church Be Members Of The Church Triumphant Of Jesus Christ?

I was looking at a Free Republic post Is There Salvation Outside The Catholic Church which incurred an astounding reaction among Freepers. You won't see that kind of post in Huffington or Kos.

I am a former Catholic, now merely and simply a nondenominational "Christian" not bound, or aided by Protestantism or Catholicism. I received an excellent education in parochial grade and high schools, was an altar boy, and like most boys in the 1950's I was steered toward Catholic seminary. I did not go. Again, my parochial education, except for some of the doctrines, gave me an advantage in life which no public school, then or now, could have afforded.

Sometime after a bad experience, let's say, in Vietnam I started to search for The Truth, so of course, I found Christ, or He found me, or we did it together - not sure which. For the past thirty years, nevertheless, I have been on a spiritual journey which necessarily requires sorting out teachings, doctrines, catechisms, etc, but it all comes down to basically believing in Christ. Not a man, or a woman, living or dead.

After becoming Born Again I was like a reformed alcoholic condemning all of my Catholic upbringing, and faulting everything RC taught -even some of their Biblical teachings. In the simplicity of Christ I have learned to appreciate some of the elements of the RC, even in the Sacrifice of the Mass where Jesus, accordingly, is sacrificed again, and again, and again, which I totally believe is not Biblical [Hebrews 10]. Nevertheless, as I marched to Mass every day for 9 years in grade school and sung the hymns, and listened to a sermon from the Epistles and Gospels - at every Mass - I gleened something spiritual. The Eucharist, transubstantiation, the primacy of the Pope, the mystic powers of the Priests, the veneration of saints, especially Mary - where as a kid, I would pray the Rosary to statue of Mary every night for years, probably did not help me to know about a "personal Jesus" for many years thereafter. He was only touchable by what the Catholics call "saints" who, according to them, was pretty impossible for the average Joe to become. According to the Bible, all believers are saints or "holy ones."

My question, "Are any Catholics Saved?" is just as difficult to answer as "Are Any Protestants Saved?" The Episcopalians ordain gays and the Catholics have John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosi, so we can induce that major denominations of whatever stripe cannot claim to be that sole church or Haven of Rest - if not only because they harbor so many members that are contrary to all that is called holy. The genuine Ecclesia (Church, or called- out ones) are those who are born again and bearing fruit which bears out their salvation - who may be hampered by some of their church's doctrine, yet not condemned by God for some or many misinterpretations of the Bible and the Spirit of God.

Can I condemn individual Catholics or Protestants who do not completely escape as I did because I think some or most of their doctrine is an abomination to God? I do believe individuals will be judged according to their faith, even if it is not perfect in every way, shape, and form. Mine isn't. Is yours?

How can someone believe that the Eucharist (which always means "thanks") in the Bible somehow is the consuming of Christ - when He is a spirit, and according to John Chapter 6, Jesus said, "He that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst." We certainly need to "eat" Christ spiritually more than what can be offered once a week, or for many, once a year, at Mass. I am not going to pick at so many other Catholic doctrines, I don't agree with at this time, and I also cannot commend them for every good teaching they purport. It all comes down to whether the individual has faith in Christ, despite being confused by some man-made doctrines which does not allow for faith in the fullness of the Person of Christ.

Where did the Episcopalians get the idea that sodomy "is a gift from God," except from people like their newest female priestess who was elected by members who do not know the Bible from the Bagadavita. Protestantism which called the Roman Catholics "Antichrist" for centuries, have become more Antichrist than Antiochus Epiphanes.

Earnest Roman Catholics defend life, stay married longer, and best yet, oppose liberals, Islamic terrorists, Communists (except John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi's ilk) and have produced the likes of William Buckley and Pat Buchanan. They also venerate the Ten Commandmants, although Jesus commanded us to obey Two Commandmants. Love God, and Love Your Neighbor As Your Self.

It was not my purpose to exhaustively examine the intents of every Catholic's heart, but only to ask if some Catholics, like some Protestants, can be included in the real Church Of Jesus Christ. I say they can.

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