Thursday, June 11, 2009

Unfortunate Killing At Holocaust Museum Just Another DC Murder. Or, Is It?

Washington D.C., because of its concentration of Democrats (all colors) boasts about 200 murders a year, yet the killing of the black Gentile guard by a nut case at the Holocaust Museum should not be considered 'just another' D.C. homicide, nor should we be convinced by the State Controlled Media that there is a new wave of antisemitism being unleashed across America.

With complete sympathy, I do acknowledge the unbelievable carnage produced by Hitler's Holocaust. As for the number of victims of the ovens, I must admit, after many years of research, I cannot honestly say that 6,000,000 is historical fact. Nevertheless, too many Jews were slaughtered along with an estimated 10,000,000 Slavs by Hitler. Where are the Slavic Genocide Museums supported by tax dollars, whereas twenty-some Jewish Holocaust Museums are state and federally funded in the United States? And, too many (1,000,000?) Armenians were killed off by genocide or exiled by the Turks; 1,000,000 Tutus destroyed by the Hutus; hundreds of millions killed by Communists in China and Russia; 40,000,000 babies killed by Tiller-The-Baby-NonDeliverer abortionist types; and maybe, nine million Irish were murdered through Brit engineered famines, but none of the above have American memorials, furnished in part with the help of American direct-taxed or tax exempt contributions.

The reason I even note all this is because the State Controlled Media ignores other less politically correct killings like the murder and wounding of the two U.S. soldiers outside a recruiting office in Arkansas by a home-growned African American Islamic terrorist. Such an obvious hate crime - totally avoided by the media.

The Nazi (Socialist) nut case killer, Von Brunn, not only hated Jews, but he was aligned with such self -loathing, leftist Jews as Noam Chomsky. Von Brunn thinks Christianity is a bastard child of Judaism, and he was not a Bush man. In fact, he hates most American conservatives of note, including John McCain, but especially, Neocons, or more conservative Jews. He believes, as a 9/11 "Truther," that the Twin Tower destruction was engineered by President Bush.

So far, he has more in common with Kieth Olbermann that any modern day conservative that I know.

Yet, the explosive coverage of this event was due not so much for sympathy for the black guard, Stephen Johns, who was killed in the rampage, but for Jews in general, because of a possible initiation of a new epidemic of antisemitism spreading like wildfire across the fruited plains. It is funny that the only time that American liberal, or "Convenient," Jews confess to be concerned about Judaism is when there is a media story that can be over hyped. Lib Jews in the media, you may have noticed, never give a whit about the survival of Israel, as they often side with Islam in world affairs, as was proven by their excessive adoration for O'Bama's diplomacy and tact in Middle East affairs, all the while dissing Zion savers like Benjamin Netanyahu as seen in their most recent White House meeting. Prez Obama could not even look into Bebe's eyes during their confab. They are only Jews when they can be seen as persecuted and downtrodden, never as successful and leftist.

Recently, Michael Paulson (Liberal Jew?) wrote about how Catholics will dominate the Supreme Court with the addition of Sotomayor. However, I am sure he will not write how liberal Jews are way over represented, using the same logic, among the Supremes, a la Ginsburg and Breyer. Obama's Czars are also largely Jewish liberals, but, God forbid, that I should say that. Its sort of like trying to speak the unspeakable Tetragrammaton - or worse! Its just plain verboten, to use an unfortunate phrase. Oh, those NAZIS, who could have thunk they might even be non-Germans.

And, need I even ask for forgiveness for shining a little critical light on liberal Jews in the U.S? Can they not be singled out as a voting demographic (which is over 90% lib)? They have no problem attacking everything conservative and/or Christian that I might think holy, but as they hide behind the Holocaust, (only when it is convenient), cannot they be subject to any sort of reproof - as a group? I cannot be certain even FreeRepubic, the bastion of conservative news and blogging, will allow such criticism to meet its guidelines.

I can understand that LJ's can get squeamish because of past pogroms and other forms of persecution, but may I, as a Christian, similary notice that they are rather not too fond of conservatives and have not in any way been restrained in their attacks on everything that I think is holy?

For my final kick in the kiester (Yiddish), I would simply like to ask if David Letterman's writers are liberal Jews?