Sunday, May 17, 2009

Angels And Demons - Another Slap At Christianity By Another Hollywood Jew?

[Caution the ending of the movie Angels and Demons is revealed below]

Angels and Demons director, Opie, explains quite innocently with his Mayberry accent how his latest Dan Brown flick merely, 'presents the conflict between religion and science, and no one comes out the winner.' Wrong, Richie Cunningham Breath, as the end of the movie has a Catholic Cardinal stating that "Christianity is a very flawed religion."

It could have been more balanced if Ron Howard (Big Barack supporter See YouTube) had one of Al Gore's many Global Warming opponents telling the truth about the Environmentally ill, but no, Dan Brown has succeeded in duping the public school trained public, again after the DaVinci Code, into believing how imperfect religion is compared to atheistic science. I read one review of the Angels book on Amazon where the reader was surprised at himself for believing that "Angels and Demons" was actually fiction: "I had to constantly convince myself that this book was not totally factual." It is not hard to bet that multitudes will believe that the fabrications about the Catholic Church, as told in the movie, are gospel. Not that I don't have disagreements with RC doctrine, but any fair minded person confronts disagreements with the Roman Church in a more honest way without resorting to Hollywood fantasy and complete distortion. They could have researched the history of transubstantiation, or questioned why indulgences were sold, or why Mary is deified. Still, as a former Catholic, now nondenominational Christian, I consider Catholicism as more of an ally than Hollywood, Islam or the Universities. Some of my Baptist friends are now on the Notre Dame Campus with Alan Keyes. Evidently, a lot of Catholics were not interested in supporting his protest against the BO's commencement speech.

One of the nicest, yet biggest libs in Hollywood, Tom Hanks, grabbed this movie obviously for its adventure and for its not so subtle stab at Christendom. I have not liked Tom since the movie Philadelphia and since he became a big O supporter. Cast Away was good.

There are some differences between the book and movie, but one of the most Ron Howardly cowardly might be that one of the principal characters (bad guy) Hassasin, who is middle eastern (Islamic) in the book, looks very Gentilish in the movie. See above link for more differences. I am always amazed how Hollywood liberal Jews are so reluctant to portray Islamists - BTW their natural born enemies - as Bad Guys.

The move Angels and Demons would not be so bad if the Roman Catholic Church officials were not portrayed as such devious dummies. The Official Church supposedly had secretly supported the discovery of anti-matter by the Illuminati which had supposedly sworn vengeance against the RC - for holding a grudge for over 400 years (yeah, sure) - because it mistreated Galileo - A MAN OF SCIENCE, NOT SO MUCH RELIGION! The Camerlengo, Ewan Mcgregor, a Papal insider, uses this controversy to kill people and ultimately become the New Pope, after killing the Old Pope and a few Cardinals. He fails a la the Bible Book of Esther.

A better synopses of the movie may be found at MovieSpoilers.Com, but the gist is that the evil Camerlengo (McGregor) thought that is was blasphemous for Big Religion to approve of Big Science's discovery of anti-matter which, when applied correctly, blows people and things up.

The bad guy in the move guy is the Camerlengo, Ewan Mcrgregor, who is not just bad for killing people, but he may be especially bad for wanting to kill the anti-matter project which could potentially kill billions of people. Oh, the triumphs of science over religion. One of the greatest examples of Science winning over Religion is Al Gore's book Earth In The Balance - just to show you how desperate science (falsely so called) is.