Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama And The Media - "Panic But Don't Panic," Just Wag The Dog

Not even Bill Clinton could wag the dog, by bombing Serbians on their way home from church, like the current crop of media joined at the hip to the Obama administration.

"Panic but don't panic" has been the mantra that should totally confuse and sidetrack the Democrat electorate who has not been convinced, yet, that America is "sliding toward Gomorra" because of President Obama's alleged high ratings.

"The Swine Flu Is Coming," "The Swine Flu Is Not Coming," is bombarding us as my medium sized city, run by all Democrats - Akron - is suffering from an epidemic of the Homicidal Flu,where mainly African Americans are mowing down, without discrimination both their black brethren as well as white folks, thus proving that they have fully integrated, and are quite non-prejudiced in whom they rob, kill, and destroy. Last night, a grandmother who was baby-sitting a seven year old was shot point blank through her door, and died. I moved out of this neighborhood over twenty years ago after escaping a gun fight between two of my tenants in what is called North Hill. The local dying and very lib newspaper, The Akron Beacon Journal, considered this story as no big deal as it was buried several pages into the paper which headlined GLOBAL GROUP RAISES SWINE FLU ALERT LEVEL, URGE PUBLIC TO STAY CALM. [Editor: HA!]

It has gotten worse since then, as the ruling city Democrats have overlooked the bad behavior of certain people, because they had been "kept down by the white man." This has been the excuse for inspiring the black rage of the youth for years , even as both the black and white liberal leadership in the city rely on the large African American voter base - something like 40% to reelect them ad infinitum.

The World Health Organization, wanting to spread its importance and bureaucratic wings, is overkilling us with dire threats, even as Europe is advising travelers not to embark to the United States unless they "have to."

So, Obama and his Media are playing both ends (wagging the tail as well as the head) by screaming "panic, but don't panic," all the while: the Homicidal Flu is raging in our cities, gun control is on the agenda, universal healthcare is being considered, hate-crime laws are going to be toughened, Bush's security team is investigated, banks are afraid of Obama, an extreme pro deather, Kathleen Sebellius, is being considered, conservatives and veterans are targeted as right wing extremists, gay marriages are promoted, paying off GM union friends, bashing Tea Parties, destroying parents of pregnant daughter rights, taking freedoms from doctors who do not want to abort babies,free speech threatened, no tolerance for Christians, obliteration of states rights,stifling energy restoration, besmirching the U.S. world reputation, taxation, taxation,taxation, GIVES commie youth movement, Judge Hamilton, titanic government debt, and did I miss any? Yes, global warming conspiracies.

The MSM is only good for hyping news that diverts from important issues, custom made for Democrats who are not too good at looking down the long and winding road. Ignorance is only temporarily blissful. The very policies which they routinely vote for will probably contribute to their demise. Universal healthcare will probably cut short hospital and medical benefits for the disabled and elderly,who are 'not worth it' (we have seen their compassion when it comes to abortion), and their penchant for lawlessness will result in them contracting the Homicidal Flu from some thug wearing a hood in the hood.

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