Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Jews Who Are Not Against Christ

(I mean, after all, were not the first disciples of Jesus, Jewish?)

Friday evening I attended a lengthy but beautiful Christian Seder Service starting at about 6 PM on what is known as Jewish Passover.
It was pretty much an exact copy of traditional Seder, but the focus was on the Messiah Yeshua.

Christian Jews and Gentiles were in attendance, and we all in one accord celebrated the Passing Over of God of the Israelites who in Egypt obeyed Him and painted their doorways with the blood of a Lamb. Thereby, they were saved from having their firstborn killed, while the Egyptians had to suffer a dissimilar fate, because of Pharaoh's stubbornness in that he would not let the people go free. One of the greatest stories in the Bible.

Today, as we celebrate Resurrection Sunday for the real freedom found through faith in Christ, we must also remember that this freedom is in jeopardy in Western Civilization, and especially the United States, and about which, we should be most concerned.

Because backslidden, mainline protestant churches are dying, and the Catholic church hierarchy is not quite as bold as it once was, I have been mainly hearing from Conservative Jews in the media and politics crying out against the tyranny which has darkened the political scene as of late, IE. the last Presidential election.

The great one Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Hugh Hewitt, Michael Savage, the brilliant Michael Medved, Jay Sekulow, Dr. Laura, Ben Stein,and Tammy (I cannot believe she's gay) Bruce, Mark Steyn, Neocons everywhere, and an host of others too many to list. The above Jews have done more to defend Constitutional principles and even the Christian history of the United States more excellently than Christian Gentiles who have shrunk from being "doers of the word." Just being a patriotic American will not get one into heaven, but I cannot see how it would not bring one closer to the kingdom.

"Jesus was not involved in politics," you hear many lackluster believers spout, thereby giving themselves justification for not motivating themselves to change government policy. If we only knew how much more a voice we could have as Christians - compared to when Jesus walked the earth, when slaves (just about anybody not Roman) had nothing to say about how they were ruled.

Jesus was certainly involved in politics to the point that He scolded - to no end -the Pharisees, Sadducee's, Scribes, and Lawyers for their phony motivations, since after all, they were the political rulers over the Jewish populace. The Romans allowed this,and for the most part, the Roman rulers co opted authority with the ruling Jews even to the extent of allowing them to execute people. I am thinking of One in particular, right now.

I am somewhat fearful that those Lib Jews who are in full attack mode against the Constitution, against civility, against morality, against free enterprise, and for an even more titanic government, will be themselves the object of eventual scorn and persecution as they have experienced too many times in last centuries via pogroms. As it has happened in the past thousands of years, Jews, blessed (and occasionally cursed because of idolatry) by God and promised through Abraham have been gifted in such a way that it could only have resulted from supernatural influence. They, like every other nation, have used their gifts for good - and for evil in whatever society they have blended into.
The MSM does not have a clue about an underlying distrust and hyper criticism of ALL Jews, because many public school educated children have no idea that their are Jewish people who are as patriotic as Nathan Hale or Paul Revere.

I do not have to describe how Jews have excelled in virtually every field and profession they have set their hands to. We have seen Jews at the forefront of technology, music, law, academics, etc. for the good of mankind, and then we have seen them develop Bolshevism. I am not going to mention the ones who are determined to Bolshevize America, and there are plenty of non-Jews tagging along. The Jews who seem to be the "fools rushing in where angels fear to tread" are only Jewish when reminding us of the horrific Holocaust, otherwise, they despise their Jewishness and often take the side, lately, of the Islamo Fascists and the regular Fascists south of Mexico. The same have no sympathy for Israel.

The Conservative Jews are observant of the Ten Commandments as well as the Constitution, and should be thanked for this, and for being defenders of the Christian faith, because they are aware of what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to fellow Russian Jews who did not want to tow the Communist Party line. See Jews In Soviet Union.

During this Resurrection (Easter does not bother me) I pray we Christians and Jews will give more exhaustive thought as to how we have been able to maintain a free country for about 200 years, and how we can jointly take back our country from those Jews and Gentiles, who I believe, contrary to Rush, "know not what they do."