Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools! Obamacrats Knew GM, Chrysler Would Fail. Needed Union Vote To Elect A President

Obama - "Bankruptcy Best For GM" No Foolin'

Remember Nancy Pelosi's proclamation before the election that she just "wants to save the planet?" Saving the planet meant cutting offshore drilling for oil during the $4.00 a gallon price spike. The insidious plan was and is to force car makers to eliminate gas hog trucks, SUVs, and only manufacture autos the size of Hot Wheels, while forcing, through anti oil legislation and taxation, gasoline to rise to near European levels, which actually does ,intentionally, inhibit the use of gasoline Across the Pond. Oil will be going up. Does it seem that between the Sierra Club,PETA, and the Environmentalists that they would be much happier if there were no people on this planet?

Unfortunately, inhibiting the drivability of people also inhibits commerce, but in a socialist Euro government who cares about commerce? Its all about the green revolution and "saving" the planet. Even as the Euro folks drive Ford Focuses with 1.4 Liter motors not available in the U.S. because they are too cheap to make here. IOW the auto unions could not squeeze profit out of a less expensive car. And, that's what's its all about.

Knowing the necessity of assuring union votes for the 2008 Presidential and Congressional elections, Democrats cried out that the Banks and Auto Companies were Too Big To Fail when actually they were Too Big To Succeed. The rush was on to,at least promise union workers a job, if only past the elections. GM was "burning" 9 Billion Dollars a month and the Obamacrats knew that it could not survive because of the humongous legacy and other costs of paying wages, medical, and retirement benefits to the already dwindling hundreds of thousands of employees and retirees - no matter how many Billions were to be sent down the crapper.

Bankruptcy was always inevitable, but it HAD TO BE AFTER THE ELECTION.

Now we have another Czar - the Car Czar - and public school trained Democrats were never taught that the origination of that word is from "Caesar" the original Italian Fascist.

So the Greenies and Internationalists (American Haters) are now advancing the best of all their plans: Diminishing the prosperity of the U.S. by boosting oil prices through lowering supply and taxation; restricting transportation; fomenting civil unrest through higher unemployment and massive debt; pretending that windmills and solar panels will replace fossil fuels when experts say that even if we spend (borrow) everything we can to promote wind/solar power in the U.S. for the next twenty years, at that time wind/solar will only supply, at most, 2% of our needed energy.

During the 1990's I invested in car companies and did pretty well because studies, and Bob Brinker, had proven to me that car manufacturing would be going through an "up" cycle. Thanks to Brinker, I pulled out before the big stock market dip in 2000- at the end of Bill Clinton's - thank God - last term. I don't remember reading too much bad publicity in that year when the market dropped about 40%, because it was during a Democrat's tenure. Nevertheless, little did I think that when I was profiting from my auto company investment that the profit was from future borrowed money. The car companies were just too big to succeed. The Auto company execs were pressured by unions to promise salaries and benefits they knew could never be afforded, but during those hot car sales years of the Nineties the car companies could not "just say no" to the unions. Now,finally, the G-Man Car Czar can wrestle with unions, who admittedly have already taken big hits. Lets see how Obama deals with those sole unions that have had unprecedented power and have been traditionally recession proof - government unions, including teachers. Maybe their love for Obamacracy will fade also.

Who knew that the Auto Unions would be taking the Big Hit on April Fools? Everybody but those Foolish Democrats.